The Power Of Love - Episode 34

The Power Of Love

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- Felix diverted to another way different from the route to his destination and the car still followed behind. It then dawned on him that he is being followed.

"What do i do? What do i do?"

he found himself asking aloud. At that, he took a sharp turn as fast as he could to see if that car will do the same. Surprisingly it did . Felix halted his car and jumped down immediate to confront who ever it was that is driving the car . If this is danger, he should face it first than tagging it along to Mercy the Girl of his Dream. He waited patiently for the black Mercedes to halt as well but it didn't.

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. It drove pass his car and he kept on watching till it parked in a distance not far from his. Immediately, Felix charged towards the car angrily. He opened the door to the car and held the driver by the collar of his shirt as he was alone. He pulled him out of his car and pinned him outside it.

"tell me why are you following me around?"

Felix yelled.

"excuse me sir? I don't get you. What's the meaning of all these nah?"

the young man said struggling to free himself from his grip

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. Felix tightened his grip to his neck and it choked him.

"i said why are you following me about? Are you paid to do so? Who sent you?"

Felix yelled angrily again.

"no one sir. Just let me go , no one is following you!" the man groaned Felix pounced his face hard.

"how am i to believe you?" he pounced him on the stomach "i said tell me why are you following me or should i take you to the police station for interrogation?"

Felix screamed ones more.

"sir stop this nonsense . I am on my destination and you are on yours. How can you come from no where to hold and accuse me of following you. This is just an illegal harassment. Why are you even afraid of being followed in the first place."

the man shouted >>>>NEXT <<<<<<<

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