With you in my life - Episode 4

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"wow bro,you just got to stage 3 the testing game and you failed"Jude said 

  "Can't you see my moves are not even working in her,she is really out of this world"drake answered frustrated

 "Come to think of it bro,there are things girls love,why don't you find out"Jude replied

  Am tired,drake said sitting

"Is remaining 29 days you can give up,you know am easy to deal with"do

Jude said sitting down as well

 "Why don't you send her a text and tell her we are outside"Jude suggested 




  Sophia you said you want to help the poor right,Clara asked

Yeah,Sophia replied

Why don't you join the chiguibels please,Clara pleaded

 Alright am in, Sophia answered smiling


Phone beeping

 Hello sophia is me drake am outside should I drive you home?



Good morning twinnie breakfast in bed,drake said placing the food on the bed

  "What are you doing in my room"driana asked

"Chill twinnie,won't you give me back my good morning"drake asked

"I know when you do things like this,you want something,what do you want"driana asked

  "Sophia Taylor"drake answered

 "No way,I don't want you playing with her emotions like you do to other girls"driana replied standing up

"Why are you being judgemental,is that how you see me"drake asked

 "I Know you drake"driana replied

 "How do I get her attention,how do I make her notice me,I will do everything and anything just tell me please"drake begged

"You will do everything"driana asked

 Yes,he answered


 "Oh babe you need to see this"Clara said dragging Sophia

 "Wow,I can't believe he fell for it"driana said laughing

 Hey handsome here she is,Clara said


 "Wow here she comes"drake said smiling proudly

 "Here for you"he said giving her a pink flower

If this is a joke,please stop it is not funny,she said walking away


 "Wait Sophia,please wait,I thought you like that"drake asked

 Like what,she asked again

"That,this"he said referring to his dress and others I thought you like pink,he added

 And who told you that,she asked

Driana,my sister,drake answered

 "I don't have time for this"she said walking away

 "Wait,wait am sorry okay"drake apologized

 "What do you want from me,why those stupid staring and texting"she asked

 "Because I like you"drake answered

 I know you drake,you are one if those stereotypical boys in bopper romance comedies!

She said walking away

 "Are you a l*sbian"drake asked

 "What did you just say"Sophia asked

"I said are you a l*sbian"he repeated

 What's your secret,he added


"My secrets are not for little boys and she walk to him and place her mouth close to his ear,the question is are you man enough to hear them"she replied leaving him stunned

. .

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