The Power Of Love - Episode 39

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"You have been looking pale since you got here. What's eating you up?"

Mercy asked with consternation as she adjusted close enough to Felix.

He had left the house immediately that night to mercy's and his grimace was freaking her out.


he breathed.

"you are obviously troubled. Don't tell me you were engaged in a fight or something of that nature with the way you stumped out after i had explained the lady that came here earlier."

she stressed.

"you worry too much . I am fine. Don't bother about me dearest"

he said sounding as jovial as he could. He even went ahead forcing an unwilling smile out of his lips.

"you know you are lying?"

she rolled her eyes and he smiled willfully.

"so where did you go to?"

she asked further.

"i went to Martina's house and returned the slap and warning she gave you. You know its not right keeping any of her belonging here"

Felix said fashionably to make her happy so she would give up asking so much question. And just as he had expected, she laughed.. "but you shouldn't have..."

he placed a finger inbetween her lips and prevented from saying further

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. "i told you i would do anything for your sake. Its late now , i think you should go to bed." "i don't want to! I'm not moving an inch with out you"

she protested. She held his hand tight and placed her head on his chest. "have you forgotten i sleeps on this sofa?" he probed.

"you are going to bed with me. Afterall, we are now couples right?"

she asked as she lifted her face from his chest so she could be able to see his eyes and by so doing, their faces became inches away. She felt his breath inbetween her two eyes and its warmth was boasting her passion. "alright darling. If that's what you wish"

he replied and that instant, she grabbed his head and connected her lips to him. Their tongue played together as the kiss became hotter , she gave out a soft m*an into his mouth and he pulled out immediately. She was filled with disappointment and sadness that she started regretting why she had even kissed him in the first place.

"Mercy i want to tell you some thing"

he said nervously

"what is it?"

she requested curiously.

"my Dad wants to see you. So is my mum and sister too"

he paused and stared to know if she will grimace. She only propelled him with a curious look.

"will you make it to the family dinner so i will introduce you to them tomorrow?"

he beseeched.

"is that why you are nervous? Or is there any other thing behind it"

she inquired.

"just it."

"wow. I will if you takes me along. "

she grinned Felix grabbed her head that instant and connected his lips and then they continued passionately from where they stopped.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chief Gavin had been sitting patiently in his sitting room waiting for Felix and his said Lover to arrive. He was so curious and anxious to know the guts of the lady to have stolen his son's heart.

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. His wife was watching movie still in the same sitting room while he kept himself busy with a news paper. Shortly they arrived and he suspended the news paper and diverted his attention to the two young adults at the door. The moment his eyes sets on the young lady, he disqualified her. She was walking with cruches and his son supported her with his hands around her waist so she won't fall. His face wrinkled more in obvious anger. This is never even a pin point in what he expects.

"How could he be too stupid to love a lame?"

he murmured under his breath. Just then a maid came forward and announced that The dinner is ready.

"wow! Seems we came at the very right time!"

Felix Hollered . His mother hissed and his father kept throwing a dagger look at the both of them. He was surely going to end it all that very night whether his son likes it all not. 

-  - -

Ehem. Interaction time. What do you think will be the out come of this dinner?.

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  • Stella samson picture
    Stella samson
    he disqualified her on first sight while his son qualified her at first sight. He should give way for his son to make his choice jareeh. I feel that humiliation is hanging on the air.
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    For sure, he will disqualify the lady for his own selfish reasons with Martina's father business
  • Kc Bright picture
    Kc Bright
    felix is hiding the fire on the mountain from mercy. She did not know what she is bargaing with. Nice author next please
  • Adaeze picture
    felix's father should not cause problem o.
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Ah swear @ stella. Kasala go bursts when that humiliation on the air go fall
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Ah swear @ stella. Kasala go bursts when that humiliation on the air go fall
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Abi o @ kc. Thanks for the compliment
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    that's the situation most probably. @dolapo
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    You know him very well nah @ Adaeze . He is a no nonsense man
  • Uche Aghanwa picture
    Uche Aghanwa
    this man should not spoil our film o
  • Uche Aghanwa picture
    Uche Aghanwa
    this man should not spoil our film o
  • Peter Ijeremen picture
    Peter Ijeremen
    i no that eye of dagger will turn cold water when the dad know his dear son caused it
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