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Evidence Of True Love

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Dora was happy receiving gifts from John, giving to a larger extent, attention to John than Anthony. She no longer called or chatted Anthony as usual, she even found it very difficult, answering his call, when her phone rang. Her feelings for John ignited; all she wished to hear was of John’s name. She no longer went to Anthony’s house, his office nor responded positively each time Anthony wanted to see her or asked her out . She rather gave him flimsy excuses and got provoked each time Anthony consulted her to know what her problem was.

Anthony became sad, worried and wondered what could have gone wrong. The feelings of Dora’s recent actions towards him hurt him so much that he lost focus each time Dora’s thought cropped up his mind. He wept each time he remembered the good moment they had together. This was not how I knew or met her, she used to be a very happy lady, No! Something is really wrong here. What could have been the problem? I must have done something she did not like that annoyed her so badly that made her act this way, he mumbled. Maybe I should text her an apology message, Yes. I will, I think she will forgive me, if I do so, he concluded.

“Hi Dora, how are you, hope you are doing fine? Am very sorry that I did not call you since. I know I am supposed to be saying this to you in person, but could not because, am kind of scared of your mood towards me, and that made me to be too careful on what I do or say to you in order not to annoy you any further”.

I believe that something might have gone wrong somewhere, though, I don’t really know what it is

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. I have known you for some months now, and I didn’t know you as one who keeps malice or hold grudges. “What is wrong Dora? What have I done to you that you could not let go and bring back my happiness? Was it so bad that you can’t tell me? Answer me Dora, I will apologize and will never do it again. I beg you Dora; please stop keeping me off, it hurts me so much."

"I will not get tired of writing you, seeking for your forgiveness and reconciliation until you forgive me and come back to me, because I love you, I cherish you, I value and respect you, and most of all, I want and need you in my life," he wrote.

Dora received his messages, read them and felt his words on her but didn’t reply at that moment, until after some minutes when she felt Anthony would have gotten tired of waiting to receive her response. She, knowing that Anthony was the shy type when it came to love talks, smiled and replied saying…” Face me, if you are courageous enough”.

Anthony read through her message, smiled and said, “Now I believe that love is real and its feelings touch the heart.

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. Quickly, he left to Dora’s house. On getting there, he knocked. Yes, who is that? Dora asked. Anthony did not answer, but silently knocking and patiently waiting for her to open.

Dora opened her door and it was Anthony, she left her door opened and walked in. Anthony walked fast after her and blocked her way. He stared at her for seconds and said to her…Sooner than you expect, I will be courageous enough to face you, because I have started sowing my courageous garment. He took her right hand and said to her, “I love you Dora, please let go of the grudges you have against me and come back to me.

Dora smiled at him and said, you have done nothing wrong to me, and I have nothing against you. I only tested you to see the real man in you, if you are not pretending, and truly you are my ideal man. You are a very patient man, a good man, loving and caring person. I love you Anthony, please forgive me. Anthony smiled with tears in his eyes, he kissed and hugged her.

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