Single and 30 - Episode 15

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"Uncle J. likes you".

Doyin stopped the car and parked. When the twins told her they had a secret to share. She wasn't expecting this.
"Who told you that?" She asked facing them.
"Well.... He was looking at you just the way my Dada looks at my mama" Taiwo said.
Kehinde probably feeling left out from the conversation quickly chirped in, "Momma says Dada looks at her 'cus.... 'cus he likes her verra much . Me thinks Uncle J also like you verra mu...."
Doyin interrupts them with her outspoken thoughts. "Even the kids notice". The kids look at her. Noticing that she spoke out loud, she changed the subject. "Mr Biggs or Shop rite?"
"Mr Biggs", the children chorused.
She was about to drive the car, when the Kehinde asked her a shocking question, "when will you be getting married?"
Doyin hands paused on the steering of the car. She smiled.
"As soon as I am ready".


Aishat walked into the beauty with elegance. She scanned the environment with her eagle eyes. Her informant told her the witch was here.
"You are welcome, ma", the receptionist greets her.
Aishat nods.
"What can we do for you, ma?" The receptionist asked.
Aishat moved her bag from her right hand to her left hand.
"I want a massage, pedicure, facials among others. The best service you render", she told the receptionist.
The latter smiled

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. "We offer the best services. Bella, please take her to the first class section".


"Long time no see Ejiro", Aishat greeted the other woman in the room.
The woman being referred to, a fair lady in her early 60s looked at the person she can see behind her in the mirror with shock.
"Aishat, you are alive?"
"Were you expecting me to be dead?"
Ejiro looked at the young beautician with hard eyes. "Out!"
The young girl scampered away.
Aishat asked. "Oh! How could I forget, you wanted me dead. Too bad your plans failed", she added and laughed.
Ejiro's expression changed from shock to fear.
"That's right, be scared, because your day of reckoning has come. I just came to tell you that the my lawyer would be visiting you today. I would collect all that's for my husband and his child", Aishat said with a fire kindling in her eyes.
"Child?" Ejiro asked standing to her feet.
"Yes. Your late brother has a child and I have his will with me. Get your attorney ready", Aishat finished and walked out.
Ejiro holds her heart like someone having heart attack. She falls on the chair and sighed.
"My son. My son. I must protect my son".

"Thank you for taking care of my babies. They have even gotten fatter", Amani said in gratitude.
Doyin shaked her head. She talked. "I have told you not to thank me.

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. I enjoy being with the twins".
"Still..." Amani started.
Doyin raised a hand to stop her, "don't! You are making me feel somehow. This is not the first time I am having the kids over".
Amani sighed. "Must be the hormones".
"Yea. I'm pregnant", Amani announced.
"Pregnant? Wow! That's good news".
"Good news? It spoiled my vacation for me. I was just vomiting and doing..... Argh! I would spare you the details", Amani said in frustration.
Doyin rolled her eyes. "As if you are not happy..."
The kids interrupted her with their chatter.
Kehinde rushed to hug Doyin and Taiwo followed suit.
"We are go' to mish you", Kehinde said on behalf of herself and her brother.
"I will miss you too, but no worries. I would pay you a visit very soon", Doyin assured them.
"Come wi' Uncle J. So, we can talk Avengers and Superman", Taiwo puts in.
"O-kay", Doyin said.
While Amani raised an eyebrow. "Who is Uncle J?"

I feel we are making little progress here. Hit me up on what you think.
Thanks for reading.

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