The Power Of Love - Episode 36

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Noah and his cohorts went to their destination that night as they had scheduled. Unfortunately for them, it was someone else who they had seen from afar. She had similar resemblance with mercy and Judah had mistook her for Mercy. He had to go back with mission uncompleted which rendered the effort they made in breaking the door useless.


The whole bar was silent as felix and mercy ate quietly. When they were through , Felix became nervous as he thought of how to start . But suddenly , SPEECHLESS by Michael Jackson filled the air.

**** Your love is magical, that's how I feel. But I have not the words here to explain

**** those words caught his attention and he dissolved in listening to the music first.

**** Gone is the grace for expressions of passion. But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain. To tell you how I feel

**** although it was fast but he understood the lyrics vertically well. Despite the fact he had practiced so hard the previous night on what to say but right at the moment, it seems his emotions are failing him. Words can't really explain the kind of feeling he has for her.

**** But I am speechless, speechless That's how you make me feel. Though I'm with you I am far away And nothing is for real

**** the music had begun properly

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. It was as if Michael Jackson read his heart before singing the song . He kept glaring at her and she did the same. The music was really having an effect on them.

**** When I'm with you I am lost for words. I don't know what to say. My head's spinning like a carousel So silently I pray

**** Felix found his hand coming closer to her hands on the table. The passion was too much for him. He felt like kissing her all over her body.

**** Helpless and hopeless That's how I feel inside Nothing's real, but all is possible If God is on my side

*** he took her hands and the buzz became inevitable that he was no longer in control of his body

**** When I'm with you I am in the light where I cannot be found It's as though I am standing in the place called Hallowed Ground Speechless, speechless That's how you make me feel.........

***************** " Mercy" he called softly. "yes" she answered. "i don't know how to start. I don't know where to begin . I don't even know how to table it, but its as if this music is reading the intent of my heart." she didn't say a word , she continued glaring and then he continued. "i don't know how to describe the feeling that have been burning inside of Me since i met you. When ever i am with you, i feels different, i feels complete. I feels the sentimental sparks. when ever i looks into your eyes. I feels my mind blowing when ever our skin torches. I loves you so much Mercy. I want to take responsibility of you forever. I want you to be with me forever. I want to be your strength in all your weakness. I want to be your other half. Will you please be my Lover?" All he said blew her head and made her feel extra ordinary. "yes i will. I love you too Felix" she replied. he kissed her fingers again and again out of happiness. That was practically the happiest day of his life so far.

------------ ------------- "we've ran shortage of beverages. Let me go down the road and purchase it before it gets late." Hugo said to mercy.

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. This was happening five days later after the proposal. "you have no problem" mercy said. With that , Hugo shut the door behind him leaving mercy alone in the house. She was busy chatting up with Felix until she heard a knoke at the door sooner than she had expected. "who is it?" she asked. She thought it was Hugo so with out waiting for a reply , she got up with the help of her cruches and then opened the door. She was surprise to see a lady with two men behind her. The three looked unfriendly and dangerous. Just looking at them made her shivered. Next episode Loading...



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