Evidence Of True Love - Episode 6

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After some days, Anthony requested to visit Dora’s parents. Dora took him to their house, getting there, they greeted her parents. Her parents welcomed them and asked Dora, “Who is this handsome man with you? Dora smiled at Anthony and introduced him as her fiancée to her parents.

Her parents stared at Anthony and asked him for his identification. Anthony introduced himself to them, and they requested to know his intentions for their daughter, and he answered so well to their satisfaction . They welcomed him once again, and promised to give him all blessings and support he needed from them.


Having received her parents' support, both of them left for their various homes. Later on, they started passing nights together. Life was good and they lived happily, until one fateful day, Dora met with a senator’s son, called John, who was a drug dealer. He was married with a daughter. He was a Ghanaian, but based in the United Kingdom with his family.

John attended a wedding in Tanzania, where he met Dora. Both of them greeted each other, and after their friendly discussions and introductions, they accepted each other as friends, after which they exchanged phone contact.

Days later, after John had gone back to the United Kingdom, he called Dora to know how she was fairing. In the course of their discussion, he asked her if she was married.

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. Dora answered him, No; but that she is engaged. John smiled and said “Okay”. Dora equally questioned him to know if he is married. But John answered no. Am single and searching for a good beautiful girl to marry, but I think, I have found one now. Oh! Really! Who is the lucky girl? Dora asked. Don’t worry about who she is, I will tell and show you when next we meet, John answered. They talked for a while and hung up.

John being fully aware that Dora was engaged wished to have her, not to marry her but just to have a carnal knowledge of her. “How can this delicious meal pass me by, when I have all in the world to purchase it? No I can’t let it go, I must do all it takes to acquire it, he muttered to himself”.

To him, the influence of being the only son of a senator was enough reason to have what so ever he desired, especially on ladies. He would call Dora every day, checking on how she is doing, and questioned to know her favorites, the things she loves and cherishes so much. With his knowledge of Dora being a fashion designer, coupled with the fact that she loved putting on attractive wears, he decided to be sending her expensive wears like shoes, clothes and jewelries.

“Live on the best of your abilities with good people around you, and value them, especially the poor ones who don't have much material things to offer you but always there to make you happy  than those who give you almost all you want, but ignores your happiness, because life lived without happiness, is the same as life lived in bondage (the worst poverty)"

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