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Evidence Of True Love

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One day, Louis got drunk and on his way home, he saw a boy and asked him to buy cigarette for him, but the boy refused. So, he beat him up. The boy’s father came out, they started quarreling and he told Louis that it is because he had no male child that is why he is beating his son and advised him to marry another woman who will give him a male child rather than drinking himself to stupor. This got him angry, so he went home and sent his wife and daughters out of his house, they begged him but he refused and insisted they must leave.

Monica left with her daughters in tears, and went to a very close friend of hers named Mary . Mary took them in and promised to do all she could to help her.

Monica was in search of what will give meaning to those daughters of her as referred to them by their father. She resolved within herself to do anything humanly possible in order to ensure that Joy, her first daughter will be educated. Her friends stood by her during her difficult times. They granted her loan when she asked for such.

Monica used the loans she got from her friends to start up a petty trading business. Her daughters were not left out of the struggle; they engaged themselves by hawking sachet water and oranges.

"Do not let any situation hold you down from your greatness"

Joy was able to complete her secondary school education with flying colors with the help of her mother’s little business and that of her sisters. She later got scholarship to study law in Oxford University, through a company called Great Future Investment Company

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. In the course of her study at Oxford, she was among the outstanding students and was highly recognized due to her moral and good conduct.

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. She was equally very sociable.

She was the delight of the lecturers, organized reading groups and held seminars for them. She had on several occasions, been invited to conferences as a speaker, and had spoken on different topics as well as undertaken tutorials in order to sustain herself in school. She was loved by everyone who came in contact with her. She was fun to be with.

The company organized a conference tagged “Youth Empowerment”. She was among the delegates invited to participate. At the end of the program, a co-participant named Anthony, who was from a wealthy and influential family and the only child of his parents, and worked as the managing director of the company. 

Anthony was in love with a beautiful, tall and fair lady called Dora. Dora was from South Africa but based in Dodoma Tanzania. She was a fashion designer, a good lady, intelligent, friendly and was always referred to as mama by her folks, because of her good caring heart.

She is everyman’s desire, men who came in contact with her, loved and wished to have her because of her elegant beauty and her appearance. They were so attracted to her beauty that they couldn’t resist her each time she walked into their midst.

Anthony met her at a birthday party when he worked with a television station in Tanzania as a presenter. They greeted and were introduced to each other by the celebrant. They ate and drank wine on the same table, and danced together.

At the end of the party, they both walked and talked for awhile, and after all, they exchanged their phone numbers and departed to their various home.

Friends they are and good friends they became, that they could call each other every day on phone, checking how the other was doing, and sometimes, visited each other at home.

Gradually, their friendship grew very strong, that they knew much about each other, and one would tell the other his or her where about.

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