Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine - Episode 24

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*B!!! My sweetheart and namesake, this one is at your feet, I love you girl *



I watch her sleep , she twitches her nose like a kid and I chuckle softly.

I enjoy watching her like this, it's times like this that I take a time to wonder what goes on in her mind?

What does she think? Is she as in deep as I am?

I lay back as I think about yesterday, it's the second time she has given herself to me, the second time we've been together in the most basic way. 

And also one of the many times I know that she has a plan of leaving me. 

I don't have to be psychic to know that something is up, it's obvious, I'm not a child. 

I wish she would trust me enough to tell me, she snuggles closer as my phone rings. 

I see the display and it's Mrs Carter, shit, I knew it was only a matter of time until she saw the article, I let her call go unanswered and it doesn't ring again. 

I know I'm gonna pay for that. 

"Good morning sunshine" She says In my ear and I turn to her, she sits up slowly, yawning, grabbing her hair in her hands and twisting it into a bun. 

This woman has to know I'm crazy over her right?

"Did you sleep okay?" She asks and I nod. 

"I had you, literally, so yes I slept quite good" I say in a low voice and it takes her a while to get my meaning but when she does she blushes and hits my shoulder. 

"You.. You are something else" She grumbles and I capture her hand in mine, making her fall into me. 

I kiss her and she melts. 

"I could make you feel something else, wanna see what that's like?" I ask in her ear and she nods before hiding her face in my neck. 

It was a while before we got up to bath. 


"What are we doing here?" Aaron asks me and I just elbow his stomach, no need for him to act like a fool. 

"I wonder why I take you places sometimes" 

"We are in a tattoo shop, it's not a place I want to be at, I'm young and should be out dating, you found love, why can't I?" 

"What's your problem?" I turn to face him in the car

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. "You have a tattoo, why can't I get one?"  I ask him and he pouts, crossing his arms over his chest. 

I roll my eyes, I swear to God he's a man child. 

"Sue me if I'm a little jealous of your new relationship, you are totally going to win best surprise of off season next season" He says and I nod. 

"Good thing you are jealous, shows that you are human, the way you mess up the house I wonder sometimes if you are an alien" I say seriously and he punches my arm. 

"Wow, that was quite the punch, seems you are well enough to leave my house don't you think?" I ask again. 

"Fuck. You, Carter, you can shove your house in a place the sun doesn't shine" He grumbles and we exit the car. 

"You should totally go out soon, I will come with you too, if you want" I say completely serious this time.

"Nah,there's someone on my mind, you just have to get your shit sorted first" He says and I don't ask him what he means by that. 

Dude wants to be cryptic? that's his f*cking business. 

I lead the way to the tattoo shop's entrance and he follows. 

9 hours later, a lot of tattoo guns and uncomfortable prickling I'm done and it's worth it. 

"You are so whipped" Aaron says as we enter the house, I don't respond, one, it's late and I'm tired, two, I've been away from my drug of choice for too long. 

I open the door to see her sitting on the foyer, sleeping, I bend and pick her and she wakes. 

"Where were you?" She asks, her voice completely devoid of sleep and a lot angry. 


I set her back on the ground and she stands her ground, her hands on her hips. 

"Do you know how scared I was that something might have happened? You didn't call me, I don't have yours or Aaron's number , you didn't even bother to check in! I was... I was so worried" She finishes in a broken whisper and I pull her in. 

She clings to me and I to her. Aaron exits the room. 

"I'm sorry you were worried baby, I totally forgot" 

"I was so scared, watching the news for any accidents, you didn't even tell me where you were going" 

"I'm sorry" I say simply and she nods, "Just.. Just let me hold you, I have to make sure you are okay" She says and I stand still as she does so. 

I look past her head to see cards scattered on the couch. 

"What were you doing?" 

"I was making a card for you" she says, lifting her head. 

"Yeah? Do I get to see it?" She nods, handing me a pink envelope. 

I slip it into my pocket and bend to carry her upstairs. 

Her hand goes around my neck. I get to our room and place her on the bed, she's already out like a light. 

My baby girl must have been tired, waiting for me. 

No need to ask myself if she is  as in deep as I am, it's shining in her eyes to see. 

I pull out the piece of paper she gave me and smile to see her cute writing, it's girly and light. 

"Let's me again in my next life, I'll be yours and you'll be mine, I love you till the sky comes crashing down" 


Addiection must be her pen name, she told me she writes sometimes, I'm proud of my baby. 

I smile but then it hits me. 

Her pen name and signature look awfully familiar. 



Thanks for reading, you know what to do right? Gimme lots of your thoughts. 

So Google weather says it might rain today, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Hola, Ayomide, Bernice, Adeoti, Bene love, Amma, thanks for always being here to guide me. 

Much love. 

Zinny? Mandy? Hope you are not incognito right now? 

Oluwa gbemisola, Hola, Billie pearl, Hola. 

. .

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  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
  • Favour Abhatue picture
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Secret about to be out.
  • Ukbaby picture
    Guess what.. It didn't rain.... Thanks dear
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Nice nice nice, when will Addie tell Levi the truth now? I pray nothing separates their love. Love and kisses bebe
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    When Is She Gonna Tell Him The Truth?I Can Not Wait For His Reaction And That Of His Avery Mavery.And Her Sister's Pov.
  • Mbitjita Kamukuendjandje picture
    Mbitjita Kamukuendjandje
    I know for sure I am gonna cry with Levi whether it's tears of joy or sorrow!
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    I believe Addie is taking d step of telling Levi d truth, familiar name & signature should bring old memory of their promise back then. Bebe u know we love u right
  • Amma picture
    Levi u shd encourage her more to open up yh
  • prisca chiwendu picture
    prisca chiwendu
    hi Bebe you're my muse. nice job.
  • Vikiy picture
    Clues and pieces are coming together Levi.... d girl for yrs back....
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    hmmmm,Levi just think abt d girl at d hospital ...awww,I think d truth is abt to come out,I'm scared already
  • Tumininu Odunlami picture
    Tumininu Odunlami
    Am loving this story like kilode. Next pls
  • Cutedreamer picture
    Really enjoying this next pls
  • Ogunbanwo Abimbola picture
    Ogunbanwo Abimbola
    Please, when will the next episode be out.....I can't wait to finish it
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    I'm learning the act of blushing too my face is so red now guess who did that to me "Bebe" dont tell me Levi went to tatoo Adeline on his body... Ouch I'm jealous like Aaron
  • Fatty picture
    Guess Adeline is trying to pick Levi's memory by the writing.. Please just speak up. This suspense is killing
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