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Happy Easther guys! I hope we enjoy the holidays as I am! Travelled yesterday so I couldn’t upload, coupled with church too. So I have had many theories surrounding Tola issue…hmmm…some of you have even concluded the story while some have given me a whole new idea, let’s see how it goes.

***************** *************

As I lay in bed that night, I couldn’t get enough sleep, even after the passionate love-making I just had.

I pulled up the blanket to cover my bare chest , looking at him as he snored. He was looking so adorable . Somehow, I was glad I finally did this with him, somehow, I had managed to overcome my sexual problem and somehow that night, I had asked him that night to make love to me….I had wasted time too long .

He hesitated at first, he wanted to know where I had been and what had happened, but I gave him no clue as I quickly undressed in front of him…he couldn’t say no…he had wanted this many years back and this was his chance…he had waited for me but I had given him no chance…

We made love twice that night, and it was beautiful, painful but better than I expected. Even though I cried ….it was a mixture of both pain and pleasure and …..he was a perfect gentleman!

I stood up, dragging the blanket with me to sit in front of the mirror

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. I stood, starring at my reflection. My face looked swollen and a bit refreshed.

I sighed.

Toba…are you sure you are not creating a mess for yourself?- A voice said to me..

How could I be creating a mess for myself? I have created a mess long time ago and now I am just trying to clear things up.

My husband raped an innocent girl and not only that, he murdered her! What kind of a monster was he? Musa sad they had talked about Benita the night of the rape. He said Henry had denied all his accusations but he could tell he was lying because his face had brightened up when he mentioned the name!

Then he had lied about his NYSC pictures, I still thought of why he would lie about that. Maybe there were lots of things he wasn’t even telling me to hide his crime!

Well, in the morning I would pack my stuff while Felix handles everything about our travelling. I still have my passport which we had made before his NYSC. I would get the divorce papers and give to Henry as soon as possible.

“Hey Beauty….”

I turned to the man beside me , he was unashamed of hi nakedness and he put his arm around my neck as we looked at each other in the mirror.

“I miss you my love…”

“I miss you too Felix….”

*********************  ***************

Okay guys please don’t shoot me…lol! By the way, I am open for chats….!

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  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Sorry.. There are mistakes.. It's Tola.. Not Toba.. Musa said and not musa sad.. Apologies.. Typed in a rush
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Hnmmm. So she finally went to Felix for a cool off as she called it. I can smell some kind of regret for this act of hers. What if Henry is innocent after all? It's quite clear that they (Henry & Benita), were in love. But what if it was another Corper that rapped her? #Mystery!!! Tobi, please help us unravel it. I just can't wait to see how it will unfold. #Gracia
  • Moyosore Teniola picture
    Moyosore Teniola
    Jesus! She was too fast. DAT Felix is something else! Haba!
  • Moyosore Teniola picture
    Moyosore Teniola
    Tobi, I will shoot you if you don't upload the next episode soon
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Am short of words, next please
  • Medina Lawal picture
    Medina Lawal
    This is indeed super hot
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    @Moyo.. Please go update
  • picture
    tola is making a very big mistake
  • Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele picture
    Damilare Ayokunnu Ayodele
    Great job Oluwatobiloba, I wish u Happy Easter
  • Ediugho patience picture
    Ediugho patience
    She is too fast,she have more time to Henry instead of give her self to felix, Felix may even be the of her problem
  • Amma picture
    all this wouldn't hv happened if Henry had told her the truth surrounding the rape
  • Joy Anthony picture
    Joy Anthony
    Tobi, you are a wonderful writer. Keep it up.
  • Lizzy Marcus picture
    Lizzy Marcus
    What she did isn't right, henry might not be that bad
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Nice job, thanks Tobi
  • olynelly picture
    I smell something fishy. Well that's by the way .Tobi please bring my Easter Rice,salaad and chicken. And also some fresh sweet fruits from the countryside. Im hungry and you know say na left over sweet pass. Take your time but I'll visit you to beat you blue and black if you dont post the next episode soon. Happy Easter Tobi Loba
  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Felix is d culprit nt henry! She would regret dis!
  • Irene Avworo picture
    Irene Avworo
    I hope Tola doesn't regret this, please make the next episode longer please. Kudos dear
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    She have moved fast too much for d step she make,it a big mistake. If Henry and Benita just in love but not he is d one that rape her. Tobi happy Easter pls don't given me headache today send next episode pls.....
  • Batubo Ibiye picture
    Batubo Ibiye
    I feel Felix did the evil not Henry
  • carmen picture
    Kai dis girl no try at all o.... Na she sabi o
  • Chinenye Innocent picture
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Eeeeeish this is real bomb
  • Adedayo Edorh picture
    Adedayo Edorh
    Just like that, who does that?
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    Why is everywhere suddenly hot? Or is it just me getting unnecessary angry at this imaginary Tola of a chick? Walahi, my disappointment towards her continues...
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    loool.. don't be angry
  • Titilayo picture
    Speechless ,she do everything without patient
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Tola you lost it in a haste
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    Confirm from Henry first b4 taking that drastic step nah!!
  • Lasisi Olushola picture
    Lasisi Olushola
    She made a regrettable one of mistakes
  • Elizabeth Omo- orhue picture
    Elizabeth Omo- orhue
    She is a fool. I hate her already.
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