Finding Solace - Episode 17

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Lol, all the comments just make me laugh o..especially @Gracious Grace and @Olaleye. @Ruth, don’t vex biko, I didn’t put the suspense now, I have no idea how it And @Bella,you will not kill me with this ‘next please’ lmao. Seriously, I have been so occupied but all your comments are like human beings chasing me in my dream if I refuse to update.Lol. @ Damilare, thank you so much for the prayers, please keep them coming.To you all whose name is not mentioned, thank you so much for being a part of this and if you are yet to read ‘When A Woman Wants,’ hmmm….you should and to those who have read , thank you once again . There was a poll on ebonystory facebook page of which the story won again, so , I am kneeling down and hugging and blowing you kisses! Thank you so much.
Where were we?
Okay , we are preparing for the party. To all the ladies, you should put on your fine gown and hurry up with the make-up,  the men too, please iron those shirts and suits…and polish those shoes too, do not come wearing natives, oh! Lol. You are all invited to Nicholas Benson’s Birthday Party

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. So, tighten your seat belts, people……..!
People arrived by the dozen, majority of them being producers and movie stars and who were Yvonne’s colleagues. It made me wonder whose party was thrown but I wasn’t bothered, I wasn’t really a party type and I haven’t invited many people.
“Babe, meet Richard Danjuma.”
Yonne said again, pulling my arm with her to greet the big Alhaji. I faked another smile as I shook hands with the man and then he kissed Yvonne on the cheek. As usual, I waited for them to chat for some time before she pulled me again to meet someone else.
I was getting so tired , I wished there was a way to run out of this place.
“Oh, this is Mrs Bella-Diva, she owns the Sunshine Magazine , you remember the magazine I told you about?”
I grinned painfully, the back of my head was already hurting. The woman approached us, she was moderately dressed in a pink short gown and a white purse.
“Hello Mr Nick, I have heard so much about you.” She said with a smile, taking my hands in hers and like a true gentleman, I took it to my lips. She was pleased and so was Yvonne.
One thing was that, she loved showing me off anytime we have a party.
The whole place was beautifully decorated and the guests kept arriving. 
“Babe, how many people did you invite?” I whispered to her as she smiled at someone she recognized.
“Like hundred. You said you didn’t want many people. Why?” She asked.
I gasped and swallowed but immediately faked a smile. “Nothing, it’s good.”
As soon as I realized she was distracted by someone who just came in. I found my way out of the place.
This was so typical, not that I was surprised anyway. I climbed up the stairs and ran into Fiona who was walking hand in hand with Noah. 
It was like some thing just leapt within me. It was like I was seeing her for the first time. The tube-gown she wore looked so familiar yet so not familiar. It hugged her body so perfectly accentuating her curves. Her black skin was incredibly flawless. She could have graced any billboard or magazine cover but she was better than these two dimensional photo shopped models. Her imperfects just seemed to make her more perfect. There was a shyness to her as she sighted me and when she blinked, her eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly. Her ears were pierced by golden hoops which were covered by the brownish silky hair hanging down her shoulders.

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. When she finally smiled at me, all thoughts vanished, she wasn’t conventionally beautiful, my God! She was spell-binding.
“Happy birthday Nick.” She said shyly as she dropped Noah’s arm and came to embrace me. When our bodies touched, something in me didn’t want to let go, what was wrong with me?
“Happy birthday man.” Noah said, patting me on the shoulder.
“So how old are you now Nick?”
She asked, her eyes were sparkling, I felt as if I was walking in the clouds.
“ old are you? Don’t you know your age?” She teased.
“Sixteen.” I replied, shooting my tongue-out at her.
“You wish.” She replied with laughter. Even her laughter has changed. Sounded like waves and rain and breeze and sounds of melody. God! I must be so drunk!
“Hey you! I have been looking for you!”
I grimaced as I heard Yvonne’s voice.
“Sorry babe, just had to escape those people.” I replied as she came closer, putting her arms around my waist and looking at Fiona suspiciously.
“You look …different. Is that the dress I gave you?”
Fiona nodded. “Yes.”
“It looks …..different.” Yvonne continued.
“I just add some changes, thanks to Noah.” Fiona replied, hooking her arm into Noah’s.
“I see. “Yvonne replied. I knew something was off but my brain couldn’t figure out anything right now.
“We will see you later Nick.”She later said before walking down with Noah.
“When did she learn to sew?” Yvonne asked, I knew that should be important to me but it was not, not right now.
“She looked beautiful.” I said before I could stop myself. “Thank you for doing whatever you did sweetheart.” I said t Yvonne, kissed her and walked down to follow them.

 If you are yet to be served please go home and eat, our food has finished. Lol.
So I guess Nick is in love or perhaps drunk, what do you think it is?

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    ummmm Nick u better get hold and go for what you want,i don't trust Noah at all.
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    God bless u tobi. I saw my Name in d story can't help But blushed. Thanks. don't Let me beg for d next episode ooo
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    Nice one......Nick is in love.....but his just confuse
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    Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele
    Well done OluwaTobiloba, the Joy of the Lord shall continue to be your strength and u will never get tired IJN.
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    pls nxt episode
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    Chinenye Innocent
    They lord is your strength dear thanks for all the stories
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    Olaleye Adedamola
    Tobi, I appreciate u 4rm d bottom my heart 4 all ur story what woman want & this it wonderful. Lord will guide u more & give wisdom and knowledge IJN. Hope dis will finish dis weekend oooo. Nick is fall in luv wit Fiona. Next episode oooooooo
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    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Am so loving this
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    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Weldone sweetie
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    Tobi Loba
    Yaaaay! Thank you everyone, Im blushing all the rainbow colors,lol
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    Ekine Prudence
    Can't wait to read the next episode
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    Peace John
    Abeg next episode pls. can't wait again ooo. Help a friend abeg, my blood is hot
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    Motunolase Titilope
    Nick is Madly in love but trying to suppress it. Weldone, you are really doing a great job. More and plenty episodes plssssssss
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    Damsel Dammy
    Nick has fallen in love. Nick pls go for what u want ooo... Tobi more wisdom to u IJN...
  • Gracious Grace picture
    Gracious Grace
    Nick is in love and is confused. What a confused man! Sis Toby, I was just going to faint when I saw the update. Smile. You're doing well ma. More grace! Not me though.
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    Uche Joy
    Nick is in love,the earlier he voice it out the better for him.Thanks for the update.More insight.
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    Kasie Eze
    Tobi Lola loz, Loba, keep it up dear
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    Tobi Loba
    Thanks Kasie
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    Lilly Nabz
    Oh please hurry up,,, i cant wait to read the next episode
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    Abiona Oluwatoyin
    Hmmmmm. Tobi. Plsss next episode. My hubby ask me wht re u reading I said it is tobi oooo. Finding solace ooo. That he should join me now he ask for next ooo
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    Irene Avworo
    Nick is definitely in Love, next episode please, the suspense is killing. Great work dear
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    Imaobong Ekong
    So captivating. Great work
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    Happy Godfirst
    Yes he is falling gradually
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    Chikezie Oluchi
    Love in the air
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    Char Lotte
    Drunk in looooove is what I see!!!!
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