Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 61

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Ciara's POV

When I woke up,Jordan was no longer sleeping besides me...I couldn't help but laugh at yesternight incidences..

I can't believe I kissed him. Like seriously what came over me??? I shook my head, my cheeks red with embarrassment..

I know he must be feeling weird right now nowanda he left early...
I wish I could be mad at myself for what I did but it felt right...Kissing him was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Within seven months, we will have divorced and the only thing I will have is the little silly memories to cherish...

Wait, I hope he is not mad. But if he was mad, he wouldn't have kissed me back..
I felt my lips as his image clouded my thoughts.

I was busy smiling like a fool when I heard the door knob shuffle...
I bet it's Caro or even mum.. . Surprisingly it was Jordan with a tray on his hands...

"Good morning lazy ass??? Do you know its  noon. Lunch or is it breakfast is ready, your highness.."He said sarcastically...

"I thought you left for work...."I said in a surprised tone..
"You need to take your medicines in thirty minutes so if I were you I would eat my food instead of whining..." And he was back to his old self...
"About yesterday,are you mad????" I asked only to feel stupid after his response,"Yesterday did anything happen???I can't remember..."

How could he not remember that we kissed, no I kissed him. I slept on his chest, his arms wrapped around me???Why was he doing this???

"We kiss......." I was cut off with Jane who entered the room screaming with Max, Brian and Sophie behind her...

"Hey Jordan???" Max stated only for Jordan to ignore him and shove his hands into his pants' pockets.
"Jane and Sophie make sure she finishes her food and takes her medicines

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. I will leave now but if anything happens, call me..." He bossed..

"Jordan, but we haven't finished our conversation???"
"Ciara, we have nothing to discuss..."

What had changed??? Yesterday he was this caring being..He showed me his sweetest side that I have never seen.
But what was I expecting??? He was just pitying me and that's why he did that. He saved me because he didn't want the world to blame him if anything happened to me...

Maybe he indeed stopped acting like my husband..I was tormented by confused emotions. Why did I want him so close to me??? Did he really have to go to work???I clenched my jaw to kill the sob in my throat....

"Honey, I am glad you were okay. Do you know how worried we were???" Jane sobbed on my shoulders pulling me away from my thoughts.
"I am okay..."I said sadly..

"Are you okay???" She lifted my chin up with her finger....
A knot rose in my throat preventing me to speak..
I nodded but tears sold me out...

"I was scared I would never see you guys again..." I wasn't crying because of that, I was missing Jordan.

I know it was minutes after he left but I couldn't help but feel empty...

"Sssshhhh!!!! That's over now. Your superhero husband got there in time and now he will make sure that man doesn't hurt you again... Jane wiped my tears away with her handkerchief...

"We have strict orders from your dictator of a  husband that you should finish your food so enough with the crying drama..."Max retorted as he begun feeding me...

"Baby, you have never feed me???" Jane stuttered.
"Are you the one sick??? I couldn't defend my best friend but atleast I can feed her..." He retorted and continued feeding me...

"Max, I can feed myself..." I insisted but he just smiled...
"Ciara, do you know Jordan is the one who cooked the rice and mince meat for you???"Sophie wiggled her eyebrows and I couldn't help but feel shy...

My heart was singing in delight...
"Are you seriously blushing???"Jane poked my arm and I had to put a serious face on..
"No, I am just feeling kind of dizzy..." I lied...

"Should we call Jordan???Should we take you to the hospital???" Jane with her paranoia, I wish I just admitted I was blushing.

"Calm down Jane, she was just pulling your leg..." Sophie chuckled and both Max and Jane sighed...
"You almost gave me a heart attack there!!!" Max exasperated, giving me the last spoon from my food...
"Finally the big baby has finished eating, so take your medicines, have a bath then we head out..." Max said emphasising every word...

"Where are we going???"I asked curiously...
"Girlfriend, we are the ones doing the questioning not you. So get there and take a bath.."

Jane dragged me from bed after I took my medicines to the bathroom..
"We shall be waiting outside..."

After I was done, I found them on the hallway waiting for me...
"Finally the queen of the south has arrived..."Max teased..
"Max if I wasn't feeling as weak, I would have smashed your head on the floor..."

"Another Selfie Soph...Atleast I can brag to my friends that we are bffs..." Jane beamed...
"I thought I was your best friend???"I faked a sob..

"Yes you are but Soph is my celebrity bestie..Right Soph???" She poked Sophie's arm who had no other choice but nod.....

"I am sorry Sophie, she just crazy." I said but it didn't seem like she minded,"It's okay. Actually I like her...."
"Can we go already???"Max begun whining...

"Bye Soph, hope we can have a sleep over soon..." Jane hugged her and begun dragging me from the house..

"Ciara, where do you think you going??" I heard mum's voice from behind me...
"Where do you think you are taking her???" She begun scolding Max, Jane and Sophie.
"Don't you know she is still not okay????"

We were all silent especially me who didn't know where we were going....
"Madam, Jordan requested us to take her to him when she was done with her breakfast.."Jane stammered...

"Are you sure???" Mum confirmed and we all nodded in unison like fools. She looked at each and every one of them with a serious face before turning to me with a smile...

"Take care my dear and be careful..." She said as she took my hands in hers and all I could is nod..

When we got out of the house both Max and Jane sighed in relief...
"If that woman wasn't a classy housewife, she would have been an FBI. I almost confessed our little secret..." Max shook his head, his hand on his chest...

"We aren't going to Jordan,are we???" I raised my eyebrows in suspicion..
"Nope..." They replied with the pop sound,"Now get in the car, it's getting late..." Max added as he opened  the left back passenger door for me..

"Nice car..." I commented as I slid in..
No matter how many times I persisted they tell me where we were going, nobody spoke. I wonder how much they were paid for their silence...

We drove around town and suddenly stopped over at Panoma restaurant...
I didn't understand what we were doing in a restaurant. Did Jordan want to surprise me???

I shook my head and laughed at the thought of that...
"This is not the time to daydream girl, get out of the car...." Max snapped his fingers on my face...

"Thank you guys for wanting to give me a treat but I am full...Can we go to another place????"I rested head on the seat and folded my arms....

"Why are you being stubborn Ciara???Just get out of the car. We are grabbing some take outs and then we will go to our place. You have eaten we haven't..." Jane replied in almost a loud voice..

"Fine!!!!"I lifted my hands up in surrender and faked a sad face,"You win suckers..." I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car...

They both also got out of the car and joined me...
"Ciara, are you jealous???" Max furrowed his eyebrows.
"What do you have that can make me jealous???" I rolled my eyes...

"My car, I just got it yesterday. You haven't complimented me. I was hoping to hear something like congratulations Max finally you own something...."

"First I said nice car the moment I got in. Secondly why should I jealous when I own a Mercedes???" I pushed him aside and begun walking towards the restaurant..

"Such a bragger..." He shouted behind me...
"Obvious, I am married to the most successful billionaire in the country..."

"Enough you two. It's time for serious business..." Jane bossed as she held my hand,"You can do this Ciara, if anything goes wrong we are only one phonecall away..."

I was now getting worried, what did she mean??? I was about to ask her when suddenly I felt someone hug my legs so tight.

When I looked down it was Britney my little sister...
"Hey Ciara, we missed you..." She cried out as I lifted her up and hugged her so tight..

"Look there is papa, mama and Alice..." She pointed at them, they were seated at the corner of the room talking...I stood frozen with wide eyes after seeing them.

For a moment I wanted to turn around and run from there. I wasn't ready to face Papa or listen to his insults. I didn't have the energy to hear brutal honesty...

"You got this..." Jane kissed me on the cheek and both her and Max left...

I wasn't sure if I should go ahead to their table or just stand there...

"Excuse me madam, you are blocking the way. Kindly sit or leave!!!" The waiter requested and I nodded dragging my legs forward towards the table.

Alice on seeing me, she pointed at me and the next thing I was wrapped in my mother's arms...
"My girl, are you okay???"She asked after she pulled back.
"Yes mama, just few wounds here and there but am fine..." I wiped my tears at the corner of my eyes...
"After we heard the news on the radio, we immediately came to Nairobi..I was so worried my daughter..." She hugged me once more, both of us crying on each other's shoulders...

"Come, your dad will be happy to see you..." She took my hand and walked me to the table...

"Hey dad???" I tried to reach for his hand but he drew it away... I pulled the chair next to Alice and sat  with Brittney on my laps..

"Brit, let Ciara be. Can't you see, she is not okay???" Alice scolded but Britney just shrugged...
"It's okay Alice, I can hold her..."

For once in a long time, Alice was friendly with me..
"Are you in any pain??? Were the wounds well nursed???" She asked pretending not to care and I could feel tears burning in my eyes.. She really cared for me even if she was pretending not to..

"Jordan made sure that I was well taken care of.." I smiled and turned to my father who was busy digging into his food.
"Dad, have you harvested yet???"I asked and he remained silent not even looking at me..

"My girl we already harvested. Do you care for something???"My mum intervened to ease the tensed atmosphere.
"No mama, I am okay.."

Till when was he going to be mad at me??? Didn't he miss his daughter like I missed him??? Even if he doesn't want to talk to me, he can atleast smile.
If only he knew the pain his silence was causing me...

"Dad, I am really sorry. Till when are you going to be mad at you???"
He still ignored me.
"Papa, Ciara is talking to you. Why are you not talking to her???"Brittney sipped her juice..

I guess he felt embarrassed and had no choice but to look at me...
"You should be careful, Nairobi is a dangerous town. Your mother was so worried.." He answered...

He butted in, "Alice, I will go to see my old friend Mr Kamata now. Pick me up when you done with your shift. Mama Alice see you later.." He took his hat that was lying on the table and left..

Tears trickled down my cheeks and gave me away, "It's okay my girl..Your dad will come around..." My mother tried to console me..

"I will also go mama," Alice retorted, "Ciara I will be in the office. If you want a check up or I countercheck your medicines. Take care..." She spoke calmly, grabbed her purse and left...

It's not what I expected in a family reunion. I thought it would be full of chaos but atleast dad spoke to me and my sister was friendly. That was a great step. The rest of the afternoon, I took my mom and Brittney for shopping and also bought some things for Dad and Alice.  We took Brittney to the park for a while before they took a cab back to Alice's place..

That was the best day of my life.

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. There was light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know why but I felt the urge to tell Jordan the good news.
Without hesitation, I took a cab and went to his company.

Luckily his PA was not at her desk so I stormed inside excitedly.
"Jordan, guess what????"
"Can't you knock???" He asked and got back to his laptop infront of him...

Stupid me, why did I come here??? He has gone back to his old self...

Jordan's POV
I know Ciara would be happy when she learns about the surprise her friends had in store for her..Her family was in town only to see her even her grumpy father..

I wanted to drive her there incase anything went wrong but her sister convinced me they got this. Who would have thought she would be among the people planning the surprise???Indeed blood is thicker than water..
I couldn't wait to hear how it went...

Everything went smooth in the police station, I gave my statement, the five girls Isikote had molested also gave their statement and that fool was to be deported tonight. The commissioner had insisted on my wife giving her statement but I wouldn't want her to re-live the ugly moments again..

I was really behind schedule when I got to work.
Since I sat my butt on that seat at 4pm, I haven't moved a muscle..

It was now 7pm and I was still in the office..

"Jordan, guess what???" Ciara stormed in looking so happy. From the glow on her face, I could say the family reunion was a success.

I was almost asking for the juicy details when I remembered the time to act like a caring husband had ran up..

"Can't you knock???" I asked rudely and pretended to be focused on my laptop.

"I am sorry, I was just excited to share some good news with you.. " She said calmly.

"Aren't you supposed to be resting??? How irresponsible can your friends be???I trusted them with you..." I begun yelling at her..

"I guess this was a mistake to come here. I will go home. I am sorry I forgot you were just taking care of me yesterday because of pity..." She stuttered.

Did she say pity??? Can't she see the love I have for her in my eyes???
But how can she when her heart belongs to Jaxon???

"I will tell the driver to drop you..." She turned around ready to get out of my office when she fell on the floor.

My heart suddenly stopped for a second.
"Ciara????" I ran to her and carried her in a bridal style..

"Tell the doctor to meet us in the house!!!" I ordered the PA and carried her to the parking lot where the driver was ready with the car.

I knew her meeting her family today was a bad idea. She was still weak..

When we got home, the doctor checked on her and luckily it was nothing serious. She just weak  and that's why she fainted...

My mum and granny scolded me for be irresponsible but they couldn't understand what her family meant to her.

I was lying by her side, watching her sleep until I heard her phone ring...I know she was mad at me because she even refused to eat from my hand when I tried feeding her earlier..

When I heard her sit up, I pretended to be asleep. She waved her hand over my face to see if I was asleep before picking up the phone..

"Jaxon, what do you mean???You want to see me now???" She whispered almost in a loud voice..
"Okay I am coming"

She tiptoed from the bed and got into the closet after some minutes I heard her silently shutting the door..

Even right now when she is sick, she will still choose him over her health..

A/N Long chapter alert!!!!

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    Jordan pls don't break my heart&stop dis childish act already.u both are made for each other.thumbs up episode plsss
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    wow this is beautiful fideh
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    Johnny Tall
    why does jaxon has to always complicated things when ita beautifully going he pops up
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    Jaxon should focus on Arian and his unborn child instead of distracting Ciara from what she feels for Jordan
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    Jordan man up and tell her how you truly feel
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    Jordan is a coward, he should act like a man for once
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    This Jaxon shud let go na... and Jordan should quit acting like a kid
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    @Confy tell him oooo
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    Just when I thought everything is falling into place.....
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    @Pamela it's gets better
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    This babe is playing a dangerous game with herself; how can she share her love with two brothers, it seems to be a crazy thing to do
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