The Quest - Episode 14

THE QUEST (A Quest for Power)

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Paa: (Bowing down to the king) My king, I couldn't find the man you told me to go in search for. His brother, told me that Omiku has long gone to the forest for hunting.

King: Okay then, you can go. (The guard went back to his post station).


Dontizu raised up her hands in the air, a magical cage appeared and caged Dona in it. Dona was still processing what Dontizu had revealed to her.

Dontizu: (Laughing) Watch as I destroyed Ampoka Kingdom (She raised her hands once more and started chanting out some incantation . Her hands glows a bit green as her chant increases the more.

Some alien figures appeared in form of wolves. They were lean, has the face of lion, their eyes were four each.) After waiting for thousands of years the time has come for me. (Laughing out again, then turned to face Dona) I won't end you now, but after my victory, my nameless destroyers will be the one to end you.

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. (Turned to look at her nameless destroyers) Go and destroy the kingdom of Ampoka, do not let any living being out of your sight

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. (They all ran out with  inhuman fastest speed as they all ran towards the kingdom of Ampoka).


Tashaina felt the presence of the nameless destroyers as they approach the kingdom. She smirked as it showed on her face. Having making sure her room was tightly secured, she magically made a huge mirror appeared in front of her. She saw as they speed coming towards the kingdom.

Tasha: (In a strong commanding tone) Stop!! (Surprisingly the nameless destroyers all came to an halt as they heard a new stronger voice in their head) I am your new mistress and you will have to do what I say. Go back to where you are all coming from, kill any living being there and wait for me there. That would be your new home. (Without saying a word, the nameless destroyers turned back the previous way and ran with inhuman speed towards Dontizu).

Tashaina laughed out loud to her heart content. Dontizu has forgotten that the creature has been the creation of her father in the first place, he had taught Dontizu how to unlock the nameless destroyers and also taught his daughter, Tashaina.

Tashaina once remembered when she asked her father why the creatures were given that name and her father reply was:

They were made to forget their names because, once they remember who they really are then they are free. They were placed under a curse to roam round the world as a nameless creatures. Although their cursed state gave them powers, powers to destroy.

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