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No way she still won't be downstairs. 








It's the next morning, I'm sure she left through the door I left open. 

I finish my press ups and I pad softly to the bathroom, going in to take my bath. 

It's gonna be a long day today, since opening another branch of my restaurant I have to work 24 hours, I like being hands on in the first few months of any of my restaurant opening. 

That's the major reason I don't like Louis being too close to me, he's like a leech and a mole my father has attached to my side.. It's as if my father is scared I would run away. . Again. 

He doesn't deserve me, that I can tell you. 

I dry my hair with a towel after I finish bathing and it falls in my face. 

The perks of having a white mother means I got most of her genes, long hair to go with it too. 

I get dressed, I bite my lip as I walk downstairs, opening the door that leads to the kitchen. 

Are you serious? 

She is sitting on the ground besides the potato sack, it's obvious she couldn't get anything done. 

I look closely to see one of the kitchen towels wrapped around her thumb, it's obvious by the blood on it that she tried to hack away her on finger. 

I lean against a stove and kick at her legs, she comes awake, hitting her head on the stove as she startles. 

"You slept" I say, pointing out the obvious. 

"Imm.. I'm..

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. Imm... S.. So..sorry" She stutters and that feeling of disgust I got towards her comes back. 

She stands quickly, biting her lips, I want to tell her to stop doing that, it's pretty obvious from where I'm standing that her lips are shredded from the constant biting. 

"Why didn't you leave?" I ask, pointing at the alley door I left open. 

"You told me to get this done before I can leave" 

I raise my brow, she really can't be serious. 

"You stayed to peel potatoes because I told you not to leave?" She nods and something strikes me as odd. 

She seems... Retarded? 

"Are you retarded?" Hurt crosses her face. 

"No,I'm not, I stayed behind because you told me not to leave without paying my bills" 

I nod slowly, still not getting if she is putting on an act or if she is seriously for real. 

I bite my lip ring and my hand massages my brow.

"Shiny" She whispers in awe, her eyes on my lip. 

"Can I touch it?" 

"What?" She must not be serious. 

"The shiny thingy, does it hurt? Can I touch it?" 

"You want to touch my lip ring?" 



"It's shiny" 

"That's the reason you want to touch it? Because it's shiny?" Where am I even going with this? 

"Yes" She nods like a child and I nod slowly. 

She must really be retarded. 

"Let me get this straight... You can't pay your bills, you can't peel the potatoes but you want to touch my lip ring?" I ask as if talking to a simpleton. 

"Yes" She nods, this time hesitantly. Let me take out this time to say that her eyes has been on my lip all this while. 

I slowly poke at the lip ring with my tongue and she giggles. 

"That's funny" She says and I swear to God her laugh is so cute. 

Wait.. Is this her plan? To act cute and adorable so she can get off the hook? 

Is this her act? 

"Fine you can touch it" I say and she steps forward with no hesitation whatsoever and pokes at my lip ring. 

"Wow.. It's real metal" 

Oh really? I thought it was ice. 

"Your lips are so pink" She says, her hands moving from my ring to my lip. 

Who is this girl? 


"What are you doing?" 

"Touching your lip" 


"Because I wanted to" 

Is there really a person with this kind of one track mind? 

I don't have time for this. 

I step back. 

"You can go" 

"Why?" She asks. 


"Yes, why do you want me to go? I'm not done paying my bills, I still have to finish the potatoes" 

"No, it's fine..

Read " The God And His Bride " by the same author ( Bebe Ernest )

. I can handle the potatoes, I want you gone" 

She nods slowly and the realization hits me. 

Jesus, she is really that naive. 

Is there any one in the world that can be this fucking innocent? 

"How are you this fucking innocent?" 

I ask her, grabbing her hand to keep her from touching a cleaver because it's shiny. 

"What's f*cking?" She asks curiosly. 

My eyes twitch in annoyance at the person who let this clueless naive girl into the world. 

"F*cking is not something you should be saying" I find myself correcting. 


"It's a bad word".

"Why? Why can't I say it and you can?" 

"Because I am a grown man and you are a child" 

"I'm not a child" 

"You don't know the meaning of f*ck, you are a child" 

"But.. But... I'm tall and I took online classes for college" 


"So? That means I'm grown, infact mother wants me to get married" 

They want the innocent to get married? What? 

"Cat.. You are not grown because you are getting married, you are only grown when I say you are" 

"What do I have to do to be grown?" She asks, her hand going up to play with my hair. 

"What are you doing?" 

"It's curly and soft.. I like touching it."

I step away from her and her hands is suspended in the air.. I don't want this woman touching me or my hair or my lip or my hair.. I'm sure you get what I mean. 

"First step to being a grown woman, you don't touch other people without their permission"

"But I like touching you"

"What you like does not matter when the person you are liking does not like it"


"Really" I say with finality.

"Does that mean you didn't like it?"

She asks with wide eyes and it's so adorable.

"Bloody hell!" She giggles.

"What?" I ask in frustration.

"You sounded different just now." it's my accent, my American accent, it comes through when I'm very angry or happy and in this case frustrated.

"That's not the point here.. The point here is that you.."Something growls and she blushes adorably. Shit.

" I'm hungry "She states.

" What do you want me to do about it?"

" Feed me"She says, grabbing my hand with a smile.

The nerve of this girl.



Hola... This.. Is the most I've written a convo in my life!

I enjoyed it, I hope you do too.

Thanks for reading.

Don't forget to like, rate and comment. 

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