Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 28

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"Where to ma'am? " He asks and my already short temper snaps.

"I've asked you a million times to call me my name"

"I'm sorry miss, you don't pay me to disrespect you"


"Yes ma'am?".

"Are you going to keep this up?"

"I don't know what you mean" He says, glancing at me in the rear view mirror.


How can men be this wicked? Knowing how you feel and still clinging to loyalty and shit.

I would fire him if he wasn't so fine and if anadia didn't like him that much.

I just finished a meeting with my brand manager and designer and I did not receive good news.

I'm not in the mood for this.

"Fine, whatever you want, have it your way" I say, leaning against the car seat and closing my eyes.

"Where to ma'am?"

"Club Cold Moon" I say, there's nothing like tequila on this day.

Screw who ever it is that leaked my design, and screw Giordano for designing those dresses that was originally my design.

I feel Maurice's eyes on me through the rear view mirror but I don't open my eyes, he can go screw himself for all I like.

I'm not going to run after a man, handsome or not.

"Are you going to drive or not Maurice or do I have to cal my brother and make him fire you?" I ask, spite in my voice but I'm too far gone to care.

The car begins to move and I sigh, opening my eyes to look at the skyline, there are dark clouds and I wonder if the sky is feeling as shitty as I am.

The car stops in front of the Cold Moon, a club I Co-owned with Kevin, I'm never going to let Kane know I own a club he will kill me.

But right now I need to do some shots and feel better.

I step out of the car, making sure to adjust my sunglasses, it will be disastrous for papz to see me going into a club at four in the evening.

I need a drink.

I feel the heat of his body behind me and I know he's coming in with me.

I don't say a word, although I i feel better knowing he will be with me.

I don't know when I am actually started liking Maurice, maybe it was those numerous times when Kane and cash were gone, when I needed companionship, those times I did crazy things and he never judged me, those times he held my head while I puked my guts out or when he threatened anyone who came around me.

Maybe it those times I fell hard, mad and fast for him.

Knowing he doesn't feel the same way is maddening, some might say I'm pathetic because I like him for the fact that he shows me attention but they all can go screw themselves.

My heart wants what it wants.

I march upstairs to the VIP lounge, sighting Kevin at the bar, Aroos in the curve of his arms.


My best friend is madly in love with that girl, let's not forget the fact that he's actually planning to propose soon.

All I have to do is keep quiet about it.

I take a seat, a shot glass and a bottle of tequila appears in front of me.

Let me just say my club has great customer service, great one.

I grin, pouring the drink, licking the salt and upending the glass in my mouth, I suck on the lime, grimacing at the sour taste.

I do this routine 3 more times before the alcohol hits my system and I relax.

"Are you just going to stand there?" I ask Maurice and he nods.

The music isn't loud up here so he can hear me very well.

"That's boring, sit beside me and have a drink or two or more" I say.

"Sorry ma'am but I can't" He says and I shrug.

All the more for me.

I don't know how much time passes and how many shots I've done but I do know I hear a voice urging me to get myself together.

"For fucks sake Linda" The yummy male voice says and I just want to dive into the richness of it.


I try to open my eyes but it's too heavy.

"Sleep... Sl.." I mumble.

"You can't sleep here Linda, let's go home" He says and I nod, home, home sounds good.

This person must be home.

"You....home" I say.

"No, I'm taking you to the house on the hill" He says and I pout.

"I jont want sho" I mumble.

"You've got to, maybe a scolding from Kane will stop you from drinking yourself under a bottle next time"

"Meanie...." I Say before proceeding to sob, he's so mean.

His hands that were moving me stops.

"Why are you crying?"

"You home.

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. Meanie" I say.

"You have to talk like a big girl Linds, I don't speak gibberish"

"I want.. Home.. You" I say, feeling my body moving as if descending a step.

Cold air touches my face and a car door closes. 

"Tell me if you feel like puking you hear me?" The yummy voice asks. 

"Ohshay" I mumble, trying to sleep before remembering.... 

"You.. Home?" 

"Yes Linda, I'm taking you to my home" He says and I smile before settling on the car seat. 

Sometime later I feel my body on a flat surface and a cold towel on my head, I shake it off but immediately stop when my head feels like exploding. 

"The headache has started uh?" That yummy voice asks but I can't seem to answer or open my eyes. 

Sometime much later I feel like dying as I puke into a toilet, someone is beside me, gathering my hair up as I throw up my gut. 

"Shhhh" They sooth and I sob, my head aches. 

"Shh, there's a good girl,... Shhhh" They say and I try to settle, when I'm done I slump on the ground boneless. 

Arms lift me and I tighten my hold around their neck. 



Thank you for reading. 

Leave comments. 

N. B I've never drunk tequila but I've seen someone who did. 

It was ugly. 

Do any of y'all have any bad drinking experience? Let me know. 

P. S. 08159027355, this is my WhatsApp number. 

Have a wonderful day 

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