Evidence Of True Love



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    • Evidence Of True Love - Introduction

    • PROLOGUE Unknown gun men were shooting sporadically into the air at the entrance of Saint Paul’s Catholic Church near the security post. The church security men ran aw...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 1

    • In a certain village, there lived a beautiful young maiden called Monica. She was an illiterate but from a humble background. She was wise and intelligent, but never had the opport...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 2

    • They were so happy to welcome their new baby to the world as they later named her Monica. They lent money from friends just to mark the celebration of her birth. They loved and che...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 3

    • Monica’s father hangs himself from life’s frustration Monica and her mother wept as they mourned her father .Her mother took the challenge of catering for her da...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 4

    • One day, Louis got drunk and on his way home, he saw a boy and asked him to buy cigarette for him, but the boy refused. So, he beat him up. The boy’s father came out, they st...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 5

    • Dora being the only female close friend Anthony had, made him to like her so much and cherished her ways, that nothing she did to Anthony annoyed him. Instead he sought the rightfu...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 6

    • After some days, Anthony requested to visit Dora’s parents. Dora took him to their house, getting there, they greeted her parents. Her parents welcomed them and asked Dora, &...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 7

    • Dora was happy receiving gifts from John, giving to a larger extent, attention to John than Anthony. She no longer called or chatted Anthony as usual, she even found it very diffic...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 8

    • Anthony’s wish for Dora had been to have her by his side and keep her happy always. He could do anything humanly possible for her to be happy, because Dora herself is his own...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 9

    • It happened that as Dora’s birthday drew close, she requested that Anthony should throw a birthday party for her in Lagos state Nigeria, and also buy her the latest Toyota co...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 10

    • Dora was so angry, that she didn’t get what she requested and expected. She withdrew her hand from Anthony’s and yelled at him, “What is that? Is that supposed to...
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    • Evidence Of True Love - Episode 11

    • (DISAPPOINTMENT) Anthony was not surprised at Dora’s reactions; despite everything, he smiled in tears, while giving a vote of thanks to those present, at the end o...
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