With you in my life - Episode 3

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 "Good morning world'sophia greeted prostrating like a princess

  She took her earphone and place it on her ear and took her towel hung around her neck and she head to the bathroom

 She walked to the sink and took her toothpaste and toothbrush and she brushed her teeth and then her tougues


"Hey,don't you know someone is taking a sower"drake shouted

Ahahahahahah Sophia screamed

"What,why"drake asked

 "Oh sorry"he exclaimed using his hands to cover his d**ck

 You jerk, Sophia screamed hitting him hard  on his left eye


"Sorry sophia he is my son's best friend have been talking about,he is like a son to me that's why he feels at home"aunty v explainedd


"But aunt you didn't tell me there was an occupant"Drake replied

"Sorry baby,I never knew you came back 

So this is Sophia she will be staying with us,so take care of  her okay"

 "Yes aunt"drake replied

"Oh baby,why did you finish the hotdogs drake can you please give Sophia your hotdogs"aunt v said

 "You want my hotdogs"drake asked proudly"

 "Is okay aunt,seems like drake really loves hotdogs"Sophia replied sacarsticaly"


 Giving up already,Jude asked

 "You've not done anything yet"Nelson added

 Seems we are forgetting something,Jude rellreplied

 "Ah yeah the three game plan"LucaShe answered

 "The stt game,the staring ,the touching and the testing game"Lucas explained

 see! drake replied

 "Come of it bro,you've not done the testing game"Nelson said looking at him deeply

"See before 12pm Sophia is mine#piece of cake"He replied walking away angrily

Narrator's pov


  Sophia is at the library reading,then drake came in and sat at a corner peeping and blinking his eyes at her,she turned to his direction saw him and turned to the other side,but she quietly turned back to his direction but he was not there,then she use her eyes to check for him

"Looking for me"drake asked sitting dowm close to her.

 She picked her textbooks quietly and left the hall


 Sophia walked to the cafeteria and she sat down there sipping her drink,not again drake

He was sitting at a far end looking at her and waving his hands

 Sophia stood up and walked to him"finally"he said standing up

 "Is that not enough or you want another one that will send you to your early grave"she replied walking away

 And everyone bursted into laughter

 "Are you not going to admit that you are a looser just called off the bet bed and We win"Jude said patting him in his back

 "Leave me alone"he replied walking away


 "Yes am still staying with her and I love her So much"Sophia explained to her friend on video chat

 "Well,I have a suprise foryou"Dickson replied

 "What suprise"Sophia asked

Big sis!Matt screamed

 Oh Matt Matt I miss you muah muah

Yuckauntie when are you coming back,Matt asked

 "Soon Matt I promise soon,am working very hard so I can bring you here"Sophia explained

 "Who is that"Matt asked

 Who?soph So asked

Him!Matt answered pointing at the screen 

 "What are you doing here"Sophia asked turning backward

 "Nothing,just wanted to check if the door is locked,is locked"he replied walking away

"Don't mind him Matt,I will just talk to you tomorrow good night love"

 Bye auntie,Matt answered waving his hand 



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