Dawn of Love - Episode 11

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Princewill succeeded in dragging his new found friend to school and early at that, a decision he was already regretting since he was tired of the unending grumbling and of how right Bola turned out to be. They had sat for the past 3 hours in the long rectangular hall that reminded one of Noah's ark popularly called A¹ hall and nothing was happening. The hall was filled with so many other new students who just sat conversing with each other . Bola raised his head to see Zainab walking in through the front door of the lecture hall.
"Oh and see who we have here, your girlfriend has finally come" he said laughing sarcastically
Princewill saw it was the girl from the other day and he sighed and hissed
"You know she would have slapped your head off your neck that day, and that would have been my happiest moment in life" he said still enjoying himself.
"I don't blame you, i should have left you in the hostel in peace" Princewill replied
"Won't you go and say hi she looks lost and try shaking her hands as a sign of reconciliation ok?" Princewill said sounding very serious.
"Oh so your plan is to have me slapped right? Or you think I don't know Muslim girls don't like to be touched?" Princewill replied a little surprised at how dumb Bola thought he was.
Zainab stood astounded, she could hardly believe her eyes, the hall was far from what she had imagined students studying the prestigious Medical profession would be taught in.

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. The hall was a plain rectangular structure with wooden walls that showed a faded yellow painting, campaign posters of students littered the already ugly looking wall, the celling was dull white with signs of leakages drawing several map like figures

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. She took a step forward wearing the most confused face ever, she sat on an empty seat on the ninth row, she checked her time and it read 10:35am, not knowing what else to do she like every other person sat to wait for what would happen next. She thought about how she had earlier rushed into one of the classes at the faculty of medical sciences, that was more embarrassing than been told that she had not yet come into the faculty and so her lectures were with the faculty of Natural sciences.
She felt somebody tap her breaking her thoughts, she turned abruptly with her senses all alert. She turned to see the most beautiful smile she thought she had ever seen. A plumb girl with a rounded face poking out of a black hijab looked down at her with a smile.
"Hello please can I join you?" She said with a rich Hausa accent.
Zainab who was sitting at the edge stood for her to pass into the row, she sat right next to Zainab.
"Please have they had any class today?" She asked after some minutes of sitting still.
"No, I guess not, are just coming?" Zainab replied 
"Yes I was at the clinic for my registration, its so stressful I can't believe after going there by 7am I still have not finished"
Seeing Zainabs confused look she asked
"Have you not done yours?"
"No not really I didn't know I had to" she said
"Its a must if not they will not let you graduate, maybe you should start tomorrow" the girl said
"OK I think I will do that" Zainab said still looking a little confused
"Do you know where the school clinic is?" 
"Actually no"
"OK how about we go there together tomorrow, what's your room number?" She said now turning to fully face Zainab
"Room number? Oh no I don't stay in the hostel" 
"Wow you are so beautiful!!" She said not able to hide her impressed she was
"Oh thank you" Zainab said not surprised she was now used to been told that.
Zainab was an angel to stare out, she had perfect form, her brows were carved naturally forming an arch, her eyes were like a deep brown coloured diamond that sparkled within their sockets, she had a slender, pointed nose that stood gracefully above a full blood red lips that reminded one of ripe robust tomatoes. Those beautiful lips covered a set of sparkling white dentition. Her fair face broke into a dimple whenever she smiled. Her head was crowned with silky black hair that fell down to her shoulders whenever her hijab was off. Her hijab covered her majestically carved body, hiding away those curves that would make any man have dreams while wide awake.
"You are Fulani right? the girl asked still amazed at how one person could be so beautiful even a woman would be forced to stare.
" No but my mum is"
"No wonder only a Fulani blood could be this fine". She said almost wishing she was half as good looking. She was not really an ugly looking girl herself but one couldn't call her beautiful either, with a full plumpy face and a round dull eyes sitting deep within its sockets and a rather large size that made her seem older than her peers, she was more of a plane Jane but as time would reveal she had the most beautiful of hearts if the inner person was what judged beauty, Zainabs physical appearance would amount to a disgusting sight compared to her.
"Oh my name is Najibat what's yours?"
"Am Zainab, its nice meeting you"
"So you know we have to be at the school clinic very early right?"
"Ok then why don't we find a place to meet and..........

"We don't want to buy is it by force?" Bola said infuriated by the annoying books sellers that claimed purchasing their books was the only sure way to distinction.
"You know what, I have had just enough let's go back to the hostel" Princewill said already fed up.
"Hahaha finally you came to your senses, I told you didn't i? Bola said giving out an I told you so kind of laugh.


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