Two Faced Lover - Episode 48

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My palm hurt from the slap.

The back of my hand hurt.

My eyes stung with unshed tears.

But my heart.

My heart was what hurt the most.

My chest heave up and down as I try to calm my raging emotions.

It's not working.

This freaking breathing exercise isn't working.

It's just increasing the pain in my heart.

I feel my heart break into a million pieces to the ground, buried beneath my river of tears.

It f*cking hurts.

I've been humiliated by men my entire life.

All the men who worked for and worked with Mr Park had gotten their own share of humiliating me, calling me unforgivable things. But this, this one cut right through me . I stagger backwards and Julian leaves Cameron's side to catch me. I shrug his hand off immediately.

"Don't..t..touch me"

my throat feels dry suddenly. The hunger from earlier coming back with full force and dizziness washes over me again. I plant my hands to the wall to steady myself, fighting back the tears. Without another word, I turn and find my way into our suite and into the bathroom. Fully clothed, I sink into the bathtub, bringing my knees up to my chest as I let the tears flow

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. I can't hold it back. I sob into my knees, my tears mixing with the water filling the tub. Stupid. You're so stupid Skylar. Did you think he'd ever change? No. He's always going to be the same asshole and inconsiderate heartless man you met. Now you fell in love with him and he wasn't there to catch you. Instead, he laid a foundation full of rocks so you could fall on.

"I hate you Cameron. I hate you!"

The sounds of flowing water drowns my tears. This, this has got to be the worst honeymoon to ever be recorded. The f*cking worst. That's if you can call this a honeymoon at all. I remain in the bathroom when I hear the door open, followed by footsteps. Not even when I hear Julian calling out for me or when he tells me he would call me or when he tells me he's left some pills on the table for Cameron's hangover do I answer. I remain quiet until the door shuts.

A while later, I drain the water from the tub and take off my wet clothes and dump it somewhere. Wiping my body with a towel, I wrap a bathrobe around my body and exit. Cameron was asleep when I got back. I turn away from him, step into a pair of pyjamas and grab an extra pillow and comforter and settle on the couch. I stared at the ceiling tfir what seemed like eternity until sleep carried me away.


It was barely 6am when I woke up the next morning. Dragging myself off the couch, I walk into the bathroom to do my business and exit in fresh clothes to find Cameron awake. He was sitting up, head against the headboard as he clutched his head in obvious pain. Sighing, I puck up the pills Julian left last night and pour a glass of water from the jug.

"Here. For your headache"

I mutter


He takes the pills and swallows it before gulping some water. I turn away from him and settle back into the couch, pulling the comforter up to cover my entire body save for my head. I feel unbelievably cold today. Silence hangs between us as I stare into space, thinking of nothing in particular. I don't budge when I hear shuffling followed by approaching footsteps. I don't turn not until I feel hands on my forehead.

"Your temperature is high"

"Don't touch me" 

I seethe hitting his hand away. Guilt flashes in his eyes. I look away

"I'm sorry Skylar.. About last night, I was drunk..I.."

"Stop talking. Just stay away. Don't you ever come near me"

I say as calmly as I can muster. There's no use In screaming my head off. It won't convey my message any less.

"Skylar please, I.."

He touches my shoulder. I was off the couch in an instant, my palm making contact with his cheeks. I slap him, hard.

"You're a bastard!"

"I deserved that.."

The ringing of his phone Interrupts him before he could continue and he turns with a loud sigh, picking his phone off the bed and answering.


I turn away, folding the comforter. There was silence for a while as Cameron listened to whoever was on the line. He sighs after a while and hangs up.

"Uh..that was the lawyer.. And we have to meet with him. Uhh we have to leave Skylar.. I'm sorry our honeymoon had to be cut short".

I grab the suticsse that sat behind the couch and zip it open harshly, throwing everything inside.. "This wasn't a honeymoon anyway" 

I reply, blinking away the tears threatening to fall. This was just a beautiful dream which I had to wake up from one day or the other. I push everything into the suitcase, not bothering to fold them. What good will it do anyway.

"I'm done. We can leave"

I say in a clipped tone, setting the suitcase down.

"Skylar we can have breakfast first.. Uhh..I can order something for us to eat before..."

"You can have breakfast if you want"

I cut him off, walking past him to set the bed, making sure everything is just the way it was before we occupied it.


Furing the ride home, I was silent,looking out the window. I could occasionally feel Cameron's eyes on me the entire time throughout the ride. I didn't have it in me to acknowledge or look him in the eye. Being drunk was no excuse for whatever he said. Branding me a whore and barring out my secret about being a spy like that. I'm sure everyone on that floor in the hotel heard every single thing.

I jump out of the car immediately it comes to a stop in front of Julian's apartment. Walking to the porch, I ring the doorbell. It opens a second later and Sean comes barrelling into me.


I crouch down to his height, wrapping my arms around his little frame.

"Hey buddy, missed me?"

"A whole lot. I missed you mom"

"I missed you more baby. You eaten yet?" I pull back tucking in his shirt and fixing his belt.

"No. Uncle Julian was making breakfast" "Hmm. I'll prepare you breakfast and pack some chicken for your lunch okay?" "And lots of pasta" 

I chuckle

"Fine. And pasta. Come on" 

I straighten up, about to take his hand when he sets eyes on Cameron making his entry. He rushes to him, screaming in joy. I sigh, walking into the kitchen. "Hey Julian"

I grab an apron hanging on the wall and put it on.

"Oh hey Skylar. You're back?"

"Yep. I'm back. Let me help"

I walk past him to grab a few oranges.

"You don't have to Skylar. I've got this"

"I practically live here too Julian. It's the least I could do to help. Do you have juice?" 

I set the oranges into a bowl of water and begin to wash.

"No. I was actually going to buy some as soon as I was done with breakfast"

"Well then I'll make the juice. I used to make homemade juice for Sean"

"Okay then"

He nods, flipping the eggs in the pan.


I call after a while of silence


He turns, turning off the stove. I throw myself at him. He stiffens.

"Thank you. For being there for me. You, you're like the big brother I never had"

He chuckles, hugging me back.

"And you're like the sister I never had"

he flicks my nose when we pull away. I go back to juicing the oranges while Julian toasts some bread. I could feel his eyes on me and I could tell he had more to say. Perhaps ask me why our honeymoon had been cut short or perhaps ask me about the situation with Cameron after our argument but he didn't. And I'm glad he didn't.


After packing Sean's lunch into his bag, I pull out a few dollars and give to him. "Here Sean. Buy some.." "Pickles?" He finishes and I laugh.

"Yes buy some pickles. Be a good boy okay? And no running hmm?"

"Yes mom"

"Good. Bye"

I kiss him on the cheeks just as Julian begins to lead him out. I watch until they leave. I would have preferred Sean to go by the school bus but Julian had insisted it wasn't safe to take the tiniest of risks. The bus could be ambushed, probably. He'd said countless times that it would be much safer if he dropped Sean at school personally and made sure he got to his class. I couldn't be more thankful. I gather the plates from the dining table and take them into the kitchen to wash. I felt his presence before I saw him. His intoxicating coconut smell invaded my senses as he stepped into the kitchen.


I cringe at the nickname. "I'll serve your breakfast" without looking at him, I grab a clean plate to dish his food when his warm hands grab my wrist. I suck in a breath at the electricity that buzzes through my entire system. I suddenly feel like it's been ages since I had him so near. Slowly, Cameron turns me to face him, his fingers under my chin lifting my head up.

"Look at me princess. Please"

his voice was incredibly low I can't. I gulp. He runs a hand through my hair as his lips connects with my forehead. I step away Immediately from his hold before my emotions could betray me.

"Don't come close"

"I'm sorry. Forgive me.. I just..I can't stand this distance betwen us. It's hurting me more than I would like. I.. I know what I did was uncalled for and really stupid but I want you to know that I won't stop until you forgive me. I won't stop until you can look up at me with those beautiful eyes again. Until you begin to tease me and make sassy remarks, until you begin to roll your etes at me anytime I say something crazy, I won't stop. I won't stop princess.I'm really sorry"

I blink. You're not helping the situation Cameron.

"I..made orange juice. Would you like me to pour you some? It's actually homemade and I don't know if you'll like it.."

I say instead, turning away.

"I'll take anything you give me princess"

he answers. I don't say anything. I chose to keep quiet as I began to dish out his food.


An hour later, the lawyer who's name was Michael Norman and looked to be in his early forties arrived. He was supposed to be our defense lawyer. The meeting had been brief. All he'd done was ask me to tell him everything I knew from the moment the doctor confirmed me pregnant. I didn't know how all this information was going to help in winning the case because everything happened back in Ghana and well, I had no witness or evidence except for the doctor who'd confirmed that I was truly pregnant. She was the same doctor who took pity on me and run several test on me to see if I had been raped or anything since I kept claiming I'd never had any s*xual relations with any man. She was the one who'd put the doubt in my head that the pregnancy could be as a result of artificial insemination seeing as the test result didn't show any signs that I'd ever been penetrated. As embarrassing as it was, I told the lawyer everything. He'd later excused himself and left so he could finish some documents.

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. As I lay in bed that very night, my eyes couldn't stop glancing at the wall clock. Tomorrow was a Friday. The day of the first court hearing. I let out a sigh, tossing in bed. Strangely enough, Maurice hadn't texted or called me after he demanded I give him my address so he could send his lawyers to me to deliver the notice of the court. Of course, I had sent him Cameron's email account instead. It's very strange he hasn't tried to call or text me. He could be up to something. I just hope. I just hope we have a case strong enough to win custody of Sean tomorrow. I just pray so.

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  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    it's been long Eliza, u left us hanging but anyway thank for the episode..... keep the episodes rolling dear
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Cameron, next time don't drink plus your senses and hey, be a man enough to handle your troubles
  • eliza picture
    sure thing Kemi hun
  • eliza picture
    @ Bennie I thought he was your guy now you scolding him nonstop? lol
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Haha...I need to scold him dear, he's not helping matters with Skylar.
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Skylar, don't forgive Cameron yet oo, let him go on his knees nd beg u first. He cannot come nd be begging without kneeling. Thumbs up Eliz
  • eliza picture
    lol Confy you people are wicked hehe
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    I agree with you Confy-Dencie he had no right to humiliate her like that
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