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'I still haven't figured out how to sit across from you, and not be madly in love with everything you do. Real love doesn't meet you at your best. It meets you in your mess because It's not being in love that makes me happy. It is the person that I am in love with that does.'

"But how did Lora get to meet the evil Sluagh fairy?" Daisy asked after a while of thought.

"She (Sluagh fairy) once told me that she wants to rule over the world. Using the hearts of those that are filled with evil . Using children."

"Why would she do that?" Daisy asked confused by that information.

"She said she wants the world to know about our existence, that we aren't a myth as they said in their stories. Lora seems to be the first person she would use. She met Lora when the little girl was five years old. You know for her to have access to the human world she must get the ancient book of Requiem. That was why she had came into our kingdom to get it at the first place. She made me believed her and I stole the Requiem book for her. She used it for Lora and asked her to use the person she's hates the most as an exchange for what she wants. She then used her twin sister, Nora

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. She brought me before Lora after I left the kingdom and made her control me. I didn't know there was a part of magic spells in the evil book of Requiem that they would use in controlling a fairy and other mystic things. I found out too late after she made Lora performed the magic spells on me, lying to me its for enhancing my powers, foolishly, I believed her. I then realized why you had kept the evil ancient book away from others...from me. I am sorry I didn't listen to you back then, I am sorry I caused the death of our people." Dementia explained sadly to her twin.

"The Requiem book is so dangerous that was why I had it hidden away from pry eyes. I read through the book and saw that if it falls into the wrong hands, then everyone, including the entire race of humans are doom. After everything that happened, what happened to the evil Sluagh fairy afterwards? I mean after she was able to make Lora control you?" Daisy demanded.

"After she handled me to Lora to be doing her biddings, she left. According to her, Lora isn't the only child she wants. We haven't heard from her for years now, but only Lora knows how you summon her. Please Daisy no matter how heartless I am, I can never hurt a human. I needed powers but not to use it against the humans, I was deceived, please free me, I am tried of been controlled." Dementia said almost in tears 

Daisy flew so close to her and touched Dementia hair, truly she felt the dark magic. She wasn't lying.

"I know every details about the Requiem book. I have read the book once before, that was how I got to know how evil it was. I will free you but not now. The Requiem book also has the part where dark spells written on it, like the one casted on you, can be broken. Once you have your freedom, you are still going to pretend you're being under her control for a while. When ever that stupid Sluagh fairy comes, you will let me know." Daisy told her.

"I will do that for you." Dementia responded truthfully.

"This is your second chance to redeem yourself, don't make me hate you."

"I promise, I won't, I just want to be free like you." Dementia said happily.

"Good, you can go. I will call on you when it's time to break the spell." Daisy said and didn't wait for dementia to reply her.

Dee quickly vanished also to meet Lora.


Eric came back in 30 minutes time from where he had took the dead bodies of the Ninja's into the forest not far from Kate's and burn their bodies there.

"You left no traces?" Paul asked.

"No I didn't, everything looks clean. No one will ever suspect." Eric reply and sat down on his previous seat.

"Thank you my friend." Paul said with a smile and sat down beside them. "He will know that something is up and will find out why they weren't here."

"Are you afraid of him?" David asked.

"No, I am afraid of what he will do to Nora and her family. He sent Ninja's to come, for what? I don't know yet."

"Then stay here for the main time, am very sure Nora wouldn't mind at all." David suggested.

"And what about you and Eric? I can't leave you both alone when he is also after your life. I need to make an ungent call right now." Paul suddenly said and left his seat.

He dialed a number from his phone which was picked at the fourth ring.

"Hello who's this?" A gruff voice demanded immediatly at the other end.

"Hello Max, its Paul."

"Master?" Max said not sure he recognized that voice.

"Yes, but I have told you to call me Paul, anyway, I am calling you because I need your help." Paul said.

"Whatever it is bro, you can always count on me." Max told him

"I need you to come down to Floda quick, I will text you the house address. Once you're here I will tell you what to do."

"Okay bro, I will be expecting it." Max said.

"How are my brothers?" Paul asked.

"They are good. We are all  doing fine bro." Max replied.

Paul end the call and sent the address to Max. Max was a samurai fighter like him, when his late master made him the new master, he gave the title to Max and asked him to take care of himself and his brothers (samurais). It has been long he contacted them. And today he did, but only to Max, he needed his help. Max will help him keep an eye on the Ninja's, while him will keep his eyes on everyone in the compound.

He return to his seat. "I called an old friend of mine, he will be coming soon."

"Who's this old friend of yours?" David demanded.

"A samurai fighter like I am."


When Mary and James saw that Nora was adamant to her decision, they left to Casala that same day.

"Won't you stay over at least for today before going back to Casala tomorrow?" Kate asked her son James.

"No mum, not today, I have a business I have to attend. We will come back again and this time around, spend more time with you and Nora." James answered and left together with a still fuming Lora.

Lora couldn't wait to get home to summon her evil fairy.

She didn't even notice Paul and David when she and her parents entered the car that they came with. Her thoughts were on seeing the Sluagh again.

They soon entered the plane going to Casala.


Kate and Craig excused themselves and left Nora and Philly alone. They wanted to discuss privately.

"Did you see the way Paul was staring at Nora?" Kate asked Craig as they were heading towards the second sitting room.

"Yes I did ma'am, it didn't escaped my eyes. Philip was acting strange back then, his eyes were staring at the wall clock every 10 minutes, it was as if he was expecting something, probably when he realized that it wasn't coming, he left us. He was also staring at the door where Paul and Nora was." Craig added.

"I like that Paul, he sometimes reminds of Philip."

"Yeah, I feel a connection between us when he came in."


"I don't like the way you were staring at Paul or whatever his name is." Philly began once he was sure they were alone.

"I don't know what you are saying Philip, what look was I given him?" Nora pretended to ask.

"That kind of look a lady normally gives to a guy she loves, the kind of love you give to you soulmate, that is the kind of love I am talking about. Ever since I have been here, you haven't even look at me the same way you did to that stupid guy today." Philly said a little bit angry.

"Hey point of correction, Paul isn't stupid, he is my very good friend. He saved my life, if he wasn't on the mountain that day, I would still be there, dead. So you can't just wake up one morning and tell me what to do with my life. I own myself and I will look at anyone the way I want too."

"No you don't own yourself, all of you is mine, don't you still get it? The very first day I saw you, marks the day you became mine, my property. You're mine forever Nora, I own you and if anyone trys to get in my way, he is good as a dead corpse."

Standing up angrily to her feet. "You're making me sick, I can't stay here and hear all these rubbish you just omitted out. I am going to my room to have my peace of mind." Nora said and made to walk away when Philly grab hold one of her hand which prevented her from going any further.

He stood up from his seat and draw Nora close to his body. "Why the sudden change of attitude towards me my dear? Is it because you saw him, is that why you are now disrespecting me?" Philly asked.

"I am not disrespecting you Philip, I just don't like the way you talk about Paul. He is my savior and nothing or nobody, not even you, can change that."

Philly smile as he raised up his other free hand to touch Nora's face, her lips, her neck and his hand started decending towards her breast slowly. He leaned his face and beathed in her scent, it was savory. "Nora, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. I will kill whosever that touches your body apart from me."

A wave of nausea engulfed her after Philip had said those words. No one is touching her body except Paul.

"Philip, what has come over you all of a sudden, you weren't like this before, you can't even hurt a fly talkless about holding my hands and touching me inappropriately, now get your hands off my bod--" She didn't get to finish her sentence when he forcefully pressed his manly lips on her soft lips, kissing her. His kiss was rough.

Her eyes opened wide then shut tightly as she tighten her lips.

Read " The Forgotten Wolf " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. She tried to push him away but he stood his ground. The hand he had used in holding one of her hand was released and he fastly used it to hold her waist, bringing her much closer now. His other hand finally found it's target as he grab hold of one of her breast. He moaned into her mouth as he bit her bottom lips hard which prompted her to grasped. He slip his tongue into her mouth and moan the more.

Nora tried to push him off her but his Hercules like strength was an insurmountable grip.

Philly didn't hear the door opening nor the footsteps heading his way until he was roughly pushed back by Paul whose face was furious. He moved towards Philly in anger and nearly brought out his gun to shoot Philly but was stopped by Nora, who touched his shoulders. He turn to look at her and his anger melted away and was replaced by a softness he never knew he had. When it comes to Nora, nothing matters to him.

"Leave him Paul." Nora said and Paul turned back to face Philly.

Philly and Paul stare at each other dangerously.

"Who asked you to intrude our privacy idiot? Don't you know she is my wife to be. How dare you interrupt us?" Philly spoke slowly almost without moving his lips.

Nora went over to where Philly was and slapped his face hard.

Philly didn't flinched at all, rather he smile at her and touched his reddened side of face and brought it to his mouth, he kissed his fingers. "I like them rough, I will let this slide because of the love I have for you Nora, but don't take my silence as a sign of weakness." Philly said and left, he made sure to push Paul out of the way and was almost reaching the staircase when he stopped.

"And tell your friend never to try what he did to me again, if he doesn't want my trouble."

"I love looking for trouble my friend, just in case you don't know, I am a huge trouble maker." Paul told him.

Philly climbed the stairs without saying a word.


Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.

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