Unattainable Perfection - Episode 39

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"...Make love to me"

the words tumble off my lips freely before I could think.

I bite my lip, noticing William's eyes go darker.

He shuts his eyes, inhales deeply almost like he's fighting with himself.

"Stop doing that"

he growls.

"Doing what?"

"Telling me to make love to you and biting your lips like that. Stop"


I bat my eyelashes, looking at him innocently.

I know what he meant but I want to hear him say it.

Never did I think I'd ever be this close to a man and have such er*tic thoughts.

Where I had such confidence from? I have no idea.

I've been surprising myself these past few days with my recent behaviour.

And honestly, I couldn't have felt any better.

"You know why Alexa"

he grips my waist harder.

"I don't . Tell me"

I whisper seductively, standing on tiptoe and brushing my lips beneath his earlobe.

He shudders.

I smirk.

It's satisfying to know that I do have an effect on him too.

I let my lips pepper that part of his skin with featherlight kisses, descending little by little until I reach his collarbone.

His grip on my waist tightens even more, if that was even possible.

I smile satisfactorily

"I found it didn't I? I found your sweet spot"

I whisper against his ears.

He pulls me back and peers into my face.

"Do not start something you can't finish Alexa. Because trust me once I start, there'll be no going back."

He whispers, his breath fanning my face.

"I'm not planning on stopping you"

"Do not tempt me woman

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. Damn it! I'm holding back as much as I can"

"Oh well. Too bad... Guess you..."

My words get caught in my throat when a sudden gasp escapes me.

William smirks at my reaction.

His hands or should I say fingers, were trailing up my thighs over the smooth cotton of the dress.

It was a simple action.

Yet I couldn't help,tightening my grip around his neck,biting my lips to hold in my moans.

"Open your eyes"

it was on order and so I did as told.

Only to find him smirking like he just won a lottery.

I narrow my eyes at him.

Was he trying to prove a point?

"See? Just one touch and you're squirming already. Imagine what'll happen when I have you naked beneath me"

I blush involuntarily. Gosh, this man.


He continues,taking his hands off my thighs and tapping my cheeks.

"I won't. At least not now. You're too pure for that. Too innocent"

I frown


"No don't take it the wrong way. As at now, we have no tag. I mean what do we name this thing between us? A relationship, friends or friends with benefits? I can't just make love to you without making this official, that's if you want"

he explains 

"Well then f*cking make it official Wilson!"

He stares me for a second and then burst our laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"I had no idea little miss Wallace knows how to cuss"

he wiggles his eyebrows, pinching my cheeks like some child.

I roll my eyes,swatting his hand away.

"Don't pinch my cheeks like I'm your child. And don't call me little. In case you haven't noticed,I'm a fully grown woman"

I turn up my nose.

"Yep! A woman with all the curves in the right places"

His eyes rakes over my body.

I roll my eyes again.

"Leave it to William Wilson to make sexual innuendos out of every thing you say"

He chuckles.

"So aren't going to propose?"

I frown

"Do you want me to?"

Arggh,I'm gonna slap this man.

Is he that blind?

"Of course, d*ickhead!"

"You want me that bad huh?"

He grins ridiculous. I facepalm.

"Oh my God William! I heard men are egoistic but your ego is taller than Mount Everest! Gosh!"

"Aww sweetheart, if you wanted me to take you to mount Everest you should have said so."

"Oh my God! You annoying egoistical, pompous, ridiculous, bombolastic....."

I trail off biting my lips.

Is bombolastic a real word? I think I heard it on TV.

My thinking was interrupted by Williams laughter.

I narrow my eyes at him

"What's funny Mr Wilson?"

"You....is that all you could up with? Bom..bombo what? Bombolastic?"

He holds his stomach laughing.

I bite my lip, deciding whether to punch his handsome face or not? If I punch him it'll ruin his face.

"You're so annoying William!"

 "okay okay. Sorry. I'll be back"

he rushes back into the house still chuckling.

He returns later with a covered plate.

Stopping in front of me, he takes a deep breath and then goes on one knee.

"Alexandra Wilson? Will you please be my girlfriend?"

I would have felt butterflies in my stomach for sure if not for the fact that he opened the plate and I saw a beautifully decorated grilled big tilapia. My jaw drops.

I look at him incredulously

"You're proposing to me with a plate of tilapia?"

"Uh well... No.... Just a tip to help you say yes to me faster since you loved it the last time. Uhh is it working?"

He grins sheepishly. I stare at the plate of perfectly grilled tilapia and my mouth eaters instantly.

"This must be the strangest, ridiculous proposal ever but... Hell yea! I'll be your girlfriend!!"

I squeal getting ready to lunge myself at him when his phone rings... I groan in annoyance.

"Way to kill the moment"

I grumble..

"Apparently other people need me too baby"

he winks as he presses the phone to his ear.

"Hello? Richard?"

I watch as the excited expression on his face turns into pure anger.

He suddenly hangs up and pushes the phone into his pocket,frowning deeply.

Without staring at me, he says through gritted teeth

"My father, he's back"


I know this episode is short but please bear with me.

Classes have began.

So I wanted to say something.

Firstly, Arousing Desires has been updated on wattpad. You can find me @3Elliz.

Secondly, I wrote the summary of a new story that popped into my head yesterday,titled "THE LAST VIRGIN".

And here's the summary,below....


"Truth... Or Dare" was his question. "Truth" "Are you a Virgin? "Yes" That simple and uncomplicated answer changed Annamarie's life. Turned her life upside down. It was their tradition. Her and the four boys she had grown up with, to sit around a bonfire and play games during the full moon every month.. And that day was no exception when they'd played the game of truth or dare. In an era and century where being a Virgin was no longer a big deal. Where you were considered too religious or boring if you were a virgin. Yet Annamarie didn't mind. She was twenty two years and swore to her maker to remain a virgin till marriage. But that night,it all changed. Those four boys she considered her best friends were actually no more boys,she failed to realise. They were now men who had s*xual cravings and Annamarie's answer that night had gotten their curiosities piqued. That night,she was r*ped. Brutally. By all four boys. Her three best friends and long time crush. They took turns until she died. Scared, they run for their lives. Now,Annamarie woke up. She found herself in the land of the dead. The place where the souls of people who died prematurely went. There,she met Hades, the Lord of the underworld. He offered to bring Annamarie back to life, but in a different family,place and time. She accepted. A deal was made.

Read " Forgetting You " by the same author ( eliza )

. Fast forward, fifty years on,Annamarie was born to the Kent family and was named Valerie Kent. But Valerie doesn't remember anything about her past life. She doesn't remember. And along with Lord Hades bringing her back to life,there were rules. And rules were not meant be broken.

Rule no 1: She was going to gain supernatural powers on the month of her eighteenth birthday,during the full moon.

Rule no 2: She had to specifically use her powers to kill the four boys who r*ped and killed her and no one else.

Rule no 3: She had to remain a virgin all her life...

What happens when Valerie, accidentally murders someone with the powers she didn't realise she had? What happens when she loses her virginity to her one true love and that too,him being one of her r*pists? Valerie broke all the rules. Lord Hades was mad. The earth shook with his anger. And just like when every rule is broken, someone had to pay the consequences. It was now to kill or be killed.


After reading it did you like the summary? The Last Virhin is gonna be a mixture of romance,the underworld, supernatural powers so on.

So I wanna know. Unattainable perfection will be completed soon.

Will you like me to write "The last Virgin next?" Did you like the summary? Yay or Nah... Let me know your thoughts...

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