Dance With Me(Silent Whispers) - Episode 27

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'If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me. I love that you are my person and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together.'

Philly quickly brought out his phone and send a message to Leo that read:

Change of plan, come in as usual. Don't involve the Nine Fingers, tell them to wait and send some Ninja's here.

Switching off his phone after making sure the message was sent . He went back to the sitting room to meet them.

Craig was staring at him suspiciously as Philly seat beside him.

"What did you went to do inside?" Craig asked.

"Nothing father, I went to ease myself." Philly lied.

Lora who was still fuming in rage was staring evilly at the door where Paul and Nora would be at the moment.

"Grandma, how did Nora get to know Paul?" Lora asked jealousy as she couldn't hold it anymore.

"Yes ma'am, who is he and how come she knew him?" Philly quickly chip in as his eyes was also on the door.

Kate sent a smile directly at them and answered them, "He was the one who had saved Nora when she fell down the hill. She was pushed by someone, a person Paul saw and Nora knows

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. And when I find out who that person is, I will make sure he or she goes to jail."

"Someone pushed Nora off the hills? How did it happened?" Philly asked surprised.

"Yes, someone pushed her and she doesn't want to tell me who did it." Kate responded. "Someone into magic or so used David face to lure her and Craig out and bring her down the hill. The real David came back few minutes later and after he was told, he quickly ran to meet Craig, it was there they found out whosoever that took Nora was into magic. For days, we couldn't find my beloved granddaughter, Paul brought her here and told us what happened." Kate finished her explanation.

"If you will excuse me, I want to use the bathroom." Lora said standing up from her seat.

Kate called out Jolie and instructed her to take her granddaughter to the bathroom.

Showing her the bathroom.

"You can go." Lora said rudely at Jolie.

Once she was alone, she entered the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

"Dee, did you saw what happened today? My twin sister could talk and see now, what went wrong? I thought you said it is an everlasting curse she will carry till her last breath or is your stupid power fading?" Lora said to the empty bathroom.

"Yes I did said that, but I sense someone freed her from it." Dee voice came quitely.

"You sense someone free her? Did you hear yourself well? By now you should have told me who did that and not you sensing rubbish." Lora said in anger.

"I am sorry Lora, I will find out who ever it was that freed Nora." Dee voice came again.

"Better and I need to know whoever that is behind this very fast, my music career is at stake. And while you're at it, find a way to separate those two, I want you to cause conflict between them, don't make me involve Her." Lora said warned.

"That I can do for you Lor....." Dee started to say but stop mid way.

Lora blinked her eyes when she couldn't find her fairy again. "Dee? Dee?" She called out softly but no one answered her.

She find that strange and wondered what happened as she walked back to the sitting room.

Where had Dee gone too?

"Thanks grandma." Lora said and smile at Kate who nodded her head.

She was involving the other Fairy.


"Are you really Philip?" Nora asked as she slowly get up from her seat.

"Yes, and the guy in there isn't Philip?"

"If he isn't Philip so who is he then?"

"My twin brother so I heard, but don't worry, we are going to find out who truly he is and what he wants from you." Paul said, he couldn't tell her yet what Philly real is.

Nora hug him breathing in his scent. His clothes smelled like bubblegum mixed with cotton candy. "I am really glad you are Philip." She said and look up straight into his eyes. "You know... somehow, what I had said came to pass." Nora said smiling at him.

"And what could that be?" Paul asked slightly confused.

"I told you that the day I would see again, I would love to see you first, which happened the day I opened my eyes and saw you. I was blind then but could see now, my first glance on you took my breath away. I was pushed by my own twin sister twice, the first one blinded me and took away my voice, I was ten years old then. The second one which you saved me brought back all that was taken away from me." Nora said. "After I saw you and you brought me home, I couldn't get you off my mind and thoughts ever since that day, no matter how hard I tried too. When the fake Philip came, I didn't feel that connection I had with you to him, I tried but couldn't see myself loving him. I had my doubt about him when I asked him the meaning behind the necklace. Philip was the one who had given me the necklace, so he should have known about it more better than me, but he couldn't say anything about this necklace. He gave me pathetic excuses. But now, I have the prove right in front of me." Nora said and slowly raised her hands to caress his face. He was dishy handsome and all hers. "I once said this word to you through my sign language, but now, I will say with my mouth. I love you Philip, you were my very first friend that loves me, despite my problems. You are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you. I know one day, you will surely remember everything."

Paul smile and embrace Nora, resting his head on hers.

"The first day I set my eyes on you as Paul Mirror was when I went to Casala for a business. I saw you on the airplane and later on a magazine front paper. I didn't know it was love then, then I saw you again when Lora had pushed. When you told me about how my cooking has a resemblance to Philip's own, I was jealous of him, but now I am not, because I am the Philip. Nora when I look at you, I see the rest of my life in front of my eyes. I want to spend every day of my life with you. Even if I am not Philip, I would still love you. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. I love you so much Nora."

"Now I remembered the very word a friend of mine had told me before, my greatest day is yet to come and I feel it right now. One day I shall introduce you to her. Thank you for loving me."

"No I should be the one thanking you for waiting for me." Paul said. "Let me take you back in there before they will think I have kidnapped you."

"If you are my kidnapper, I wouldn't mind at all."

They both laughed at that.

"One more thing Nora, do not tell anyone about our discussion....yet. most especially when that guy who claims to be Philip is there. I am Paul. Come on let's go in."

As he took hold of Nora's hand gently in his, he saw a fast movement from the fence which didn't escaped his sharp eyes.

He didn't say anything, he opened the door for Nora to enter first before him. He removed his hand from hers and told her. "We shouldn't make it obvious first."

Entering the sitting room, all eyes were on them. Nora went back to her seat.

"Sorry ma'am for keeping her away from this meeting." Paul said to Kate.

"No problem son."

"Well I will take my leave now, it was nice seeing you all here." Paul said, turn and pretended to walk away.

Nora voice halted him. "Paul don't go yet, stay a little while longer," Nora said and look at Lora this time. "I still need more evidence against whoever that pushed me."

Paul smiled. "No problem Nora, I will be outside waiting for you." Paul said and left.


He went over to where David and Eric was. "Some Ninja's are in this compound, stay here and watch out for the gate, I am going to deal with them." Paul told them.

He left and started killing all the Ninja's one after the other, no one stood a chance against a samurai. He made sure no sound was heard. His attack came as a surprise to them as they all awaits their master order.

And for once he was truly grateful to Robert Mirror.

When he was sure he had killed all the Ninja's in their hidden places, he went to meet Eric and told him to take care of the dead bodies at the back of the house where he had pile them up.

"Burn them up."


Mary and James begged Nora to forgive them but Nora couldn't.

Philly once again excused himself and went up to his room. He put on his phone and called Leo.

"Where are they?" He said slowly as soon as Leo picked it.

"They should have been there since two hours ago. Let me call them right away master." Leo said and waited for Philly to end the call before he put a call across one of the Ninja's.

Switch off.

He tried again.

Switch off.

He tried all the Ninja's numbers he had send to Kate's house, but none of them was going through. They were all switch off.

He quickly called Philly.

"Master, none of their numbers are going through. I think something went wrong somewhere."

"Find out the fault immediatly."

"Yes master, but shouldn't I send the Nine Fingers right now while I carry out my investigation."

"No, not yet, let's find out what happened before I will know what to do." Philly ended the call and went back to the sitting room.


"Look who's here, long time no see sister." Daisy said.

Dee a tiny fairy who has white hair was surprised when she saw her twin. "Daisy, is that you?"

"Yes its me. Just like you had left the kingdom, so I did. I was right after all, it was you who have been helping Lora, but guess what, I also helped Nora."

"So you were the one who had pulled me away from Lora and brought me here with your magic?"

"Yes I did.

Read " The Last Survivors " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. You betrayed me Dementia, you betrayed our people. For this will I will never forgive you."

"Daisy, all what I did wasn't intentional, I am being controlled by the Sluagh fairy. She lied to me Daisy, and I foolishly believed her." Dementia said.

"Don't you dare lie to me Dementia, you killed our people for a stupid powers and I killed the evil Sluagh fairy before your very eyes, then you flee and locked me in there for eternity, I was only freed by Nora and like you, I also made a huge sacrifice which brought me to this world. So stop lying Dementia."

"I am saying the truth, the Sluagh fairy killed our people and I pretended to be the one who did it, she make it look as if it was me. I was blinded by greed for power. And rather than giving me the powers, she started controlling me. It is only when I am neared Lora I won't be controlled. The Sluagh fairy you had killed isn't the real one, that was her clone. She is alive Daisy and Lora has decided to bring her into this." Dementia said in all honesty to her twin. "Help me, free me please, I don't want any powers again, I want to be free, only you can stop her Daisy."

"If what you said is true, then let that evil Sluagh fairy come, she will meet her very match."

Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.

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