The Power Of Love - Episode 38

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Felix was enraged after listening to Mercy's explanation. He knew that their is no other person who was liable to confront her like that if not Martina. He hurried to her house immediately and on the clear note, he saw the very Guy who had followed him the night he proposed to Mercy. He then Understood how she got to know Mercy's address.

"how dare you lay your filthy hand on my girl friend?"

Felix shrieked the moment Martina stepped out of the compound. "did i here you say girlfriend? Is it that rag that you are making reference to as girl friend?" Martina asked . Felix was getting more exasperated and furious. Infact he lost it. He ran forward to her and gave her a resounding slap.

"how dare you call her a rag? Did you want me to deal badly with you?"

he ranted as she held her hand tightly on her cheek.

"felix you slapped me?"

she ask with shaky voice.

"yes i did! And i am going to do more the next time you bring your self close to her"

he fumed. He looked up just then to see Mr. Edmund , His wife and other members of his family coming out of the house. Felix Have no strength or let me say the time to go into formal explanation of what their daugther did, he stumped out of the gate, entered into his car and drove home.


the four members of the family was seated together around the dining table. Before Every one of them was a plate of rice and stew

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. Soft drinks and water were positioned at the center of the table. They ate silently As accustomed to them. The only sound heard with that of the cling of the metallic spoon on the Ceramic plate. The silent went on until Chief. Gavin's phone rang. It was martina so he picked the call almost immediately.

"Hello Martina........."

he said and the way the person at the other side of the call screamed made him to flinch. Felix looked up to his father knowing fully well that their is trouble looming on the Horizon. The way his eyes narrowed to him and the way his wrinkles folded more clarified a havoc. Its not usually ordinary When ever he put on that grimace.. People who knows him very well blatantly knows how to stay very far when ever that look appears on his face.

"what nonsense!"

the older man screamed the moment he dropped the Phone on the table. Now all eyes were on him and they all look shuddered.

"how dare you!"

his bass voice snarled as he glared dreadfully at his son who was by now looking at the table timidly.

"what's the problem?"

Flora asked her husband with an obvious puzzle look on her face. Chief Gavin made less attempt to acknowledge her, he just kept glaring at Felix angrily, if eyes were gun, Felix would have by now admitted numerous bullets into his skull.

"what's wrong with you Felix? Why did you hit her? Are you out of your senses? "

he roared.

"she caused it, she slapped my girlfriend"

Felix said.

"which girlfriend are you talking about?"


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. Gavin slammed the table hard getting up from his seat.

"tell me which one? Street girls? Cheap prostitute? Gold diggers? Tell me which one!"

Gavin yelled. Felix was burning like Hell inside. He can tolerate and accommodate what so every name or abuse given to him But when the abuse is fashioned for the one he loves, the patients was sure to die leaving the anger to explode like the fire in a volcano.

"Dad Mercy is not a Gold-digger, neither is she a prostitute! She is the Lady i Love so Mu..."

he received a plate of rice on his face before he could finish his statement. With that, every one yanked off the table apart from him (felix), he was still stricken with awe. The ceramic plate fell off to the tiled hard floor and broke into pieces. The rice splashed all over his body as the stew pasted perfectly on his face. He made attempt to remove the stew but on the process, a good amount of pepper found their way into his eyes.

"What did you know about Love?"

Gavin shouted. His wife ran over to him to calm his nerves while Mirabell went to his brother to lend him a helping hand. He poured water on his face and helped him wash off the stew.

"Look young man, Do good to bring that girl you called girl friend home for a formal recognition tomorrow"

Chief Gavin stated finally. He took his phone from the the table and headed to his room to have few glasses of whisky. At least that will help calm his nerves. 

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Felix, don't bother to bring Mercy home for now cos your father don't have good intention
  • Stella samson picture
    Stella samson
    jesus! This Chief Gavin . He is so mean
  • Stella samson picture
    Stella samson
    next please. Getting more interesting every episode
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    I swear @Dolapo. Lets just sit and know the next thing that follows
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    True talk @ stella. Thanks for the compliment. honestly , I really feel honoured
  • Kc Bright picture
    Kc Bright
    omg! See how this man waste the rice and stew whey dey hungry me . I am sure meat follow pure. My advice is for felix to pick up the meat and eat period. Madness will only mad mad people
  • Kc Bright picture
    Kc Bright
    omg! See how this man waste the rice and stew whey dey hungry me . I am sure meat follow pure. My advice is for felix to pick up the meat and eat period. Madness will only mad mad people
  • Peter Ijeremen picture
    Peter Ijeremen
    no wonder lion gives birth to lion not a goat felix copied his anger from his father
  • Peter Ijeremen picture
    Peter Ijeremen
    i only hope he don't act like this when mercy is their i no Felix will show the beast in him that am sure
  • Adaeze picture
    this is not proper nah. Mercy wont be confortable in this kind of family
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    OMG ! kc you forced tears out of my eyes because of laughter. May be you have first class in comedy.
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    @kc. That rice follow dey hungry me. Lol
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    yea. I agree with you @peter. Its the same blood that runs through their vein . The difference is the ability to control the anger.
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    I do pray o. @peter. Lets keep on reading to know where the story is taking us to
  • Uche Aghanwa picture
    Uche Aghanwa
    eyaa ' chief Gavin self
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