Dawn of Love - Episode 10

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The next day was a Sunday, and Princewill strolled down to the Church within the hostel's vicinity, "Chapel of Faith" to worship for the day. 
On walking in, the first person his eyes set on was Bola, sitting on the podium, mounting the piano where he made beautiful sounds of praise.
Princewill was amazed and impressed at the same time. It was an interesting service, where the preacher talked about temptations that abound in a university environment, directing his speech to the new students . At the end, he set up plans for what was termed "welcome special" to officially welcome the new students and give them the needed orientation.
When Bola was done they both walked back to the hostel together
"Wow I didn't know you could do at least one good thing in your life" Princewill said jokingly
He laughed, "at least I can do one, you still don't have any to your name". 
"So how come you are already part of the choir?"
"I think its because I have been here for a year more than you have"
"How do you mean?"
"I took remedial classes"
"Oh I see. So what's your room number?
" A15 Abuja hostel what about you?"
"So you would be in school tomorrow right?" Princewill asked
"For what?"
"Tomorrow is Monday, resumption Monday" Princewill said surprised
"Trust me nothing is going to happen" Bola answered confidently as they parted ways.
Princewill lay on his bed wondering what to eat, it never occurred to him that thinking of what to make would be a task.

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. He was still at this when he heard a knock on his door.
He grudgingly stood to open, not expecting anyone but was most surprised to see Nnamdi.
"Hey kid bro" he said smiling
"Ah brother Nnamdi, good morning welcome" he said obviously excited
"How was your first night alone?"
Princewill smiled in response.
"I hope you went to church today?"
"Yes it was nice"
"Great, I brought this for you" he handed a black polythene bag to him
He opened it to see every beverage he could possibly need for a while.
"Oh my, ah, brother, thank you very much" he replied ecstatic.
"You have not eaten am sure, let's go out" Nnamdi offered to Princewill's surprise.
Before he could react he heard a knock on his door
"Prince, open up its me" came Bolas voice.
He came in, pushing the door that was left open
"Good afternoon sir" he greeted Nnamdi respectfully
"Morning, how are you?"
"Am fine sir"
"Brother, this is Bola, and Bola this is my big brother" Princewill took the initiative to introduce them.
"I see you are already making friends, that's good. So are you ready?"
"Yes we can go now". Princewill said  taking a quick glance at the room
"Bola why don't you join us?" Nnamdi offered
"No thank you sir let me not interrupt you"
"We are just going to eat, we will be back in no time, I insist"
"OK sir"
They all left the room and went to an eatery outside the school's premise where everyone had what they wanted. Princewill was very happy and proud if his big brother but also wondered how all this came about.
When they were done, he walked them back to their hostel
'Thank you very much sir" Bola said
"You are welcome, so its best I leave you guys now"
Princewill walked to the main exit gate of the hostel
"Brother thank you very much, today feels like my birthday" Princewill said
He laughed "so take this for yourself" he said squeezing some naira notes into his hands
Princewill was to surprised to speak.
"Brother, this is too much for one day, I mean thank you....."
"Don't worry you deserve a special treat but promise this stays between us, I don't want anyone especially mum and dad to know about this"
"Why? Brother I hope you didn't do anything illegal to get all this money" Princewill said with a frown
"Keep quiet you naughty boy, I do have a job and I got paid today, you also can't let anyone know that, deal?". Unknown to the family, he had been using his earnings to contribute in one way or the other to the general well being of the family.
Princewill thought about it for a while,
"Okay I trust you" he replied genuinely speaking
Nnamdi smiled, "take good care of yourself and be careful the people you make your friends, at least Bola is not such a bad choice. Bye".
To the surprise of Princewill, Nnamdi gave him a hug and rubbed his head before leaving. He asked himself if today really happened or what exactly could have gotten into his brother. He was nicer than he had ever been.
Zainab looked at herself satisfactorily on the large mirror on the wall beside her bed, she was dressed and ready to start the first day of school. Her baby pink hijab flowed down her body but not long enough to totally hide the deep blue skirt she wore that matched the purse she carried. Her dad was not yet back from the FCT and it was no surprise to her, she grew up to know him as a busy man. 
The time read 7:05 am, the excitement of starting school was still driving her and so she was eager, even rushing to get to school for her first lecture by 8:00 am. She hurried down the staircase into the parlour, breakfast was already served thanks to Aminat the girl who helped her mum with the house chores and running the jewelry shop she owned but Zainab had no plans for that since she felt already late.
"But mum am late already" she complained
"No way you are leaving this house without eating" her mum insisted.
By the time she was done and in school, it was well past 8am.

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