With you in my life - Episode 1

The bet

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Narrator's pov

 "That class was so boring I felt like sleeping"drake said sitting down at the cafeteria

 That's true bro,Jude replied nodding his head

  " Forget about that old man"Lucas said putting his hand on Drake's neck

Is your turn,he continued

 "For what"drake asked 

For your bet,Nelson replied

" Oh"drake exclaimed

"  Is gonna be fun,yours is going to be worst"Jude replied

 But I wasn't that bad to you guys,drake explained

You think so, remember mine I had to tell my mum I got a girl pregnant and she fainted and was in coma for two days,Jude explained bitterly as if it just happened

" And mine,I had to show the full school my armpit gosh"Lucas explained

 "And mine even worst"Nelson explained still

So what's mine,drake asked 

 "Good bro you are going to make a girl fall in love with you in 30 days,immed immediately she says I love you,you tell her it was just a bet and walk out on her"Jude explained laughing

  Who?drake asked

 Emmmm her,Jude replied pointing to a girl

Her?drake asked

Yes,Jude replied

 No way that girl is an alien she is out of this world,drake replied standing up 

 Why, you are a play boy so why acting as if you are saint come on,Lucas said suprised

 Or you will have to play truth or dare,Nelson said walking to him

Yes!drake explained smiling

With your father in public,Nelson explained further

 Huh!drake explained suprised

So choose,Jude said enjoying the look on Drake's face 

 One,drake answered

One?they all asked

 One and I can see you are all happy,drake replied angry

 Sorry man,we just doing our part,Jude said laughing and they all join him

 Jerks,drake muttered walking away


Am so sorry,I made it a short episode tell me what you think should I continue writing


Love you all

. .

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Love you too, nice 1
  • philzzz vicky picture
    philzzz vicky
    Nice beginning.. continue
  • Godiya Wisdom Jerry picture
  • Lilly Ezeaku picture
    Lilly Ezeaku
    Continue dear, my popcorn and groundnut is ready.
  • carmen picture
    It's going to be exciting
  • Michael progress picture
  • Quin Mirabel picture
    Quin Mirabel
  • Quin Mirabel picture
    Quin Mirabel
  • Quin Mirabel picture
    Quin Mirabel
    Thanks at lily
  • Quin Mirabel picture
    Quin Mirabel
  • Quin Mirabel picture
    Quin Mirabel
    Thanks@carmen and Jeffrey
  • Chol picture
    Continue dear
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    Oya... let's fall in love.. Do continue
  • Debs picture
    She stole the story y'all. Check out this Philippines movie Just The Way You Are, I think it's on Netflix, or The Bet (Just The Way You Are) on Wattpad. She stole someone else's work. She basically plagiarized someone else's work and it's not even that good.
  • Debs picture
    This is so disappointing and I can't even trust other writers on this site anymore cause of this. I had to create an account to let it out there. Some of you may say it doesn't matter, but it matters a lot, especially to writers. You can't plagiarize someone else's work and claim it as yours.
  • Wura Ajibola picture
    Wura Ajibola
    She stole the story,I recognised it immediately cause I watch Netflix a lot
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