Bleeding Petals - Episode 1

The night it happened

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Hello Guys! Who missed me? Well, I missed you all too. So I bring greetings from Kathia, Fiona and Rosa and all their hot guys lol. How are you and the entire family?  This is Bleeding petals and it is going to be a bit different from what I've been writting. Nevertheless, i do hope you enjoy.....


“I said lie down!” He shouted at me sending me a hot slap which landed me on the bed. I must have gone blind or deaf that instance because the only thing I could hear was some ringing in my ears. By the time I realized what was happening, I felt a needle jammed into my arm and I passed out.

By the time I came to, the back of my skull throbbed like a whore’s heart. I tried to check my arm and then I realized I couldn’t move. Something was restraining my arms and feet. I could barely raise my head too. Everywhere was hazy and spinning, it was like I was paralyzed but not completely. Luckily, I was able to turn my head to the entrance where Henry was bound. One of the men was talking with him, still pointing the gun at him. He was the one out of the two whose eyes were left uncovered. I struggled to hear what he was saying and why they had to be hush about it. I could hear a word but my brain refused to register so I gave up.

“Hey, she’s awake”

I heard the other announced and then both Henry and the man stared at me. Henry looked at me with so much pity and terror. He struggled against the ropes and plasters but it was useless. I shut my eyes and opened them as the first man came closer. He was big and his eyes were filled with pure hatred.

I felt him climb unto the bed beside me…A tremor of panic vibrated in my core. I couldn’t do anything, not to even lift a finger. Then I realized, whatever content they had put in my arm was having its full effect on me.

No!no! This must not happen! God please help me!

Then he slowly lifted my wedding gown and patted my legs while he knelt in between, unbuckling his belt. Everywhere was still spinning but I knew what was about to happen. I could feel the sweat , the throbbing of my own eyes, the ringing of my own silent screams. Hesitantly, my eyes went to Henry who apparently was no more struggling but whose eyes were now shut as hot tears flooded his cheeks.

I felt him inside of me and I shut my eyes as the paralyzing hurt spread inside me through my entire body. Sharp pain tore into somewhere deep down in my belly and colorful spot flashed in my brain…

The pain took me far away but deep inside myself to some primitive place where I could handle that kind of pain that preceded death.

Memories of my younger days flashed through my memory as I recalled how I had wanted my wedding night to be special...I had wanted my husband to disvirgin me and now that had been forcefully taken away from me….


Slwo start will get better...that's how we roll....comments!

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