The Missionary's Journey - Episode 20

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

As Anita walked home from the market that day, her ears were plugged with her earpiece as she listened to a song by Beyonce humming the tune. Two girls and a boy blocked her path, looking at her with disgust and hatred.

She rolled her eyes at them, "Yes, what do you want? You want my attention? Sorry but I don’t have your time right now. Maybe if you impress me by doing my assignment this weekend, I could consider talking to you in school on Monday."

The boy walked up to her and slapped her face hard, her earpiece came off as blood spilled from her mouth
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. She looked at him in shock, shaking with fear, "What do you want? What did I do?" She said as tears began to form. The girls held her hands and dragged her along with them. 

"Wait, where are you taking me? What’s going on?" She asked tearfully.

"Silence," the boy shouted and she was unable to move her lips. She began to shake her head and cry as she was carried away.


"Pastor Onyimadu, What do we do?" Ifeyinwa shook with fear.

"Calm down and stay behind me," Mr Oyinmadu comforted her. The kids stood still, glancing outside through the window. Mrs Oyinmadu dragged the kids behind her and protected them with her body.

The preacher stepped out to see a gathering of thirteen individuals, forming a semi circle around a well built man with charms and white paint smeared all over his body

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. His right eye circled with a charcoal. Beads of different colours hung on his neck, wrists and ankles.

"So you are the preacher. The man said, his voice sounding thunderous. "You and that traitorous brat will die this night," lightening struck the sky and thunder clapped.

"You and your deity have no power here," the preacher called back.

"Really? Just you wait, just as I am slowly killing you here. I have someone slowly skinning your daughter alive. I feel a great power within you but such power is absent in her. I will cause you great pain, preacher," the man smiled wickedly.

"Where is my sister? Where are you keeping her?" Gabriel screamed.

A boy came out from the semi circle behind the high priest and flashed Anita’s phone. 

"If you want her, come," he sneered and ran off.

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. Gabriel ran after the boy. The preacher and Ifeyinwa shouted after him both in unison, "Gabriel, come back," but Gabriel’s main focus was to catch up with the boy. Ifeyinwa stomped her feet in frustration and ran after him too. 

The preacher tried to follow them but the high priest blocked his path

"Your battle is with me, preacher," the high priest sneered.

The man raised his hands and lightning crackled between his fingers as he laughed.

"I command you in the name of the Most High, flee to the hole from whence you ca..." the preacher said

"Shut up," the man shouted and fired a lightning bolt at him.

The preacher staggered a little. "Is this the power of your gods? How futile."

"In the name that is above all others, let fire from above strike you down," the preacher shouted. The man staggered and landed on his butt. He looked back to find his followers completely roasted and blackened. The man looked shock, "What is this? What kind of power is this? How are you people dead? Stand up," he shouted but no one responded. 

"Damn you," the high priest screamed. He charged at the preacher knocking him to the ground. "If I can’t hurt you with the power of the gods, then you will surely die by my own hands." He grabbed the preacher by his ankle and tossed him aside like a rag doll.

Mrs Oyinmadu now outside, watching the scene before her tried to say something but he held her mouth shut, "There is truly power in the tongue, isn’t there?" He smiled at her and threw her against the door. He walked towards the preacher, carrying a bench and slammed it on the preacher. Slamming it on him once, twice, thrice, he began to laugh wickedly.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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