Bleeding Petals - Episode 13

Is this how it ends?

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Choi! See me see wahala o! @Olly nelly, abeg don’t come and beat me blue black and green o..this is the episode but you can say bye bye to your salad and chicken,,lmao…make I hear say I go bring am….lol

@Harmony Ugochi Odazie, this episode is for you! Tripple kisses!

************ ************** ******************

I met Henry sleeping on the settee in the living room, I had used my own key to get in so I didn’t have to wake him. He looked exhausted and there were two empty bottles of Vodka on the table . The house smelt like someone had poured alcohol everywhere.

I placed my bag quietly on the table and began to observe him. Maybe I never loved this man after all, maybe I had actually been too hasty in jumping into a relationship with him but I had actually loved him…at some point or maybe so I thought.

The blanket covering him had dropped to the floor and there were some pictures littered all around the cushion in which he was sleeping.

I could see Benita’s face in one of them and others were Henrys pictures with Felix;s while they were still serving.

I sighed, I had no interest in stressing myself any further, he had lied and it was too late for any redemption.

My phone vibrated, it was a message from Kate. She told me not to make any drastic decision yet…I ignored her, it was my life and she had actually tried for me but she could mind her business now.

Just then, Henry stirred and his eyes opened slowly but on sighting me, he became wide awake and stood up immediately.

“My love where have you been? I have searched everywhere for you!”

I said nothing but was just looking at him

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. How could I have married such a monster? How was I so deceived and blinded by stupid emotions!

“I am here now…Henry.” I replied, emotionlessly.

Perhaps, he could feel the hatred that was radiating from me towards him, because he immediately went on his knees.

“Baby, I meant it when I said I love you …I can never trade you for anything…I got so scared I kept secret from you. I did it because I didn’t want to lose you!”

I smiled. “That is a lame excuse Henry. I do not need your apologies anymore, I know the truth. I went to Kano to find out things by myself and I know what you did!” This time, my voice was quavering. “How could you do that Henry? You did this to me…to us! You thought all the nice things you were doing would actually entice me and distract me from suspecting you? How stupid do you think I am? ”

He clasped both hands together as he knelt.

“Baby…I know.. I am sorry. I did this to protect us so you won’t think I am a monster…”

‘But you are Henry! You are a monster! I should never have agreed to marry you! I should have waited and forgiven Felix!”

AT this he frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“Yes Henry. You are not the only one keeping a secret. Gosh! This is so messed up!” I began to recount what had happened between Felix and I before I met him but I left out what happened last night.

I could see the hurt and disappointment building inside of him but I could care less. We had both deceived each other. It was better we go our different ways.

“You and Felix were in love before we met? Neither of your cared to tell me?” He said slowly and weakly.

“You have no right to be angry right now Henry. You did me a favor by keeping such a secret from me so I could be with the right person. You are a somwthing elseHenry! How could you keep quiet? How were you able to live?”

“Keep quiet!” He shouted at me, now standing up. “You and Felix? Baby, I would never have loved you lesser if you had told me. It would not change the way I feel about you. I love you so much.”

“Well, you lost me ever since you started hiding the truth from me. I was raped because of youHenry! Did you actually belive I would never find out! You didn’t even  think that oneday you will also have a daughter? Do you know the problem the family faces now because of you!”

He was more sober now as he bit his lips in deep regret, he was also sweating but my phone rang and I ignored. It must be Felix and I had no intention of picking.

“So, what do you want to do now?” He finally asked. “Can you forgive me so I can also forgive you? I belive our love is strong and we can overcome this trial.”

I scoffed. ‘Never Henry! Not on your life! I slept with Felix last night so that we will never have the chance to come back together!”

At first, he stared at me without blinking….then he looked away as if he was trying to analyse what I just said.

“You slept with Felix?”

“Yes Henry. You raped a girl and I slept with your friend, You killed that poor girl and you rendered the family powerless!”

He looked lost and attempted to sit down. Then he held his head in his two hands as he looked down.

“I didn’t kill anyone…” He was muttering to himself and my phone rang again but I still ignored.

“You killed the girl after you gave her the drugs henry. Stop lying!”

He looked up and sat akimbo, still looking confused.

“I am going inside to pack my stuff Henry! We are so done! I will never be with you , you this cold murderer!”

“Listen to me!” He started, standing up. “I never killed anyone! I do not know what you are talking about or what lies you were fed but I killed no one!”

“So how did Benita die? Who raped her? Were you not the so called corper H?”

“She..she wanted me to sleep with her but I didn’t. I saw her as a small girl, like my sister. I wanted her to have the best of education. She wanted me to sleep with her but I couldn’t because I love you so much.”

“You are such a lously lier! So why did you tell me you never knew her?”

“I know that was my mistake. I said that because…because I was the last person to see her before she died. She called me when she was in pain and I went to her house.

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. She was covered in blood but I was helpless, I knew if she dies, I would be arrested. I could see that she took some drugs which affected her womb, I panicked. I couldn’t even …..I couldn’t call for help.

That night of your rape…I denied knowing her because I was afraid. I didn’t know how her brother found me or why he thought I raped her because nobody saw me that day. I quickly went back to school and travelled back the next day. You were raped because of her and I didn’t want you to suspect me.” He was shedding tears now as he spoke but I was unmoved.

“I thought you were a good man Henry…even with all these! You are still lying!”

My phone rang and I finally picked.

‘What? Who is this?”

“It is Musa.”

“Oh! “ I said, I have forgotten I left my number with him in case the second diary comes up. So I put the phone to loud speaker. “You should listen to this Henry, so that you will finally realize that your secret is out.

“We finally got the second diary and  we realize there has been some mistake…”

“You don’t need to be scared Musa, please say it, Henry is here, let him know what he did.”

“It wasn’t he who raped Benita…it was one Mr …felix. We found the diary …Henry was only her crush….he didn’t rape or kill her…Felix did everything. I am so sorry…”

The phone dropped from my hand and clattered on the floor as I heard the news. My legs were trembling and my heart was beating rapidly…I couldn’t say a single word as I stared at Henry whose face was now covered in his hand…

Just then Felix opened the door….

***************************  ************************ *******************




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  • picture
    thank so much sis, she reacted without confrontation and enough evidence.
  • Tobinna picture
    I've been a passive reader all these while.. See gobe.. Musa had better start running to hell ahead of Felix.. How nice would it have been for for her to take some chill pills and let fate decide. Instead she chose to hurt herself more where she couldn't even afford.. Nice 1 namesake
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Awww. So I have namesake lol.. Yaay.. Thanks for the comment
  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Imagine! More heart ache 4 her! BT u left us in suspense nw! Till tomao sha
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Lol.. Sorry about that@precious
  • Afia Boahemaah picture
    Afia Boahemaah
    Wooooow in fact it's my first time of commenting here..dear that was fabulous. .kudos
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Yaay.. Thanks to our first timers
  • Edith Ndidi picture
    Edith Ndidi
    Tobi... U re just too much. In fact am speechless.. Kudos babe
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    @Edith, Thanks so much
  • Lizzy Marcus picture
    Lizzy Marcus
    I knew she was too fast with her reaction. Sorry for henry
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    She went too far, how will she clean up her mess? Nice job Tobi
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Tobi, I like this ur story is amazing more than what I hope. Anyway that is what good for Tola bcoz she could have patient little before take that action. Felix is heartless he believe that d blame will be upon Henry bcoz he close to Benita. Thank so much Tobi my dear still tomorrow.
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Hnmmmm. Bravo!!! Tobi issa goal. I told you in the last episode that something was fishy and the lady's decision to jump at Felix will cause her some kind of regret. Oh Tobi!!! You're such a creative writer. You actually put everyone on their toes as to how the whole thing will unfold. Kudos dear. I celebrate you. Next episode please!!!
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Lol.. Thanks @prince.. Till tmao. @Mrs Olaleye.. You are welcome ma. Thank you too.
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    @Lizzy and favour. Thanks too
  • olynelly picture
    Tobi you owe me two. One my salad and chicken. Two for making the right guess about Felix raping Benita
  • olynelly picture
    Next pls
  • Adedayo Edorh picture
    Adedayo Edorh
    Chain this girl just screwed herself up big tym.... Henry am glad God hears my prayer cos have been praying for u. Tobiloba well done u completed my day
  • Batubo Ibiye picture
    Batubo Ibiye
    My dear Tobi, I have been following up with ur stories and you never dissapointed. Pls I need two episodes tomorrow cuz this suspense is deafning. Love you dear Ma.
  • Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele picture
    Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele
    This is just amazing Miss Oluwatobiloba, you are just a genius in your own world, I mean you are the Pen Angel. Kudos to you friend May your sources of inspiration never run dry IJN... God bless you. I would be expecting next episode tomorrow by God grace.
  • Mercy Ekemonye picture
    Mercy Ekemonye
    Goddddd what a story Henry has been vindicated
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Looks@Mr Dami, no problem. Thank you. @Batubo, love u too, kisses to you.. @Adedayo,im happy i did.thank you too.@ollynelly..if i catch you ehn..lemme kuku turn maself into chicken for you
  • Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele picture
    Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele
    Announcement!!! To all our new readers that are just reading our dear Miss Oluwatobiloba story for the very first time. Please, endeavor to read her previous stories 1. When a woman want 2. Finding Solace and 3. Second chance Read the stories and come and thank me later, do you why? When you know "What a woman want" you are going to "Find Solace" in it and you are going to have a "Second Chance" to read her new ongoing story "Bleeding Petals" Enjoy your reading....
  • Johnstone picture
    Enough of the suspense now aunty tobi. Nice one dear .
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Lmao... I now have an advertising manager @Mr Dami.. Thank you lol.. No salary though... @Johnston.. Lol.. That's the plan.. We continue tmao
  • ifedolapo loveth picture
    ifedolapo loveth
    waohhhh,so interesting.... next plssssssz
  • Medina Lawal picture
    Medina Lawal
    Tobi someone is going to die tonight. You are a genius.
  • Annie picture
  • ESTRELLA picture
    nice one Tobi. i love the suspense. am waiting for the next episode oo
  • Wadikom picture
    Ghen Ghen Ghen Ghen, See Gobe... Nice one Tobi
  • Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele picture
    Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele
    @Miss Oluwatobiloba, am glad and honour to render my advertisement FOC I. E. Free of Charge
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
  • Moyosore Teniola picture
    Moyosore Teniola
    Thumbs up Tobi. @ Damilare, lol, That was a well composed advert... Next episode please. Tola is in a big mess!
  • lavender onyango picture
    lavender onyango
    Toby the suspence is soon much kindly next pls ma
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    This is beautiful!
  • Irene Avworo picture
    Irene Avworo
    Gosh, I didn't see this coming....... Never let your anger rule you. Great work Tobi, please next episode oh, cos the suspense is killing me
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    I'm glad it wasn't Henry as i said earlier, please the suspense is too much, next episode pleaaaaaseeee
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Lol.. Let's pray the power comes soon.. Cos no power on the system.
  • Opeoluwa picture
    Henry did not tell her because benita is a small child that is y he didn't tell her and now she has made d biggest mistake of her life
  • Ediugho patience picture
    Ediugho patience
    This is why we need to have Patience in life not to rush in taking any decision.she has just made the biggest mistake of her life
  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    I knew this Felix guy isn't innocent... Patience is the ultimate key
  • Ruth ita picture
    Ruth ita
    Chaiiiiiii,Tobi u are so so good,see suspense!next episode plsssssssss
  • olynelly picture
    Tobi, I'll relieve you from giving the chicken and salaad if you post at least 2 episodes tomorrow or else you will have to add 1 moet, 1baileys,2000 cartons of milk and bread everyday for 1 months. You know you are still my purkinje fibre. Next please
  • Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele picture
    Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele
    @Sis Moyosore Teniola, thanks so much ma for the comment. Hope you know the DAMILARE is the same person as IGWEofZION
  • Moyosore Teniola picture
    Moyosore Teniola
    Oh! I didn't know. How u doing Bro?
  • Abiona Oluwatoyin picture
    Abiona Oluwatoyin
    Tobi u re a good writer. Keep soaring high
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Lmao.. Fibre! The lady iyaff finish me.
  • Ojo Sharon picture
    Ojo Sharon
    oh my god, wasn't expecting this, this is one hell out of a story, pls next episode I don't know how to wait oh, ejor,biko.and I must say miss Tobi, you are a good writer, damn good one at that , av read all your books,just didn't comment cuz I read them after you write the whole book finish and I must say they are damn interesting,
  • Ojo Sharon picture
    Ojo Sharon
    Now back to business, next episode oh
  • Mercy Ezigbo picture
    Mercy Ezigbo
    This is why I hate SECRETS soo much, if only Henry had said the truth and opened up all he knew about Benita , all this scandal would have been avoided. As long as he was hiding some things, he is partly guilty.
  • Richy picture
    I just knew felix was the rapist and now she has slept with him without thinking twice..
  • Titilayo picture
    Great one, u are such a writer
  • Clara Brandon picture
    Clara Brandon
    Awwwh I petty dis Tobi girl
  • Eddie Worlali Atsu picture
    Eddie Worlali Atsu
    Hello guys am really sorry for Tola who got impatient by making hasty decisions. But guys let's not blame her cos wat could she have done in such a situation. Her husband should have told her the truth from the beginning. Am also a victim of rape and till now I can't understand why it happened to me. Fear spouse and friends stop hiding secrets from ur loved ones all in the name of protecting them,for all u may know u might become a victim of Tola's dilehma
  • Eddie Worlali Atsu picture
    Eddie Worlali Atsu
    Sorry I meant to type please instead of fear
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Wow! thank you so much for that Eddie
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    no one should experience that, i am so sorry
  • Georgina Bestway picture
    Georgina Bestway
    tobi why! this is so fucked up. *crying
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    oya take handkerchief
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    I knew from that she was making a grave mistake, she judged henrry so fast may be she never loved him,she was using him to get over Felix. Too bad , I feel for Hendry now. Toni you are just amazing thanks.
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    You see yourself now? Felix raped you and had you free of charge (FOC) what next??
  • Lasisi Olushola picture
    Lasisi Olushola
    Patience as they say is a virtue
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