The Last Virgin - Episode 11

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I don't know for how long I walked.

I guess my mind was that preoccupied not to have realised where I was going.

My legs are aching from so much walking and my bloody clothes suddenly feel clingy and disgusting on me.

I stop walking and look around.

I was at a deserted area surrounded by different kinds of trees and a small lake.

Thank God.

Walking towards the lake, I squat and scoop some amount of water and splash it on my face and then drink some.. Done, I look around and find a rock which I waste no time in resting my butt on.

I kick my shoes off, letting the soft grass do the massage on the soles of my aching feet. . I bring my knees up and wrap my arms around them,resting my head on then.

I sigh.. What kind of f*cked up life am I living? When am I going to wake up and realise all this was one huge nightmare? These questions seem to answer themselves as I wake up each day with a different kind of strange thing happening to me.

Me almost killing my mother was the last straw.

How did it happen? How did I do it even? I f*cking don't know! I feel like I'm living in an endless maze, trying to connect the dots and find my way out.. Yet there seems to be no way out whatsoever.

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. These numerous questions keep piling and piling up each blessed day.

I sniff almost too louder than I intended as I go back to sulking over my recently turned pathetic life.

I was so engrossed in my own thoughts I didn't feel another presence behind me until I feel hard yet soft and calloused fingers in my hair.

An unfamiliar emotion surges through me at the touch.

I shut my eyes, savoring the feel of the strangers fingers running through my hair.

Stranger! F*ck! Am I that dense to let some stranger run his fingers through my hair?.

What if he's doing some sort of magic spell on me? Or he's trying to kidnap me? Sh*t! My eyes shoot pen and I turn only to be met with the most handsome face I've ever encountered.

"Hey, are you alright?"

The stranger asks, his face scrunched with worry as he takes in my appearances.

I swear my words got caught in my throat that moment.

"My name is Eugene and you are?"

He says again and I'm still speechless.

My eyes are busy eye-raping this man meat before me. Damn! Does God still create such perfect humans? Not to exaggerate or anything but this man before me is the perfect definition of God's beautiful creation.. His beautiful tanned skin perfectly contrasts with his brown eyes.

His hair was a tousled mess ,a few curly stubborn strands fall over his eyes and my fingers twitch in eagerness to reach out and push his hair back Do they feel as soft as they look?. I wonder.

The stranger's hand drops from my hair and I almost whine in disappointment. "Here, let me help you" the stranger's deep baritone voice pulls me out of my stupid thoughts and that's when I realise he's holding out his hand to me.

As stupid as I am,I give him my hand as he helps me on my feet.

Strangely, my hand fits perfectly in his big ones.

My face collides with his chest and I pull back to lift my head so I can stare properly at him.

Oh dear,he's so tall and so masculine and so... I gulp.

If I ever thought Max was very handsome, then I was sooooo totally blind because this guy is the reincarnation of a Greek God. Oh f*ck! Get a grip Valerie! I slap my stupid self mentally.

"Hey,you alright?" The stranger asks again, lifting his hand to wipe a tear on my cheek that was starting to dry.

Pshht! I'd even forgotten I was crying.


I gulp again biting my lip as I look down, fiddling with my fingers.


his soft voice *aresses me as he cups my face and tilts it so we are eye to eye.

I blink rapidly.

He's staring at me with so much emotions I can't quite decipher.

I blink again.

Suddenly feeling the urge to cry.

Really loud this time.

I've been crying silently for too long and the urge to have someone hold me as I cry was beginning to take over.

"Umm... I..."

I choke on a sob. Immediately, Mr stranger whose name I've totally forgotten wraps his arms around me engulfing me in a tight hug.

I bury my face into his chest as I let it all out.

My desperation, frustration.. Funny how Max could never make me feel this comfortable.

Great! Now i can beginning to compare my boy friend to a stranger.

"Shhh! It's okay. I do not know what you may be going through, but it's okay. It's gonna be okay"

he says softly, rubbing my back.

I do not miss the foreign accent in his voice.

It's like he's not from Angola.. Pushing such thoughts out of my mind, I relish in his masculine scent that fills my senses, relaxing my nerves.


It was after a while that the tears suddenly felt like they'd flowed long enough and stopped.

I pull away from Mr stranger and realise my tears have soaked his entire shirt.. I gasp. "Oh my God I'm so sorry. I.. Stained your shirt. I.. I'm sorry"

He smiles warmly and I can't help but practically drool at the sight of his dimples.

"No harm done. It's fine."

He says and I sigh. "You okay now?"

He asks after a while and I nod.

"Yes. Thank you.. Ummm.. Mr.."

"Eugene. it's Eugene" "Oh.. Thank you Eugene"

"You're welcome and you are?" "Valerie"

I reply.

"Come, we'll pick a cab together and you'll give directions to your house. I wanna make sure you arrive home safely"

"Umm.. Thanks. But I'm actually going to the hospital"

I say and curiosity flashes on his face but he doesn't ask further questions thankfully.

"Okay. Come,I'll take you"

"Thank you"

I smile gratefully

"You're welcome Valerie"

I can't help but love how my name rolled off his tongue.

I follow behind him as we walk.away from the lake towards the mainroad to catch a cab.


I roll the duvet away from my body as I get out of bed, making it straight out of my room and towards the kitchen for some milk.

I do not function well without my morning milk.

I rub my eyes as I grumpily feel every object hoping to find the fridge.

I sigh,picking up a glass from the rack and rinsing it.

Leaning against the counter, my mind begins to wander off again.

It's been almost four weeks since that incident and fortunately and unfortunately, mother has been discharged from the hospital but she can't speak or move most parts of her body.

The doctors had said the impact on her head damaged some vital organs that control the reflexes and they couldn't tell if her situation was gonna be temporary or permanent.

Also, I haven't had any strange encounters or dreams ever since my encounter with Mr stranger four weeks back..

Read " Two Faced Lover " by the same author ( eliza )

. It's kinda weird but I'm glad these stupid dreams and my hair changing color has stopped.

Talking of Mr stranger, I haven't heard from or seen him eversince he'd dropped me off at the hospital.. I roll my eyes at my stupidity.. Yea right, how was I supposed to find or see him when he doesn't have my number neither do I have his?.

Pfft! Stupid me! I should have just given him my number.

Speaking of numbers, Max doesn't call me, at least not like he used to. \

I don't know what's got stuck up his ass but he's been having some sort of beef with me lately.

He doesn't bother to acknowledge me when we meet in school neither does he talk normally to me unless I force a conversation out of him.

He's been childish if you ask me.

I mean it was just s*x! That didn't happen of course.

As at now, I don't even know if we're still dating, taking a break or it's officially over between us.

I sigh, turning to the fridge to grab the jar of milk.

I pour a glass of milk and set the jar back into the fridge.

I begin to make my way back to my room,sipping my milk happily.

It's a Saturday and I can sleep as much as I want.. Suddenly, a strong force hits me. So hard I stumble back, dropping my glass of milk as it breaks to pieces. "What the hell!" I look up only to realise the force that hit me was in the form a human.

My stupid best friend.


And she was standing there grinning idiotically like she hadn't just made me drop my milk.

She knows how much I love my morning milk.

By the way what in the Fudge's name is she doing in my house at six in the morning.

"You better have a valid reason for barging into my house so early in the morning and spilling my milk!"

I growl only to earn a wider grin.

Why are we best friends by the way? I eye Kayla head to toe.

She's still grinning at me.


"Happy birthday Valerie!"

She literally yells squishing me into a hug.

I'm sure my eyes are bulging out if it's sockets.

"It's my birthday? What's today's date?"

Oh crap! Today is 25th April. How could I forget my own birthday! Well why won't you forget when you spend day and night thinking of Mr stranger? My mind chides me Oh shut up! I reply mentally.

Kayla pulls away scrunching her face.

"You're officially becoming a legal adult today and you forgot? Girl! You're eighteen! Oh my God! It's gonna be so much fun! Oh? I have a looong list of what we're doing. We need to go to a spa first and...."

She gushes on and on. It's like she's more excited I'm turning eighteen than me.

I sigh. I'm supposed to be happy, it's my birthday right? But why am I not? Why do I have this nagging feeling that everything's gonna change today?

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Sigh...Valerie, everything is really gonna change today, be ready lol
  • jamal picture
    the D-day is here! seatbelt fastened! cnt wait to catch some fun
  • eliza picture
    lol. ikr Bennie
  • eliza picture
    I can't wait too @Jamal
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    oh em gee...she is finally 18!!!!! can't wait
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Mmm lets see what she turns into...*rubbing my hands*
  • eliza picture
    me too @ confy
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