Two Faced Lover - Episode 50

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*** I'm sorry guys. I had a lot of assignment to do this week. I made this chapter as long as I can. Happy reading..



I lean against Cameron's car, biting my lips nervously as I watch him dial the doctor's number over and again. I tap my foot to the ground repeatedly, trying to think of something, anything to get my mind off things. I'm scared . Really scared. Maurice came really prepared, so prepared he even managed to fabricate evidence that we were lovers. That's f*cking absurd.

"Hey" familiar hands entangle in my hair, massaging my scalp softly. I sigh. "Cam"

"She will be here. I promise you"

I look up at him to find him staring at my lips. It's been what? Two whole days since we kissed or had any sort of physical contact. God it feels like forever. I bite my lip and his Adam's apple bobs as he swallows. He tips his head, lower and lower until his lips are just a few inches from mine. He's going to kiss me. I plant my hands on his chest and pull away, putting distance between us.

"Don't. Don't kiss me" He steps away instantly, running a hand through his hair.. "I'm..I'm sorry."

"It's fine" I say looking anywhere but him

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. I can't afford to look him in the eye. I'd cave and want to be in his arms once more. That's how much he affects me. We stood in awkward silence for a while until he spoke up again.


I blink. He's never called me Sky before. It's always either Skylar, princess or girl. "Yes?" "Can we..can you promise me one thing?" "You're not in the position to ask me that Cameron" "I know.. I know.. Just this once. Please"

Please. Cameron never uses that word. "Fine" I sigh "Can you promise me that after this court case is over you and I will have a talk? Just you and I?"


I reply without much thought. Mr Norman approaches us, sharing eye contact with Cameron who shakes his head at him. Mr Norman sighs.

"Have you called her?"

"Severally. It isn't going through"

Cameron answers.

"The fifteen minutes are over Mr Knight. We should get going" I nod meekly and follow silently behind the two men, every ounce of hope I had left slowly shrinking away. Once we reach the huge door, Mr Norman turns to address me.

"And always remember Mrs Knight, never allow yourself to get intimidated. Keep your cool at all times and stand firm on every statement you make. The prosecuting lawyer for all we know, could be lying about having evidences of you and Maurice being lovers. Perhaps he's using the fact that we don't have substantial evidence to his advantage. He's trying to corner you, make you panic and with the slightest slip of tongue, he'll hold your words against you even if they are lies. No matter what he says, don't change your story and..."

"Always keep your cool" I finish for him and he nods satisfactorily and we proceed inside the court room. We all stand as the judge makes appearance.

"Alright. Let the court proceedings continue." The judge begins and gestures to Mr Norman.

"Defense, is your witness ready yet?" I gulp, eyes darting towards Cameron. He nods slightly, reaching out to squeeze my hand in assurance. "Pardon me your honor but the defense doesn't have a witness. He is just wasting our time. Shall we please continue with the proceedings?" Maurice's stupid lawyer chips in and I feel like throwing something at him. God he's so infuriating.

"Your honor, if you'd please give us just a few more minutes. My witness must be stuck in traffic I'm sure. Please just a few more minutes"

Mr Norman gets up and Maurice's lawyer snickers. "Who the f*ck certified him to practice law?"

Cameron grumbles beside me and I couldn't agree more. "I'm sorry but we've given you enough time and can't wait any longer. The proceedings will have to continue.."

"Sorry I'm late!" 

A feminine voice yells from behind and I turn, my eyes finding the woman we had been waiting for standing at the entrance. Mr Norman gets up and rushes to meet her halfway.

"I'm sorry I'm late. Our flight was delayed by an hour" she apologises and I shake my head. No apologies needed. "It's fine. Come. Come on"

"Your honor, this is doctor Claire Newman, my witness. Pleses if you'd allow" Mr Norman says taking a stack of files from the doctor. The judge nods, motioning for her to step inside the witness box. She's made to swear after which the prosecutor steps forward and the questions begin. "So Claire Newman is it? Are you a doctor?"

No, she's a damn carpenter. What a stupid question "I am" she replies. "And aside from being certified, you practise it too right? I mean you're not just a doctor on paper but you're a medical practioner correct?"


"And Mrs Knight here" he points at me.

"Was once your patient?" "Yes she was" "And that was almost six years ago right? So I'm curious, how do you still remember her after all these years? I mean as a doctor you get over fifty patients on daily basis so how is it you remember her after all these years? How much did they pay you?".

What the f*ck? "Objection your honor!"

Mr Norman gets up. "The prosecutor is making frivolous accusation against my witness and I"

"Prosecutor, refrain from asking such question"

"Pardon me your honor" the lawyer apologises and turns to the doctor "So as I was saying.. How was it possible that you remembered this particular patient after five good years when you deal with hundreds of patients daily?"

Doctor Newman takes a deep breath before replying.


She shrugs and continues "I'd say Mrs Knight's case was unique. In all my years of medical practitioning, she was and is the only patient who'd come to me with the case of artificial insemination. When she had come to me with complains of constant vomiting, nausea, tiredness and all, I'd run series of tears on her which proved she was pregnant. I remember how she had began to laugh hysterically after I gave her the news. When she realised I was being serious, she went totally ballistic and passed out later. When she came to, she kept insisting she couldn't be pregnant because she had never had s*xual intercourse whatsoever. I was baffled. She was so loud and persistent the entire hospital heard of her. I had to do something. I knew of the artificial insemination but I'd never dealt with it before. We run more tests on her and true enough, Mrs Knight was a virgin. It was proven so then our options were narrowed to one. And that was insemination. It was the only way to get a woman pregnant without penetration. All the test results are with Mr Norman. Though they're a bit crumpled. I had a hard time finding them." She finishes and Mr Norman hands over the files to the court clerk who in turn hands it to the judge. "No more questions your honor"

the prosecuting lawyer says and walks back to his seat as Mr Norman gets up to question the doctor.. Of course he has no more questions, idiotic lawyer. After doctor Newman left the witness box to take a seat beside me, Maurice's lawyer called out certain people he claimed to be witnesses of I and Maurice's supposed love affair. I'd never even set eyes on these damn witnesses before for heavens sake! They're all lying. I'm sure they've all been bribed. I sit uneasily biting my lips as both lawyers argue back and forth, to and fro so much so that I lost track of what they were saying. I zoned out. The judges sudden scream.

"Order!" Brought me back to reality.

"The court has been adjourned to the first Tuesday of next month which is next week. Both parties have one week to present their final evidences. I shall give my final verdict next week. This court has been adjourned!".. He hits his plank and gets up. We all rise. The moment the judge exits, Cameron and I exit too.

"Good too see you again Skylar"

doctor Newman grins the second we step outside. "Believe me doctor the feeling is mutual" I tap my feet, wondering if it'll be appropriate if I pulled her into a hug.. "Aren't you going to give me a hug?". That was all the invitation I needed as I threw myself at her practically tackling her. She laughed hugging me back. We hug for a while before pulling back.

"Thank you for coming doctor. You don't know how much this means to me. Thank you so much" tears prickle my eyes and she catches it before it could fall.

"Don't cry Skylar. You should be thanking your husband. He spent almost three hours on the phone with me just to convince me to come here. You wouldn't imagine how much money he spent in just taking care of our flight tickets. You know, he bought tickets for my entire family just to convince me. He loves you, you know" I turn to glance at Cameron who was discussing with Mr Norman.

"I love him too" I admit. I would never be able to tell Cameron this though. Our marriage is only short lived. "I'm glad you're happy. You deserve it. Come on" she leads me towards the car where Cameron was.

"Hey" he turns to us

"Are we going home?" I ask "Yes. But before that.." He trails off, stuffs his hand into his pocket and when he pulls it out, he was holding a pair of dangling diamond earrings.

"What's this Cameron? This isn't the time to be giving me gifts!"

I hiss.

"Relax princess. This isn't just a pair of earrings.. Uhh well, there's a recorder in these earrings" he explains, pushing my hair back and taking off the earrings I wore. I blink. "What?"

"Look over there"

I glance at where he pointed, to see Maurice making his way towards us.

"He's coming towards us princess. And I'd like to capture everything he says." "B..but Cameron.."

"Relax. Mr Norman, the doctor and I are going to leave you alone so you both can talk. Remember, people let their guards down when they're sure no one is watching."

He says as he puts the new dangling earrings on me. I bite my lip.

"You look beautiful"

he plants a kiss to my forehead. I sigh.

"And don't forget, men literally feed on ego" "Yeah I know. You're a perfect example of that"

I mutter and he chuckles.

"I'm glad you're aware. Just remember to always hit the nail right on the head. Make sure to say things to anger him. Things that would make him lose control and snap. Make sure to bruise his ego. I'm sure he's going to say something, anything we can use against him in court next week yeah?"

He covers the earrings with my hair. He pulls away. Maurice was near now.

"Alright princess. Mr Norman and I are going to discuss something. We'll be back soon. Please stay here and don't talk to strangers"

Cameron says rather loudly and I can't help but roll my eyes. He's such a lousy actor.

"Yes baby"

I say loudly too and he grins pecking my lips. "I'll be back" he disappears with Mr Norman. Immediately, doctor Newman also speaks up

"Oh.. Look my husband is calling me. Please excuse me Skylar"

she disappears too. Jeez, these people are bad actors. Her phone wasn't even ringing. I sigh, readying myself as Maurice finally stops in front of me, glancing at cabeeon who was now crossing the street.

"So don't talk to strangers huh? Your boyfriend.. Oops sorry, your husband is hilarious" he taunts.. I remain quiet, leaning against the car. He sighs dramatically, reaching out to caress my hair. I slap his hand away, glaring at him.

"You're so beautiful Skylar. If you weren't do hot headed and stubborn, we would have been a happy family. You, sean and I"

I fake gag

"You? And I? Family? You must be going crazy. Do you even call yourself a man? A real man? I'd gladly choose a dirty pig over someone like you" His eyes darken instantly and I know I hit a nerve. Way to go Sky.

" ungrateful dirty mouthed b*tch!"

"What? Me ungrateful? God you're so damn delusional aren't you? After destroying my life, you still call me ungrateful?"

"At least I gave you a gift. A son. You should be grateful I didn't r*pe you that night."

He scoffs. I smirk. He just confessed. Great.

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. Perfect. This man has a lot of ego problems and he sure likes to talk a lot and bluff and gloat like a pregnant frog. And I'm going to use that against him. Next week, I'm taking Sean home as mine and mine alone.

"I'm going to win this case Maurice, and I'll sue you for defamation and performing artificial Insemination on me without my permission. It's illegal and a crime punishable by law. I'd make sure you go to jail, trust me"

Maurice laughs

"Me? Jail? You will sue me? Don't make me gag Skylar. I have the money and with just a few dollars, I can buy the judge and he would do everything I f*cking say. You know what they say, money talks bullsh*t works". I grin. Keep talking you stupid old buffoon. Keep talking.

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  • eliza picture
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