Single and 30 - Episode 16

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Doyin dropped the phone. Her secretary just called to inform her that Chika is around. A normal occurrence, since the school where she teaches is just a short walk to Doyin's office.
Someone knocked Doyin's office.
Doyin smiled. She is here already. "Come in".
Chika walked in with red and puffy eyes.
Doyin expression changes from confusion to fear and then to concern. She stands up and helped her friend to sit down . She hugged her and rubbed her back slowly. Chika sobbed the more. After some minutes of consoling words she quieted down.
"What happened?" She asked after Chika calmed down a little. She burst into tears again.
'It will be okay', Doyin assured her crying friend. "It will be okay", she repeated.
Few minutes later, Chika blew her nose into yet another roll of tissue. She cleaned her face with her handkerchief.
Doyin waited, looking at her friend with sympathy. As much as she wanted to know what made her friend cry. She knows she will come out with it when she is ready to.
"They called from the hospital", Chika started. Doyin kept quiet waiting. "They said.... They said...... They told me my mother is dead", she finished.
"Oh my God!" Doyin exclaimed. Chika's mother

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. Dead? Not her.... Not her.

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. Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Chika burst into tears again with mucor coming out from her nose. Doyin bites her lips still crying. She felt as if she is being pierced with a thousand needles. Chika's mother was like a mother to her. She bends her head and holds it still in tears.
It didn't cross her mind to console the deceased daughter.
Doyin's phone started ringing, but it as if no one heard it.
Samuel walked in with Doyin's secretary tow.
"I told him not to come in-" the secretary started explaining but seeing the two ladies crying stopped her ranting. Now she gets. Samuel's sense of urgency.
"I would excuse myself", she said akwardly moving out slowly.
The doors closed behind the secretary.
Samuel sits close to Chika. He placed her head on his shoulder and tapped her back softly.
"All will be well", he promised her, although his facial expression of sorrow says otherwise.

"And dust to dust", the Reverend father finished at the wake keeping of Mrs. 
The deceased husband looked on like someone in shock. His white clothes were already soiled with dirt as he sits down near his late wife's freshly made grave.
"E wo!" The deceased younger sister lamented throwing herself on the ground.
Chika bent down in tears. Amani bends also holding unto her while she cried her heart out.
Stella moved closer to her to console her.
While, Amani holds Chika's elder sister.
No one's expression was blank. Sorrow was obvious on everyone's faces.
Some symphatisers had their heads down, while the family of the deceased mourned their lost.


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