With you in my life - Episode 2

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" Sophia Where have you been"driana asked

I went to work,you know I have to make enough money so I can bring Matt to join me here, Sophia explained

"Yeah,I forgot"driana replied

What's this on your back, Clara asked

What? Sophia asked

Seems those three b*tches are at it again,driana answered

 "What did they write this time"Sophia asked

 Nevermind not important,Clara answered 

 Give me that, Sophia said dragging the paper from her,well their English is correct but their spelling sucks apostrophe r'e,sophia explained

 "Wow,you so intelligent"Clara replied helping her with her hair

  You can say that again, Sophia replied

"We have to go, we've got class to attend"driana said dragging Clara

  Clara!your brush,sophia shouted

 You need that more than I do take it,Clara replied pecking her

 And go take a shower you stink,driana shouted

I stink? Sophia asked no one in particular sniffing herself




  Yeah aunty,I will be fine mum's best friend is a good woman and she said she is going to accomodate me, Sophia explained

  I just want to know if you're fine,if you say so then,I will be leaving for the state tomorrow, Sophia's aunt explained 

 "Wow,am going to miss you"sophia said hugging her 

 am going to miss you too,soph Sophia's aunt replied

 I need to get my stuff ready am leaving tomorrow, Sophia said giving her a peck


She said she will be staying with your wife's best friend, Sophia's aunt explained as soon as sophia left

 I hope she is fine and have miss her so dearly, Sophia's dad replied

 Don't worry,she will come around and j promise you that,I will be leaving for the state tomorrow, Sophia's aunt said talking to the screen

 Tell sophia I miss her so much, Sophia's dad replied

 I will bro,talk to you later, Sophia's aunt replied closing the laptop



"Wow drake darling i miss you so much,Mrs Helen said hugging him

 I miss you so much mum,drake replied

 Where is my twin,drake asked

Driana! drake is back,Mrs Helen scream at the top of her voice

 Twinnie,hope you are spending the night here,driana asked

 Yes,drake replied smiling

Great,I made dinner and your dad won't be joining us for dinner he went for a business meeting and will be back on Friday,Mrs Helen explained

 Thank God,drake muttered 

 You said?Mrs Helen asked

 Nothing mum,drake replied

    Great,let's go,Mrs Helen answered holding drake 


 Am back sweetie,Mr John said jamming the door

 Darling,you are welcome I thought you said you are going for a business trip,Mrs Helen asked

 Well,it got postponed and I came back to have a wonderful time with my family,Mr John said smiling

 Am sorry mum,I have to go,drake replied standing up

 But,you said you are staying tonight,Mrs Helen asked confused

 I will just go to Jude's, goodnight mum,he replied pecking her and driana


  Sophia you are welcome to my humble abode,aunt v said smiling

 Thanks a lot man,hope am not meddling Sophia asked

 No no no,your mum was and still my best friend,so this is not a big deal,aunt v explained

 Thanks aunt, Sophia replied smiling

Jude!Jude! Aunt v called

 Yes mum,Jude replied walking downstairs

 Yes Jude,this is Sophia my  friend daughter  and she will be staying with us,auntil very said smiling

Ohhoh hi Sophia,mum I have to go,Jude said walking away

 Don't worry Sophia he will come around let me show you to your room,aunt very said

Ok ma, Sophia replied 

Few hours later

 "Wow dude you came back I thought you were going home,wow dude guess who came to our house today"Jude said walking to him

Jude not tonight,drake replied walking away

 Wait dude is very important,you won't believe who came..... dude, dude, dude Jude screamed

At least not tonight,drake replied locking his door in his face

 Ouch,Jude screamed walking away nursing his pain

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