Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 59

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Jordan's POV
There was faint traces of tears in her eyes but luckily she seemed better...

I slowly got out of bed and placed a pillow on her head. I then one by one freed my fingers from her grip....

I tiptoed from the room only to bump into my mother outside my room.

"Mum, what are you doing here???" I murmured.

"I came to check up on Ciara and ask what she will have..."

"She is sleeping peacefully. Lets go downstairs, I want to make her some chicken rice soup..." I explained to her and she nodded before we both went downstairs...

Everyone was in the dining table waiting for my wife and I.

"Where is Ciara???? We have been for ages for you guys..." Mason stated.

"I am sorry to disappoint but my wife is resting and if you don't mind, I want to go and make some chicken soup for her..."

"Did you say make soup for her???" Sophie confirmed.
"Yes, is there a problem???" I asked and she just shook her head...

After I was done preparing the chicken rice soup, Mason just walked it when I was about to serve it in a bowl...

"This smells delicious..." He wafted . He took the spoon wanting to scope some but I slapped his hand...

"This belongs to my wife..."

"She is very lucky to have you and you her....."

"C'mon Mason, you of all people should know that she loves Jaxon like her life depends on it..." I chuckled to hide the sadness that was threatening to show on my face...

"Ariana is now in the picture and I have seen how she looks at Jaxon

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. Today in that room Ciara held your hand not Jaxon's so brother I know they were lovers and you ruined that but life moves on..." He placed the bowl of soup on a tray and handed it to me, "She also loves you but hasn't realised it yet..."

"I think you fell and hit your head..." I pushed him aside and walked away.

When I got to our room and opened the door, I heard soft sobs...I switched on the lights only to see Ciara in the middle of the bed, with her knees pulled up to her chest...

She was sobbing profusely. I placed the tray on the table lamp and ran to her...

"I am sorry I left my love. I went to make you some soup.."

"You promised you won't leave me...." She said in almost a whisper not looking at me..

"I am sorry," I used my finger to lift up her cheek, "I will never leave you again. I will die by your side..." I pulled my ears and I could something like a smile at the corner of her lips....

I wiped the tears from her eyes, I hated seeing them...
"Am I forgiven???"

"Jordan, do you think he will come back???? Do you....." I placed my finger on her lips and looked deep inside her eyes, "He won't come back and if he does I will be here to teach him a lesson..."

"Thank you Jordan, I really didn't deserve your help..."She sobbed....

Why would she say that???Doesn't she know that I would lay my life for her. She was my everything and the thought of anything happening to her drives me crazy...

I placed my hands on hers and smiled,"No woman should be molested especially anyone related to Jordan Marcias' so smile for me and have some soup..."

I placed some pillows behind her back and helped her sit upright...

I reached for the bowl of soup and sat close to her...

I blew over the soup and gave her the first scope...
There was a comfortable silence between us as I diligently feed her...

Suddenly when I was about to give her another scope, she held my hand..

"I know you haven't eaten anything. So here??" She takes the spoon from me and feeds me...
"You should also have a taste of your delicious soup Jordan..."
"You are not the one sick. I know you would say that. But you have taken care of me and now it's my turn....." She gives me another scope...

My heart was seriously pounding like madness...
I have never been so happy, these were the little moments I was going to cherish when she is gone...

After we were done eating, I took hold of her hand...
"Come, I need to take you somewhere...."

"Where are you taking me???" She asked, putting on her flip-flops...
"It's a surprise Miss Ciara...." I wiggled my eyebrows and walked her out of the room to the third floor...

"This place seemed isolated, does anyone even come here???" She asked as I walked her to the last room on the left...
"Its because the one who used to make this place lively, left..." I plainly told her...

I turned the knob, opened the door and switched on the lights....

"Oh my God!!! This place is so beautiful..Where is this place????" She asked excitedly, feeling the drawings on the wall..

"It's my art room. When Beatrice left and dad died, I needed something that would put my sanity in check. So I always came here to paint my sorrows away and tonight I want you to paint your sorrows away..." I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder, "There is everything you need:A white wall, acrylics and a brush. All you have to do is paint or draw..."

She lifted her hand to feel the drawing that was infront of her, "This is so beautiful, did you do this???"

I placed my hand on hers and moved her hand around the drawing so that she could feel it," Red represents blood and pain, black the darkness and white the part of me that still hoped...But that changed after I me....." On realising what I was about to say, I pulled away...

I couldn't mess things up after she gets better, I will keep a distance...I wont suffocate her anymore...

"Here are the brushes and acrylics...I will finish that drawing, it's been months since I have been here. Actually since I forced you to marry me..."

"Don't beat yourself up, only seven months remaining then you can free yourself from this guilt...." She took the brushes and acrylics from me and begun doing her work...

Once in a while, I would stare at her and smile. She was the best gift one could ever ask for...

Painting was more of a therapy and art.
During her emotional difficulties, I wanted to to paint her pain away.

Atleast she had me but I had no one. I felt like no one understood me..

When I was done with my painting, I walked to her to look at what she had painted..
It was red circles inside a big black circle...

"Can I ask what is this???" I asked behind her...

"Red represents pain and black the darkness around my life right now. I wonder what would have happened to me if you didn't come in time.."She begun sobbing again..

"Hey,"I twirled her around,dropped the brush from her hand and cupped her face.

"Nothing happened to you and I would never allow something like that to happen to you again..."

"What if he raped me, killed me or even tortured me???I was very scared Jordan, I thought I wouldn't get out of that place alive..."Tears were blinding her eyes, choking her voice..

I pulled her closer to me and wrapped my arms around her..

Read " Binded by friendship " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. I gave her that hug of strong arms that told her she was my body, brain and soul...

"I wouldn't let anything happen to you because it's just wrong...." I rubbed her back soothingly.
I wanted to tell her she meant the world to me but stopped myself....

"But why did you come for me???" She pulled back and wiped the tears from her eyes, "Why help me when I have hurt you??? Always rubbed in your face that I don't love you???"

"Because even if it was Sophie,Chloe or Pashmina in the same situation I would have done the same.. "

Why would she ask me that??? It was a privilege to have my heart broken by her..

"I know that I shouldn't say this but I need you right now. I want you to be there because I can't do it alone...Every time I close my eyes I see him and I am scared..."

Her tears wouldn't stop falling down her cheeks no matter what I did...

"I will be here for you always because that what should be done...So why don't we paint something else??? This is so scary!!!"

"Okay, what do you suggest???" She asked curiously..
"Let's allow our emotions to lead us..." I took the brush gave it to her and placed my hand on hers. I stood so close behind her that I could feel her ass on my little Minnie..

As we were painting, she paused and looked into my eyes for a moment, "Thank you. It feels amazing doing this with you.." I moved closer and closer, our lips brushing...

I tried to fight the urge to kiss her but it was overpowering me. Just then when I wanted to kiss her, a soft gast escaped her lips..

"Wow!!! This rose looks amazing...And the sun I can feel it shining on my face..." She joked to ease the tensed atmosphere...

"That rose is you and the sun represents new beginnings. The Ciara I know wouldn't let anything bring her down..." I kissed her on the cheek and pulled back...

I was busy looking at my hands, admiring the paint on them when I suddenly felt her lips on mine...

It was like she was giving me a punishing kiss, she covered my mouth with hers in a fierce kiss..

My brain suddenly froze and I felt like the world around me melted away...

I held her on the waist and pushed her more closer to me that there was no even an inch between us.
She snaked her arms around my neck as we shared a fiery passionate kiss...

I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked to the wall and pinned her there when we were rudely interrupted...

"Jordan??? Ciara????" Jaxon slammed the door open and found us in that position ...

I felt slightly embarrassed while Ciara hid herself on my shoulder..

"Jaxon, is there a problem???" I asked and he shook his head in disapproval before slamming the door shut...He looked irritated...

"Jordan put me down!!!" She said almost in a loud voice and I just nodded.

When I placed her down, she kissed me once more and retreated....

Realising what she had done, she moved a step backward.
"I am so sorry, I didn't mean this to happen..." She ran out of the room and left the door wide open.

All I could do is smile like a fool. I can't believe she kissed me first. I don't care if it was a mistake, unintentional all I know is I loved it.

Maybe Mason was right she is in love with me..
I shook my thoughts off, she doesn't love me I bet she is just grateful...


Thank you for the 200k reads guys, it means alot. Love, hugs and kisses....

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  • oluwasefunmi picture
    well-done, it is getting interesting the more why this jaxon used to interrupt good mood
  • oluwasefunmi picture
    well-done, it is getting interesting the more why this jaxon used to interrupt good mood
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Thank God its finally working for them, nice one dearie
  • Esther Lamsing picture
    Esther Lamsing
    Am loving this the more..... Well done fideh
  • Abomah Ikpi picture
    Abomah Ikpi
    Am happy she's beginning to fall in love?
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    Adebanjo Abiodun
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  • Hadiza picture
    Jason live her alone na and mind your business
  • Stephanie picture
    Hmmmm...... Fideh weldone. Please one more episode. Thanks
  • ugochimtunyerem chukwu picture
    ugochimtunyerem chukwu
    Jaxon should just leave husband and wife alone what's his own though I think he was just worried since he couldn't fund them in their room. Thanks Fideh.
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    I can see everything turning around for Jason's sake
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Finally love is beginning to find its way in their lives but won't Jaxon moved on, Ciara u are a strong lady pls admit d love u av for Jordan and show it. Fideh bravo
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    Fideh you
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    Fideh you dsv sum accolades, best story Eva, jordan and ciara best couple eva
  • Angel picture
    Wow I so much love this development
  • Mimi Hazan picture
    Mimi Hazan
    am in love ooo and jaxon please move on Fideh you are blessed...much love I gat for you
  • Olarinre Mobolaji picture
    Olarinre Mobolaji
    Fidel Biko end this story b4 you give someone heart attack ??GOD Bless your hands dear
  • Olarinre Mobolaji picture
    Olarinre Mobolaji
    Fidel Biko end this story b4 you give someone heart attack ??GOD Bless your hands dear
  • Joy Edache picture
    Joy Edache
    This Jaxon of a guy is so annoying just accept fate and move on...let husband and wife be...if u loved her that much u would have stood by her and stop the marriage?
  • Abby Favor picture
    Abby Favor
    Veeerrrryyyy interesting...... I'm I the only who has read it over and over waiting for the next episode?
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    Tumininu Odunlami
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    Fideh Mwangi
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Abomah @Esther @Favour I love you ladies so much. Thank you
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Adebanjo @Ucho @Hadiza thank you dears for reading
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Chukwu @Ngozi @Adeoti You are all welcome dears
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Stephanie more episodes today
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Angel @Mimi @Olarinre @Joy I am glad you love it. More episodes tonight
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    Fideh Mwangi
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  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
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    Abby Favor
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    Johnny Tall
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  • Obioma Esther picture
    Obioma Esther
    ??? all this for you I love you, keep it up
  • Obioma Esther picture
    Obioma Esther
    ??? all this for you I love you, keep it up
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Confy I am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the support. More episodes tonight
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Obioma I love you too dear....
  • Phavo Asinobi picture
    Phavo Asinobi
    Fideh hope you're better now, thanks for the great work, I must confess I'm in love with your storyline, high time some companies sign a contract with you
  • Stephanie picture
    I can't count the number of times I have read this story all over again. Please keep your promise of more episodes tonight. Thanks girl more ink on your pen.
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Phavo I am emotional....Thank you for the sweet words
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
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    Cecilia wangeci
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  • Rufai onyinioza simbiyat picture
    Rufai onyinioza simbiyat
    I love you so much fideh God bless you As am reading this episode am just smiling all to myself thank baby
  • Amma picture
    the next kiss should be your move dear Jordan...stop all this she doesn't love me bullshit abeg
  • Fatu M picture
    Fatu M
    My day couldn't have been better without this. Thanks huni
  • Nanyonjo Jane picture
    Nanyonjo Jane
    Atlast thanks so much dear for the work.
  • Harun Rashida picture
    Harun Rashida
    I can feel there is love I'm the air. ??? bravo fideh
  • francisca uche picture
    francisca uche
    Awww! this episode is soooo romantic. I knew they will definitely end up been happy. This is one of the best stories ever. Guess we are almost at the end of this story. Love u plenty Fideh.
  • Juliet Ebiringa picture
    Juliet Ebiringa
    Jaxon should leave them so that they can build there relationship
  • Juliet Ebiringa picture
    Juliet Ebiringa
    Am still waiting
  • Abby Favor picture
    Abby Favor
    Fideh I'm waiting oo
  • Tumininu Odunlami picture
    Tumininu Odunlami
    Pls Fideh update. I v read this episode 59 like 6times today, not to talk of last 9t or 2 days ago. Pls Fideh we r all waiting
  • Cecilia wangeci picture
    Cecilia wangeci
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    Pamela cube
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    Gabriel blessing
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    Michael winful
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