Evidence Of True Love - Episode 8

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Anthony’s wish for Dora had been to have her by his side and keep her happy always. He could do anything humanly possible for her to be happy, because Dora herself is his own happiness. He had shown her so much love and care, and Dora herself, had no doubt that Anthony really loved her. 

Anthony always wished and wanted to buy her gifts, but the kind of gifts was his contention, until one fateful afternoon when he was returning from his office, he saw a T-shirt designed with the words; “My love for you is immeasurable” He admired the shirt and bought it for Dora.

He got home and could not wait to pep up himself; he packaged the shirt and went on to visit Dora. On his way, he saw a flower, on which was inscribed, “As the hands of a clock never gets tired of moving, until its battery reaches its half life, so my love for you will never end, until you say it’s over by your words or actions . He smiled and said, this is the kind of gift I want, a gift that will speak more than my words.

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. He then bought it and hurried up to Dora’s house

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. On getting there, they both hugged and greeted each other. With the confidence that, Dora will be excited with the gift, he presented them to her.

Dora collected the gifts from him with excitement, hoping that they were something attractive, opened them, and it was a T shirt and flower. Dora stared at him for seconds, then said, thank you Anthony, I really do appreciate. But seriously, am not happy or expected this from you. You should know by now, what I need or want. I am a model, a fashion designer and by that, I love putting on attractive wears. So your love for me should not just be by words alone but by actions as well. As my fiancé, it is your responsibility to take good care of me and make me appear nice, she said.

Anthony was ashamed of himself; he regretted ever buying the gifts. He stood up, apologized to her and promised her to do better, then left. Dora being enticed with expensive gifts from John wanted Anthony to do the same. 

“Loving someone who does not love you back is like holding a broken mirror, the tighter you hold on, the more it cuts and hurts you”


Anthony loved Dora so much that he did all he could to make her happy, but all he did seemed to be futile, because the more he did, the more Dora demanded and expected something better from him.

Dora, having gotten all she demanded from Anthony, and knowing very well that Anthony could grant all she asked for, was never tired of asking.

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Gini, well done job Anthony that's we women for you but Dora will surely regret her actions
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