Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 64

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Ciara's POV
Love is the blood in our veins, it needs to flow..I will bleed once in a while but my heart is so strong...

"Ciara????" I heard Jane shouting behind me..
"What happened in there???Why are you crying???"She asked the moment, she caught up with me...

"I need to go Jane, I promise I will be fine..."
Just as we were talking, I saw Jaxon running to his car like his life depended on it

Was everything okay??? When he drove past us even without saying goodbye, I knew something was wrong somewhere.

"I need to go.bye boo bear..." I hugged Jane the moment my uber ride arrived.
"Take care..."
"I will..." I smiled and got into the car...

When I got to Kendi Joy's apartment, it was like her and her girls were having a party....
"I am sorry Kendi, I guess I should have called..." I turned to walk away when she held my hand,"I am glad you are here Ciara.."

"Come in, I know everyone will be happy to see you..." She smiled and walked me inside...

"Excuse me ladies, see who came to join us???" She said excitedly and when the ladies turned and saw me, they sang my name in delight...

"Love, were you crying???"Anita cupped my face before hugging me,"Does that feel better???"
"Please make it a little tighter..." She squeezed me in his arms a little more before pulling back..

"Are you ready to be part of the fearless and flawless???" Vicky asked, her and Lilian placing their hands on my shoulders..
" I thought you would never ask..." I litled...

"Welcome to the club kiddo..."Kendi Joy hugged me and walked me to the table..

"So will you have wine, champagne or juice???"Anita smiled...

"Please I would do tequila shots right now...."
"Darling it seems what you need right now is pep talk. What is said in fearless and flawless stays in fearless and flawless..." Kendi Joy squeezed my hand...

Even though I didn't know them that well, deep within I felt I could trust them

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. With them around me, I felt at home...Atleast something good came out of being a fashion designer, I got to join fearless and flawless...

"Can I get a shot of tequila first???" I pleaded and they all shared glances before nodding...

After taking five shots of tequila, I was ready to open my heart out. I went ahead and told them the dramatic story of my life...

Most of the time during my narration they looked sad and pitiful making me teary...

"Darling, here. Let it all out..." Anita passed me some tissues...

"You know I thought the love triangle bullshit was just a propaganda...Poor you, you actually went through all that..." Kendi shook her head in despair..

"But you are lucky Ciara, do you know how many girls would want to be married to any of the Marcias' brothers????" Vicky poked my arm...

" Vicky, not now....Ciara my advice though is fight for your marriage. Do you know what being married to Jordan can do to your brand???"Anita tried talking sense into me...

"Anita is right...Jaxon is a fool, I can't believe I love his music. He gets a girl pregnant and still rants that he loves you???He is not worth it, just focus on you. And if after seven months you still wanna leave then we will be here for you..." Kendi assured as she placed her arm around my shoulder....

We drank, talk about everything and anything, Kendi Joy took me through the club rules and boom it felt like I had known the girls all my life...

"Ciara, actually we were to come at your place and talk business with you. As the fearless and flawless club we want to start a fashion house and we would want you to be our fashion designer????"Anita stated and crosses her fingers waiting for my response...

"Okay, I am listening..." I stammered, feeling unsure about everything...

"We will all contribute five million as investment and then you can talk with your husband to help us with the artitectural stuffs..Kendi will actually be incharge, you will be the head fashion designer, Vicky and Lilian will deal with marketing and I will humbly be your blogger and model..."Anita explained further and it seemed like a good idea.

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. But the question is, where will I get the five million???

In my bank account, I only have five hundred thousand...
"Girls, I don't have the five million. How will we go about that????" I stammered and they all just smiled..
"We will just loan you the five million and then you can pay us in installments Any other question???" Kendi beamed....

"So when do we start????" I asked blissfully...
"It will be up and running within eight months. Right now let's focus on the having a building first..." Anita passed me a bowl of crisps...

"I know this is not the right time to tell you this after the Isikote drama but Alpha Somi wants you to work for him. He keeps on pestering me to talk to you.." Kendi Joy stated...

"Alpha Somi the singer???The musician who has dated like every model in the fashion industry..." My eyes cringed in amusement..

"Yes love that one, if that's what we are going with..." Anita chuckled..
"So when can I meet him or start working for him????"

"Tomorrow, let me tell him to come over. He would be so pleased to hear the good news..."
Kendi Joy called him over and within thirty minutes he was there...

"Hey ladies???" He spoke softly the moment he walked in," Where is my pretty designer???" He walked to where I was and went on one knee,"Finally I meet the famous Ciara Kimani or is it Marcias????" He kissed my hand, sending me a naughty glint...

I don't know why I didn't feel weird, I just smiled and drew my hand away..
"You are very talented lady..." He complimented before standing up..

"Anita my fashion blogger!!!"He said excitedly hugging her,"Vicky and Lilian, the fashion genius.." He hugged them too and walked to where Kendi was and took her hands in his,"Thank you for finding me Ciara..."

"I always got you..." And they hugged..

Alpha Somi was like 6'2 inches tall, He had handsomely features but ladies loved his golden voice more. The moment he stood anywhere to speak, his amazing voice allures you to listen to him. I can't believe I am going to work for him..

"So Ciara, I am doing my album launch in three months time and I would really love if you would be my designer???" He sweetly insisted, sitting beside me on the carpet...
"Alpha, Ciara is at your service..." I outstretched my hand for a handshake but he ended up hugging me,"Thank you Ciara, you don't know for how long I have been waiting to work with you.."

"Thank your lucky stars then...This girl is ready to work for you..." I poured him some tequila and rose my glass for a cheers...

"To new beginnings...." I smiled...
"To new beginnings..." He smiled to me seductively...
Atleast I have found a reason not to spend time at the mansion..

Alpha and I spoke for a while knowing more about each other as we had more drinks...
I was so lost into the little party that I didn't realise it was 8pm...

Damn I need to get home or granny will start lecturing me about being a good wife...

"This was fun but I have to go before granny skins me alive..." I retorted and tried standing up only to fall on the sofa...

"Ciara, you can spend the night..."Kendi suggested...

"And have Jordan look for me around with the CIA...Not me!!!!"I joked and the whole room was filled with laughter.

"Strict husband, I see...." Alpha teased me...
"He is just possessive..."

"Why don't I drive you home????"He requested as he stood me up from the sofa but I almost fell on him,"Be careful pretty face...."

"I think Alpha should take you home, I don't trust you in an uber right now..." Kendi stated and they all agreed with her...

"Okay, you win..." I lifted my hands up in surrender,"Boss can we go now???"
"Okay..." He smiled ,grabbed my purse and clumsily walked me out of the apartment.

"Bye ladies, see you tomorrow..." I shouted...

In the car, there was an awkward silence between us..I didn't know what to discuss with him...
"How does it feel like dating a Marcias???"He asked....
"I wanna throw up like so bad..." I hiccuped...

"Hold it all in for a moment...." He parked the car on the side of the road and helped me out of the car. He walked me at a nearby bush and held my hair as I threw up,"It seems you drunk alot...."

"I feel horrible...." I ran my hands all over my face. I don't how I was to survive the waves of nausea....

When I was done throwing up, he carried me bridal style to the car...
"Let's get you home, before your husband summons the CIA..." Alpha joked as he adjusted the passenger seat so I could sleep...

"Wake up princess, we have arrived at your castle..."Alpha shook me gently...
I raised my eyelids halfway only for them to fall shut ..
I wish I didn't  drink so much, I feel like a mess right now...

I struggled and staggered out of the car as Alpha held the door for me.
"You can do it princess, c'mon stand up..."

I tried to stand upright but ended up falling on his chest...
It felt like a fluffy pillow where I wanted to lie my head...

I rested my head on his chest only for him to pull me back,"Your husband is at the terrace looking at us..."

On hearing that, I turned around and saw Jordan on the terrace. I don't know what came over me and I began waving at him.
"Hey Jordan...."

"You are going to cause a scene..."Alpha covered my mouth with his hand and begun walking me to the mansion..

The only thing I remember is someone pulled me into the mansion and the next thing I was in Ariana's room...

A/N For those saying I wrap up the book already, I can't just make Ciara and Jordan be together over night, it's a process. But the book will be done within two weeks so be patient.

i dedicate this chapter to you @Tumininu...Love you all my dears..

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