The Missionary's Journey - Episode 18

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The next day, Gabriel and Ifeyinwa went fishing, carrying a fishing net and a cooler.

Ifeyinwa spent hours showing him how to set the net, when to throw and how to transfer the fishes into the cooler.

"Nawa for you o, Gabriel, wetin you fit do?" She laughed at him as he failed miserably at fishing. 

"Abeg, you are just a bad teacher."

"Naso, lazy pikin."

Gabriel splashed water at her and she threw the net on him. Gabriel tripped as he tried to dodge the net and they both laughed.

"Awwn, look at the two stupid love birds
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. Ifeyinwa so you have finally turned against us ehn?" Janet walked forward with her girls behind her.

"What do you want Janet? Leave this place," Ifeyinwa dragged Gabriel behind her.

"I will leave o but not without that boy and your head," Janet pointed at them threateningly.

"Really? Come na, come chop am," Gabriel sneered. Gabriel folded his fist as he got ready to fight.

"Are you stupid? They have powers too," Ifeyinwa whispered.

"Oh," Gabriel stared blankly.

The girls ran towards them, their faces twisted in anger. Ifeyinwa looked around and controlled the sand to rise and whipped their eyes with it

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. The girls screamed in pain, rubbing their eyes. Ifeyinwa then levitated a rock from the river and threw it at Janet. Janet bent down just in time but the rock struck the girl behind her and the girl collapsed.  Janet stretched her hands and screamed. Ifeyinwa was propelled backwards into the river by a great force. Janet then turned to face Gabriel.

"Stupid boy, come meet me na, sebi you wan fight," she screamed at Gabriel, gesturing at him.

Gabriel looked back at ifeyinwa who was struggling to stand up in the water. Janet and the second girl advanced towards Gabriel as he moved back.

Ifeyinwa levitated a large fish from the water and slapped the second girl with it. The girl staggered backwards and then Ifeyinwa pointed a finger at her and screamed. Water rushed from the river and pulled the girl into the river with the current carrying her away. Ifeyinwa panted heavily, feeling exhausted. 

"You stupid girl," Janet turned to face Ifeyinwa, running towards her.

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. She jumped on Ifeyinwa, pinning her down with her knees and strangled her. She drove Ifeyinwa’s head underwater as Ifeyinwa tried to shove the bigger girl away, her leg kicking violently as she swallowed water.

"Stop that," Gabriel screamed.

‘‘Be a good boy and wait there. I am coming for you next," Janet sneered.

Gabriel looked around, suddenly remembering the item in his pocket. He ran towards Janet, revealing the anointing oil he carried in his pocket. He opened it and poured the content on Janet’s head. Janet screamed and rubbed her head as her hair and scalp fried. She clawed at her face and screamed dreadfully. 

"What is this? What have you done to me?" she cried. She stood up, turned and ran away as fast as her legs could carry her. Gabriel turned and lifted Ifeyinwa up. Ifeyinwa shivered violently, coughing up water. 

She sat up and whispered, "Thank you."

"No, I should be the one thanking you. You were such a bad ass," Gabriel smiled.

"Well, friends look out for each other, right?" She smiled back.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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