Finding Solace - Episode 19

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So let us continue…..okay, someone walked in on them. Let’s find out who.

“I’m sorry Nick, that, that was a mistake.”
I stood up , I couldn’t bear to see the pain in his eyes as I said that . Instead he took my hands in his, trying to tilt my chin to meet his face but I shrank back. I could still sense that someone was watching us, he didn’t have any idea, but I could tell the person was really angry.
“You cannot be sorry Fi. There has always been a connection between us you know that.”
I shook my head painfully. “I am leaving Nick. I am sorry, please do not follow me and you cannot stop me.”
I felt his hands dropped.
“You are going to where? Of course I can stop you, you are my responsibility.”
That was when I looked into his face. “No, Yvonne is and you are relieved of every responsibility

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. I need to take care of myself more.”
“Are you going to be with Noah?” He demanded, his voice breaking.
“I don’t know for now. All I know is that, I cannot break your relationship. You have been too nice to me. Goodbye Nick.”
I couldn’t explain where I got the strength that I used to walk away from me, he called my name but I had somehow disappeared amongst crowd.
By the time I got to my room, I just went to the mirror to repack my hair and change my cloth.
In the mirror, I realized I had some wetness on my cheeks, I never realized I had cried. My lipsick was a bit smudged as a result of the kiss which remembering it right now was sending shudders down my spine. 
I inhaled a sharp breath as I wiped out the remaining paint off my lips with a piece of baby wipes lying on the surface of my stool. When I looked back into the mirror, I saw her, my heart skipped for a moment.
She was standing with a packed bag which I could see was mine and in her hand was my phone too. I said nothing.
“Do not go to Noah, you know he would find you.” She said sternly, dropping the bag on the table. “In the bag is a piece of envelope, you should be able to travel to somewhere as far from us as possible. I have put a new phone and a new sim, I will destroy this one so you both will not be able to contact each other. You must not come back here, do you understand me?”
I nodded to her, blinking rapidly to control the flashes that had just managed to start happening again.
“Now leave before he finds you here.” 

I ran into Yvonne just as I was finally able to escape the guests that were greeting me.
“Babe, please, have you seen Fi?”
“Oh. Darling, there you are, I have been looking for you. Come, I need to introduce…..”
“I said, have you see Fi?!”
I shouted so loud that I could see some pair of eyes staring at us. I could care less, this was my house.
“Baby, I don’t know why you are shouting, did something happen?”
I sighed. She was too hopeless. Instead , I rushed to the staircase and spend up to her room, it was like she vanished. None of her clothing was inside except for a squeezed wet tissue smudged in red painting. I took it, it was still wet, that could mean she just left.
I headed downstairs again, loosening my neck tie and unbuttoning my suit, she must be with Noah.I thought to myself, my hands were already rolled into a fist.
I banged so loudly on Noah’s door but there was no response. There was no sign of light anywhere in the house even though it was getting quite dark.
I was losing my mind and I slapped the wooden door so hard three times. “Arrrgh!”

I turned and found Noah walking down the road. The sight of him was like adding fuel to an angry flame. I rushed at him and grabbed him by the collar.
“Where is she?”
He sneered at me.

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. “Who? Fi?”
“Do not play with me boy. Was this your idea? To tell her to leave so you can have her?”
He seemed surprised but even though my grip on him was so firm and strong, he lowered my grip on him so easily with one hand, without even trying.
“You should calm yourself down, BOY. You have no idea what I am capable of.” He growled and I calmed down immediately. 
“Now, where is Fi?”
“She left and I don’t know where.” 
Instead, he took me by the shoulder and stared at my lips, I was getting uncomfortable so I yanked his hand off.
“You idiot, you didn’t actually fall for her, you kissed her.”
“That is not your business.”
“Unfortunately, it is. Go home, I will find her. Just pray I find her before the 13th .”
I watched as he walked to his door, unhurriedly.What was 13th?
“I am not going anywhere you need to tell me where she is..please.”
He chuckled. His eyes shining…maybe I was pretty drunk right now.
“If I were you, I would go home, enjoy my pretty little slut of a girlfriend and forget all about her.”
That didn’t make any sense.
“Why would I do that?” 
He sighed again as he put the keys into the key hole. “You know, the reason why you are still standing here, is because she actually cares about you , else, I know what I would have done to you right now” He said with a wicked grin.
I had no idea if he was as drunk as I was, except, I have not even taken any drink. This guy was beginning to creep me out, maybe that was why I never liked him in the first place.  I decided to go home, I would find her myself.
“Don’t be stupid, you cannot find her.”
I ignored him, all I wanted was to find her and not a billion creepy guy could change that.

I hope I was able to calm some shaking nerves. I’m sure we are confused. I can imagine some of us asking ‘what is actually happening?” Whatever we understood is that, Fiona has gone and Noah has no idea where but he seems to know a great deal about her, more than Nick could possibly imagine.
I am happy to announce that we are at the middle of the story already,this won’t be as long as ‘When A Woman Wants’ hopefully and to clear things up, we shall hear from Noah in the next episode. Cheers!

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