The Power Of Love - Episode 35

The Power Of Love

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"this do not elapse here. I am going to conduct a thorough investigation on this case. And if i finds out any thing messy about you, you are arrested"

Felix threatened the Dude before letting Go of his collar. The young man kept gasping for air while Felix took out his Phone and snapped the plate number of his vehicle.

He smirked at him and went back to his car.

The young man began to scratch his head as if their is a louse in their biting him. That was perceptibly a flinch which entailed of Disappointment . - - - - Mercy was already dressed in the pink tube gown Felix had gotten for her the day before. The dress was stunning and exorbitant just like cinderella's type of dress. Her make up was perfect and splendid. Her hanker was to impress and attract Felix. Its conspicuous enough that guy has much effect on her. He is her prince charming and obsessive crush. But then , she don't know how to opened up to him. Soon, Felix arrived. He had driven as fast and careful as he could. He couldn't dally to tell her his feeling. On seeing her, his mouth opened wide out of admiration and all the words he knew vanished away through thin air. Her beauty had captivated him like a prisoner and made him breathless and speechless. His eyes was glued steadily on hers as He wondered how she manage to get more pretty and prettier every day

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. Mercy began to feel nervous with the way he was starring heavily . His eyes were magically charming and cute. She timidly took her eyes off him and that gave him a chance to speak.

"you look beautiful. I can't believe you could be this Magnificent. You are breath-taking"

he confessed and that made her blush. Actually those words were basically the type of comments she was expecting. They were sending electric buzz and sentimental sparks in her.

"thank you so much"

she appreciated with smile and he melted to that.

"i guess you are ready?" he inquired.


she replied shyly. She wasn't that courageous to look into his eyes again. He came closer to where she was sitting and took her right hand . He brought it closer to his lips and then kissed it.

"lets get going my dearest."

he said . Then He carried her off the couch and headed straight away to the door. Hugo brought her cruches along, locked the building and joined them in the car. Felix turned on the radio of his car As he accelerated , immediately, BREATHLESS by shayne ward started playing. That was actually defining part of his feeling for her. His mind traced back to the details Mirabell had give him. He had put every thing in place. The flower he bought was now somewhere waiting for the perfect and genuine time to switch ownership. This was really gonna stress him out because its probably the first time he will be asking a Lady to be his girlfriend. "are you sure you are comfortable walking with those crushes?" Felix asked. They are now at their destination. she had declined his help of carrying her into the bar.

"it will be embarrassing. I am okay with the cruches"

she replied.

"okay if you insist. "

Felix concurred with her. He watched her as she took few steps with those cruches Hugo had brought. He went to her, held her waist and led her forward. Hugo remained in the car waiting for them while he (Felix) took her to some where sacred in the bar.

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. There were two chairs positioned opposite to each other with a table inbetween them. The table was resplendently decorated unlike the other ones in the bar. And on it was the flower he had bought during the day. He had came to the bar and arranged one or two things immediately after confronting the guy who was following him. He beckoned to a waiter for their meal and drink after they had sat opposite to each other.

"mercy, i want you to have this"

Felix said handing the flower over to her . Mercy was filled with positive surprise. She pinched her self to make sure she wasn't dreaming. It impressed her so much that she had to smile unconditionally as she took the flower from him.

"is this really for me?"

she asked jovially. "yes dear. Hope you likes it?" "yes i do. Thank you very much" she appreciated.

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