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Evidence Of True Love

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Dora being the only female close friend Anthony had, made him to like her so much and cherished her ways, that nothing she did to Anthony annoyed him. Instead he sought the rightful ways to correct her.

He saw Dora as his sister, his adviser, his mother and his future wife. He usually referred to her as his hope giver, his most cherished love and his happiness. He would consult her and seek for her advice before taking decisions . He loved her so much. 

People suspected them to be dating, even when they were not, because of the things they had in common and were always together.


“Heart beats for love”

Anthony’s feelings for her grew beyond just friends. He would have told her all he felt for her, but couldn’t because he was shy and was scared of what her reactions would be if she did not equally feel same way for him, and that might cause him to lose her friendship too. He patiently waited and did all he could to see if Dora felt the same for him or not until he is been convinced by her words and actions, that she loves him and willing to be his wife.

Anthony became excited and planned quickly on how to propose to her. He later concluded to surprise her by organizing a get together party in one of the biggest Restaurants there in Dodoma Tanzania, called “Dodoma city Restaurant”

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. So he did, and invited some of their friends. He then asked Dora out for dinner. He took her by surprise to the Restaurant. On getting there, they sat on special seats reserved for them.

Dora felt the comfort of the place and asked Anthony, “What made the day so special that you brought me here, are you celebrating anything? Anthony smiled and answered her “Yes” and ordered for food and wine.

They were served two plates of food with a bottle of Rose wine, one for him and one for Dora. Dora opened Anthony’s plate, and behold, what she saw was a Microphone. As soon as she saw it, she became surprised and stared at Anthony. Anthony stood up and pretended to be surprised as well. What is the meaning of this? Is this supposed to be a joke or what? She asked. Anthony stared at her with a surprise look. She immediately mentioned to the attendant.

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. Dora was so angry that she could not wait for the waiter to come, angrily, she pulled out the cover of her own plate, and it was ring that was on her plate.

She and Anthony stared at each other for some seconds. Two things were reading in Anthony’s mind, either Dora accepts him or rejects him. Immediately, he picked up the Microphone, greeted and welcomed everybody there. He then turned to Dora and said to her…Am very sorry that it has to happen this way. It is happening this way, this night because I want everybody here to know and witness all I have to say to you.


Anthony proposes to Dora

Dora, I want to specially thank and appreciate your good friendship with me so far. I thank you for the pieces of advice, hope of a good future and most of all, and the happiness you have given to me. I asked for your good friendship, and you gave your best to me, but this night, I want to ask you for something bigger and greater than friendship, which is the pillar to my future family. Dora, will you marry me? He asked.

Dora had long expected this from Anthony. Hearing these words from him made her to be so excited, that she couldn’t control her emotions. She rushed to him, kissed and hugged him passionately, then said to him in tears, “Yes” I will marry you. They both kissed and hugged each other, their friends stood up cheering and clapping for them.

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