With you in my life - Episode 6

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 "Sis I want to be with you,come back home please aunty"Matt begged 

 "I wanna be with you too Matt,I need to save enough money for you so you can be here with me"Sophia replied

 Hi Matt, it's drake your sister's friend

 Do you believe in magic?drake asked

 No,Matt replied 

"Here is one hundred you fold once,twice ,thrice and then you scratch,scratch he said turning to sophia,here look"drake said to Matt

 "Wow again again please"Matt begged

"Do you believe in magic now,drake asked.

 Yes I do now,Matt replied

 "Do you believe your sister can be with you again"drake asked

Matt nodded

 "I can make your sister appear there now,but am not yet an expert,your sister can perform magic also"drake said


 "Yes,she don't sleep at night all she does is to work and work just to bring you here,I promise you Matt you will soon be here with your big sister"drake replied smiling



 Sis wants to go to work again for you,say goodbye to je,drake said to matt

 "Goodbye auntie love you"Matt said smiling

 "Goodbye Matt"Sophia replied 



Dude,I have something to show you"Jude said happily

 "Well, there's nothing you have on that laptop that I drake don't have"drake said proudly

 "I guess you don't have this one"Jude replied

 "I'm not interested"drake answered still pinging on his phone

 "See for yourself bro is sophia"Jude said waiting to see his reaction

 "Huh,excuse me"drake said his eyes not leaving the laptop

 "When are you going to admit you've fallen for he already"Jude replied smiling

 "Where did you get this from"drake asked

"Google of course"Jude replied proudly



 Meet me at Andre's garden 7pm 


 Wow this is beautiful,Sophia muttered


"  What's going on"Sophia asked

 "You miss Taylor is going on a date with me"drake replied pulling her

 "Wow you are so full of yourself"Sophia said smiling

"Well,is abusiness date,write me a song"drake said smiling

 "Huh a song,Drake you so funny I can't even write flowering words not to talk of a song"Sophia said

     I know your secret,he said playing the song Jude showed him

 "Stop it drake"sophia shouted

 "Why is beautiful"drake replied confused


My dad taught me how to play,sing and dance,we were always happy when we play sing and dance,dad,mum,Matt and I but everything stopped being right when mum died dad gambled and our family once happy became a sad family,I don't want to remember that part of my life,that was the old sophia and this one is different"Sophia explained trying to hold her tears

 "Even when is for Matt"drake asked

 "Why are you doing this drake"Sophia asked

 "I want to help,I want you to write me a song and I will pay you,it will add to your savings right"drake asked looking at her.

 Deal, Sophia said finally



 "Sophia, Sophia have been waiting for you"drake said smiling

 "Why any problem"sophia asked

"Am taking you to school"drake said smiling

"Oh no thanks a lot,I will just a take a cab"Sophia replied

 "No you are not taking a cab,what if you get an accident you won't be able to write my song,so let's move"drake answered helping her with her bag

 "Alright you win"sophia said laughing



Sophia's pov

  I had controlled my feelings for long,I shut it for all men but now I can see it wide open for drake

 Yes,you might be surprised I have feelings for drake,it's not just today but the first day I met him,I need to start writing his song



Can this be real 

Can someone tell me please

That am not leaving in a dream

It has been so long,I could hardly believe that love has finally made its way to me

I need to think harder I will just continue tomorrow


Nelson can you tell me what's going on between sophia and drake, Cassidy asked angrily

"Calm down cassidy,there is nothing going on is just a bet,drake just needs this three words from Sophia( I love you)then he will dump her"Nelson explained

"Wow,now I understand I will talk to you later girls let's go"cassidy replied walking majestically


Drake's pov

 This was supposed to be a bet but I fell for her instead I can't believe me of all people falling in love,thank God Jude said he is not spilling anything about the bet

 Wait, Sophia has been writing and writing song,I guess I need to see it 

 Got it,I screamed immediately I got hold of the book

Give me my book drake,she said chasing me around 

"I just want to read it"I screamed still running 

Don't read it give me my book, she screamed 

She ran and grabbed the book"I told you am going to get it"she said smiling

 With you in my life there is nothing I won't .... ....................

Ouch,I screamed

Sophia quickly jumped on top of me and we fell on the floor 

I kept staring into her eyes,I was lost in her world

Gotcha,she screamed dancing like a baby sticking her tougue at me 

I could only smiled,happy that I could make her smile again

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