The Power Of Love - Episode 37

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"umh, what .. Can...i do"

Mercy asked with ultimate fear. Martina berged in ignoring her question, the two guys behind her came in as well. Mercy's heart was pumping high like some one who was going to have an heart attack as the lady walked around the house freely like it belongs to her.

"so this is where Felix comes often after giving excuse upon excuse of being busy?"

she muttered under her breath as she spotted one of his shoe somewhere in the room.

"so you are the b*tch fooling around with my man?"

she fired at Mercy. Mercy was startled and confused . She tried speaking but no word was forth coming. Her tongue seemed to have been tied down. Martina went very close to her looking at her dreadfully and horrendously. Mercy was blatantly shuddered. If she was ok, she will just turn around and run away just like she does when ever frank's men catches up with her. She watch Martina raised her hand in the middle of the air above like a flash and the next thing, it collided On her cheek with a loud slap. Every where around her went mute and dark with tiny sparks of stars for a some seconds. When she realise her self again, she was already on the floor sobbing. Martina kept ranting abuses on her

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. "stay away from Felix you ugly cow slut ! His mine and mine alone" that was only what Mercy could pick up out of all she said.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The way Mercy have been sobbing since Felix got to her apartment is making him mad and furious, she had refused to tell him how the water found its way into the pumpkin leaf. He tried hugging her but she yanked off his hands. Some one should hold him because the guy is really going crazy.


He thundered at Hugo who was by now scared to the bone. Felix held his collar and shook him violently. "what happened to her ?! I am going to strangle some one here o!" he screamed. "i just went down the road to buy some beverages. And when i returned, i saw her sobbing on the floor" Hugo said with a low panicky voice and Kpaaai!!! the next thing heard was a loud slap on his cheek. "Felix stop that! Leave him alone" Mercy screamed. "are you ready to tell me the problem?" he fired back at her more in a blackmailing tone. "its not his fault ,leave him alone" "until you promise to tell me the problem". "okay, i will, Just leave him alone" that instant, he left Hugo and went to her straight away. He sat beside her , took her hand and pasted a soft kiss on it. "what is the problem my love. I can't bear it seeing a sad grimace on your face how much more the way you are sobbing. If you remain like this, i will kill some one. Don't be surprise" he stated giving her soft kiss on the cheek. She smiled sorrowfully. If she was in a jovial mood like in the other times, she will laugh aloud but here , she smiled and that sent some humors to him. "so tell me my heart so we can tackle the problem together" he demanded again looking at her intently. ''its all your fault'' she accused. ''what?'' he exclaimed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Martina, the way you are moving yourself over that boy i don't just like it." Edmund scolded her daugther He was watching a show from the large plasma television hanging on the marble wall of his sitting room when her daugther entered.

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. "Dad , must you always greet me with this Topic?" Martina fired back at her father. "yes i have to. Where is your self respect?" Edmund asked. "its with me, i love Felix .Dad i love him so much. He used to be my price charming even when i was younger." she defended her self. "you yove yim " Edmund mimicked her jestfully "what do you know about Love? Don't you know its a guy that will always go for the Lady he love and not in the other way round". "i don't care! His father is hankering i should be with him" " and that's the more reason why i don't approve that. I know that Gavin so much, he is a very greedy man. He is seeking an advantage to hang his hand upon" Edmund bawled. "your business is always your pride! Dad this is my life" She bawled back. "MARTINA! MARTINA!! Come out here and face me you bitch!" an angry voice shouted outside the compound. 

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    You do well Felix, for fighting for your woman
  • Kc Bright picture
    Kc Bright
    i know its felix. Nice episode
  • Kc Bright picture
    Kc Bright
    for martina's mind now she be james bond. She never see any thing.
  • Adaeze picture
    i just want to know her reaction now felix is mad at her. If she is brilliant enough, she will heed to her father,s advice. When will the next be available?
  • Stella samson picture
    Stella samson
    tony please post Episode 38 fast fast fast.
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Abi o @ dolapo
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Lol @ kc bright. I feeling like blinding her so she won't see any thing again
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    and I also want to see the expression on your comment when you sees her reaction tomorrow. @ Adaeze . Thanks for commenting. Next is coming your way so soon
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Your command is my wish @ Stella
  • Peter Ijeremen picture
    Peter Ijeremen
    she is not inlove but lost
  • Peter Ijeremen picture
    Peter Ijeremen
    i really love my man reaction he did not play a hide and seek game but open show
  • Peter Ijeremen picture
    Peter Ijeremen
    please next episode i want to see how far he will go
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Thank you my good friend for your comments. @Peter Ijeremen. It really gives me encouragement to write more. The next one will be released tomorrow
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