Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 67

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Jordan's POV
When I woke up, Ciara was peacefully lying on my chest and my arms were wrapped around her..

I gently stroked her cheek as I watched her sleep peacefully...She really looked so innocent wait until she starts talking you can run away...

I looked at the watch and it was fifteen minutes to  7 am. I felt lazy to get out of bed .I just wanted her in my arms forever but it was impossible..

Wait a minute, if I don't wake her up and interfere with her alarm clock that fool will be mad and fire her..

I slowly slid my chest from her head and placed a pillow under it...I pulled my hand from her body and tiptoed to her table lamp..

All my attention was on the alarm clock when I felt a tap on my shoulder...
"Not now, I am busy interfering with Ciara's alarm clock..."I chuckled...

"It's Ciara you fool..." She hit me on the back with a pillow...
I threw the alarm clock behind me and turned around like nothing had happened...

"What???" I asked arrogantly, avoiding her eyes..
How did she get up??? She was fast asleep..
"Why are you not looking at me???" She hit me again with the pillow on my arm..

" I am not hulk you know . It hurts.." I took another pillow from the bed and begun hitting her softly..
"What were you doing with my alarm clock???" She begun running after me and accidentally I stepped on the alarm clock and fell..

I felt like my butt was on fire...
"Jordan are you okay???" She asked but I couldn't even respond.

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. I was busy rubbing my butt..

"Help me up,"I groaned in pain..When she outstretched her hand, I pulled it and she fell on me...
"What are you doing???" She asked trying lift herself up but I caged her with my strong arms..

"I want you lying on top of me like that..." I said in a care free tone...I didn't care if she would be mad at me, all I wanted was her so close to me.

After struggling to free herself without success, she gave up and rested her head on my chest..
"This feels so comfortable..." She commented..

I  got lost in my overwhelming emotions and loosened my grip...
I froze, my eyes wide open when I felt her hand inside my sweatpants..

"What are you doing???" I stammered, praying so hard that little Jordan wouldn't misbehave...
"I also want to have my own fun..." She begun c*ressing my thighs and I almost lost it..

All the nerves in my body suddenly flew at one spot making little Jordan very hard...I gripped tightly on the carpet trying to even my breaths..

The other hand begun c*ressing my upper body and I couldn't handle it anymore...It was either I run out of there or make love to her...In this scenario I would go with the latter..

I pulled her hands from where they were and immediately ran into the bathroom...My whole body was numb and still felt tingly from her c*resses....

I felt like down there I was on fire and  needed a bucket full of ice to feel better...After having an icy cold shower, I shivered out of the bathroom and found Ciara seated on the bed like a boss eating an apple..

There was a tray with some toasts, scrambled eggs and coffee on her table lamp..
"Get dressed and have your breakfast. Next time you try to hold me like that, I will make it worse.." She stood up and walked towards me and the first thing was to place my hand on the little Jordan..

"Do you get it???" She asked boldly and all I need was nod. Don't I just love this woman...

Ciara's POV
I was a little late but Alpha was patient to wait for me..I found it hard to concentrate as Jordan shocked face kept hijacking my thoughts...

I just wanted to give him a piece of his own medicine..If only he knew how my lips wanted feel his skin, from the neck to his thighs..His skin felt perfect under my touch..

I wish I had stayed home with him, on our bed wrapped in his arms forever but it was impossible..I don't know what kind of feeling is this...It felt like it has always been Jordan all along..

But it can't be, maybe I am just desperate and lonely...I have never gone through his Instagram but today I did...

The dude has never uploaded any photo and if he had maybe he deleted them.The photos in his Instagram page were the only ones that he has been tagged..He had 120 million followers and most of them were ladies...

I scrolled through his followers only to spot Emma who looked all sexy and desperate. By mere sight of her, I could feel my blood boil...

Why don't Jordan just block her??? She is a desperate fool, she is not even that pretty...

"Hey, I see you going on so well???" I heard Alpha talk behind me...
"Why are you stalking your husband??? You literally live in the same house..."

I turned my head to face him, "I will go and make myself some coffee..." I stood up and begun walking towards the door...

"The security guard told me he saw you leave the car you were in and got into a cab. Problems at home???" I  halted, my hand on the door knob... Alpha had begun crossing the limits and I didn't like it..

I ignored him and went to the kitchen...I should text Jordan and ask him if he has eaten???
What if he gets angry or ignores me??? I will just pretend it's a wrong text...

>>Hey there are you hungry???
Immediately I typed, it felt wrong...It was a bad idea...I mistakenly sent it and there was nothing I would do but feel stupid...

Fifteen minutes passed and there was no sign of him replying back. I knew it was a bad idea..
I took my phone ready to text him in rage that the message wasn't his when I heard the door bell ring...

"Alpha, you have a visitor???" I yelled and he came running and went directly to the door..
"Jordan, what are you doing here????" I heard him ask..

Jordan, what was Jordan doing here??? It's probably another Jordan not my Jordan...I shrugged and went back to typing...

Suddenly I felt my phone snatched from my hand, "Shall we have lunch???"

I couldn't believe my eyes, It was my Jordan standing infront of me...He didn't ignore me...

"Jordan???"I ran to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and with no hesitation he lifted me off the floor...

My mind was ordering me to pull back but I wanted to rest my head on his shoulder for a little longer...When I realised how awkward it had become, I pulled back...

"Put me down!!!!"I ordered with a straight face and he did that and looked away embarrassingly..

"Alpha I hope you don't mind..." I gave him and he nodded...

I was excited that Jordan and I were going out for lunch. Was it a date????

"Let's go..." I intertwined our hands and when I realised what I had done I drew back..

"I am sorry..." I whispered and he nodded without taking a look at me.
Ciara control yourself...

Jordan's POV
How does it feel like making love to Ciara??? Is she shy in bed or an animal???

Jordan what are you thinking about??? I slapped the forehead and shook my head laughing...
It's not a bad idea thou...

The thoughts of her and Jaxon making love begun tormenting my mind but I chose to lock them in the depths of my mind. I won't let anything come between Ciara and I..

I was in a meeting with the project manager when my phone pinged with a message...
I was surprised, I rarely text or chat through messages I prefer calls and everyone knows that..

In rage, I unlocked the pattern but the moment I saw the message was from my love my heart fluttered uncontrollable in my chest...

"The meeting is postponed till tomorrow..." I ordered and twirled around on my leather seat.
"But sir???"
"Do you want to get fired????" He shook his head and collected his filed from my table..
"Tell my PA to cancel all my appointments..."

I was behaving like a teenager in love..For months I have tried getting close to her but now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel...

But why now when it's only seven months we go our separate ways??? Till then I will make memories with her so as when she is gone I will feel she is so close to me..

I headed to the parking lot and ordered the driver to go back home...On my way to Alpha's place, I was so tensed...What if that message wasn't meant to be sent to me??? She said hey there not hey Jordan...

What if she embarrassed me?? I parked the car of the side of the road to calm my nerves..Should I go back to the office??? What if she has begun falling for me and here I am acting like a coward...

You can do this Jordan....

I took her to a fancy restaurant where we had an awkward lunch...It seemed like we both wanted to say something but we were still hesitant to start a conversation...

After the lunch, I wanted to take her home since it seemed she was uncomfortable near me but she refused...

"Jordan, can you drive us somewhere??? I feel like letting myself go..." She requested and I nodded..
"But where are we going???" I asked the moment I slid into the car...
"Malvines  park...."

What are we going to do in a park???? Are we five???
"Ciara, park is for kids and lazy people who think it's their right to spend time in a park..."

"Stop being a party pooper..." She chuckled, buckling her seatbelt...
"But...." She interrupted me with a kiss which was a clear sign I should shut up and drive...

"Does that count???" She smiled mischievously...
"I want another one and maybe I could reconsider..."I winked at her only to get a punch on the arm....
"Ouch!!!!Ciara, I said a kiss..." I groaned and she just laughed irritatingly..
This girl must be suffering from borderline disorder...

"Drive naughty boy...." She said and faced the window...

"Rnb or Rock??? Which genre do you prefer???" I asked and she looked at me surprisingly...
"Did you hit your head???" She placed her hand on my forehead, "You don't have a fever. What happening that Jordan wants his car to sound like a club???...." She faked a sob...

"Ciara don't ruin this..." I ordered but she went ahead...
"Do you have amnesia??? You once upon a time said your car isn't a club. What changed??? It's still the same car to me..."

I parked the car at the middle of the road and grabbed by the hair for a fiery passionate kiss..
I didn't mind the honking from other cars...

"So what genre do you listen to????" I asked the moment I pulled the breathless me away..
"Rnb please..." She stammered and rested her head on the seat...

And that's how you shut your wife up...

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