Unattainable Perfection - Episode 37

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Stepping away from Lydia's pathetic form, I grab my dress and put it back on.

"Mark my words, you'll come crawling to me and I'll be waiting for that day to relish in it. For now, gave a good day"

I turn towards the door.

"You messed with the wrong person this time hun"

Sophie tells her and then follows me.

Reaching the door, I stop and turn to face Lydia.

"And oh, lest I forget I've changed my mind about paying your hospital. Yep, I was ready to foot your bills even after you tried to kill me for the second time . Unfortunately, I've paid an initial deposit which of course, isn't refundable but... Good news is, I'll leave you to pay for the rest of your bills for as long as you stay here. You can work by cleaning the toilets or scrubbing the floors as payment, I don't care. I won't take care of an ungrateful human like you. I'd rather burn my money than spend it on you. And don't expect to see anyone because I'll make sure no one informs your family members that you're hospitalized. Sleep well"

With that, I open the door ignoring Sophie's ridiculous whistles behind me.

"Damn girl. I never knew you had it in you

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. Remind me to never get on your bad side"

I roll my eyes at that, letting out a sigh.

"It's been a long time coming Sophie. She pushed me to my limits and I kinda just snapped. Can't say I regret it. She deserved that and more"

"Hmm. I'll get going. I'll call you"

she pulls me into a hug.

"Thank you Sophie. For everything"

I mumble.

"Anything for my best friend"

We both pull away.

She turns to William who was still standing by the door, arms crossed over his chest, his shirt clinging to his body.

"I wish we could spend more time handsome but I got to go. And please try to wear lose shirts because I'm a sucker for such muscles. Broad chest, muscles ripping everywhere, handsome face, tall and incredibly strong in be..."

"Oh my God! That's enough! Go now!"

I push Sophie away.

Why can't she speak like a normal person? Sophie turns and blows William a kiss.

I groan.

"Bye handsome! Keep yourself hot as always"

Oh Lord!


I push her harder until she saunters away laughing.

I bite my lip, turning my attention to William only to find him laughing as he shakes his head.

"your friend though"

"Don't remind me"

"I like her. She's bold"

I grumble under my breath as I make my way out of the hospital and into the car with William on my tail still chuckling.

I wonder why he's not embarrassed.

Opening the door, I slip into the backseat only for William to join me.

He had stopped laughing now and had a serious expression.

I'm sure he heard what transpired between Lydia and I.

"I'm.. I'm sorry"

I begin His brows furrow in confusion

"Sorry for what?"

"Hurting you. I know you hate me"

"I do not hate you Alexandra"

"But you still doubt my innocence."

I say. He goes silent at that.


"Alexa you don't have to.."

"No,let me talk please"

I plead and he sighs, nodding.

"I know this is gonna be the lamest excuse ever but trust me when I say I had no idea you had been arrested for helping me that night.

When I found out, I tried to speak to my father but I was locked up in my own room by my step mother.

She took away my phone and any means of communication I had to prevent me from telling my father you're innocent.

On the day of the court case, I escaped.

Sophie helped me hit the guard in front my door into unconsciousness.

But it was too late.

You had been sentenced to jail already.

I begged my father to withdraw the case because you were innocent and he accepted but then he miraculously fell sick that day and never recovered till his death"

I laugh humorlessly at the mention of death wiping a tear furiously.


"Let me finish Will please"

I sniff.

"I'm sorry for hurting you. I remember everything now.."



I bite my lip as I listen to her talk about the events that occurred that night and how she got those scars on her body, about my mother's accident and my attempted murder. It wasn't her after all.

It was her sick friend in that hospital who had orchestrated everything to make me think Alexa had actually wanted me dead.

The same one who had posted Alexa's nude on the internet and tried to stab her today.

For what reason?

I f*cking had no idea.

Who would want to hurt a kind and sweet soul such Alexa? I shake my head.

There are all kinds of sick people walking on this earth who'll even go as far as hating you just because of your skin colour.

That was sick.

Damn sick.

I can't believe I was so blind to think Alexa had something to do with all this.

She was the victim.

"I'm so sorry William. I understand your hatred towards me. Forgive me please"

she breaks down crying.

"No Alexa. If anyone has to apologise, then it's me. I had molested you, almost r*ped you. Nothing can compare to how horribly I've treated you. You deserved none of it Alexa. And I'm sorry"

Before I know it, she lunges herself at me.

I caught her just in time as she wrapped her arms around me, sobbing silently.

And I let her.

We stay like that for a while until she stops crying.

Her breathing normal.

My phone chimes and I pull it out

. I sigh.

"It's Mr Dante Alexa. He says he's been trying to reach you but your phone has been off"

I tell her.

"I don't care. I don't want to speak to him"

she mumbles in my chest.

I was about to reply when another message popped up.

"Alexa he says you're needed at one of your father's companies. There's an impending project that needs to be started and since you have the power of attorney, your signature is needed on the cheques that will push the money into the project"

There was silence for a while before she spoke up

. "Now?" 

"It says here that the meeting commences at 4pm so you have an hour at most to rest. You need to eat as well. Yeah?"

She only nods in response.

I pry her away from my body and ease her onto the back seat.

She closes her eyes immediately while I climb out, making my way to the drivers side.



Setting the now empty plate aside, I chew the last bit of pizza, wipe my hands with a napkin and then step in front of the mirror accessing my attire.

I was wearing a white blouse neatly tucked into a black high-waist office skirt stopping at my knee.

And a black coat over my blouse.

My hair was pulled back into a ponytail and a few locks I had purposely cut with scissors falling over my forehead, covering a major part of the scar.

"Are you ready?"

I hear William's voice behind the door.

"Ugh yes."

I pick up my handbag from the bed and walk out.

I watch nervously as William's eyes travel up and down my body.

"I look bad don't I?"

"Umm.no.. You look beautiful. Very stunning"

he replies and I smile.

"Shall we?"

"Definitely mademoiselle"

he bows dramatically making me giggle as I follow him.


It was fifteen minutes past four when we arrived at the company.

It was a six floor building and my father's company occupied three floors and the meeting was to be held on the second floor.


"You sure you'll be okay?"

William asks I slight.

Giving him a reassuring smile, I reply

"yes. I'll be back soon"

Shutting the door, I make my way inside.

I could feel eyes on me as I walked towards the receptionist.

"Hi, good evening may I know where the meeting for the building of the orphanage project is being held?"

The receptionist looks up, eyeing me as she chews on her gum loudly.

"And who are you? What business have you got there?"

Wow, are these the people my father hired?

"I'm Alexandra Wallace"

I reply, enjoying her widen in shock them embarrassment.

"Thanks for your cooperation. I'll find my way. And please, next time, be polite to whoever comes to you for information."

I add and walk out on her.

It was almost five minutes till I found the room where the meeting was being held.

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. Knocking slightly, I turn the knob, pushing the door open as I step in. Several pairs of eyes belonging to middle old men stare at me.

Only about five out of the fifteen men were quite young.

"Good evening. Sorry I'm late"

I say trying not to feel intimidated.

I needed to get out of here fast.

"Umm can I please have the cheque so I can sign? Sorry I kept you waiting"

There was silence until they all burst out laughing.

"You? Sign what? Ate yoi sure youre not lost girl?"

One of them tease.

"Get out girl."

Another says and they ignore me as a paper was being passed around.

"Umm with all due respect, you'll have to excuse me but I really need to be updated on the project before anything else"

Yet again, they all laugh.

"Look girl you've made us laugh enough to release our stress now please leave. We're working else we'll have you thrown out forcefully"

an old man tells me.

"Who the f*ck is she by the way?"

Another murmurs.

They continue discussing.

Now I'm getting it irritated.

"Maybe you don't know me. I'm Henry Wallace, the owner of this company's daughter and heir Alexandra Wallace. And I'm only here because I've been tasked to sign a few documents."

They all stare at me then burst out laughing.


Reaching into my pocket, I pull out some papers and give it to each of them.

"Is that evidence enough that I'm Henry Wallace's daughter?"

I ask.

"Nonsense! Bullsh*t! We'll have no little girl come here and Lord over us! No f*cking way! You'll be the head of the company and order us now? Ha! So damn hilarious! Never heard a funny story in years!"

Someone spits! God knows I tried to be polite at first.

"Oh well,your loss. If you do not believe me or you have a problem with a little girl like me as you term it, have a say in business matters, then..."

I take in a deep breath.

"You may turn in your resignation letter and leave. I could always hire someone else as your replacement. Besides I'm sure you're way past your retiring age. Anyone else has something to say because I'll gladly take your resignation letters. Anyone please?"

There was Silence.

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  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    so much of ouching Eliza, I can see their jaws dropping, love you Eliza
  • Chineye ukara picture
    Chineye ukara
    That's my girl,action lady time to step up. Thumbs up dear
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    What a bunch of losers,so loving her confidence though.....thumbs up darling!
  • eliza picture
    love you too lydy
  • eliza picture
    thanks chineye
  • eliza picture
    thanks Pamela hun
  • belladiva54@gmail.com picture
    Way 2 go alexa.elliz darl u r d best
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Gbagaaaaaan!!!Go Alexa,show dem who da boss is.........nice one Eliza love
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Applause papapapapapa, nice one from Alexa, she ain't taking bullshit from anyone else, you don't like her, resign. Why do people find it so difficult honouring the young? And receptionist,sometimes address you nicely cuz they see affluence in your dressing. Nice one eliza dear.
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Love all Alexa's actions in this episode. Well done Eliza
  • eliza picture
    aww thanks Bella hun
  • eliza picture
    lol confy. you make me laugh. thanks love
  • eliza picture
    ikr Benedicta. people got issues. thanks hun
  • eliza picture
    thanks Ronke
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Wow she's bold and have a lot of confidence
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    The most interested part. Why nah? I did not eat anything since morning b/cos of this story woh!
  • eliza picture
    I know right @Destiny
  • eliza picture
    hehe. lol Zainab. eat for me
  • Thomas Camp picture
    Thomas Camp
    Boss lady!!!
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Thats It Girl.Be More Confident I Love You Boldness.Boss Girl.Thumbs Up Eliza.
  • eliza picture
    lol Thomas
  • eliza picture
    thanks young royalty
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