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Rivals To Family

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"Anthony, what's this??" Reginah looked at him with overwhelming rage as he just stammered. 
There was a weird silence amongst them, the worst being the tension surrounding them. Anthony cleared his throat making the three of them to  lift their  heads and looked at him in a systematic manner.

"Reginah baby, this is my wife Patricia and her sister Isabelle, Isabelle and Patricia my daughter Reginah."Anthony smiled pointing at them respectively.

"Anthony, but she is old enough to be your first born daughter.."Reginah blurted out.
"She is my second wife, after my first one left me.." Anthony stated unashamed.
"So what category does my mom fall???" Reginah asked foolishly.
"She was the mistake that i regret ever making. I was married and so when my wife found out she left.. . That's when I met Patricia, the love of my life.." Anthony narrated feeling so proud of himself... It was like hurting a woman's feelings was his career and he needed a reward.

Reginah placed her head down  on the table and wept silently asking God so many questions like why her??? Where did she go wrong?? She couldn't believe her father called her a mistake.

"Dad, what kind of an embarrassment is this???" Reginah asked in a low hurt tone fighting back my tears after a moment of break down.

"I don't understand baby," a confused expression on his face. Patricia was now certain this wasn't gonna end well hence placed her hand on  his rubbing it in a soothing manner.

"You left, I was lonely and afraid

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. I missed you, I needed a father figure in my life. Where were you in the arms of another woman while mum died inside. You were living a happy ever after life whereas your family lived hell on earth. Anthony, where did we go wrong??? Tell me??" Reginah  was so into the whole family speech that she didn't realize her face was wet and her hands trembling.

He stood up and walked to where she was signalling Isabelle to go sit at his place. Isabelle silently nodded and majestically walked towards his seat like a trained cute tiny puppy.

Anthony sat there with  a blank look and teary eyes. He took her hand in his, Reginah wanted to pull it  away but it felt home, it felt secure.

"I am sorry baby, I am sorry I failed. But Patricia makes me happy, it wasn't gonna work between your mum and I Baby. I was married.  I am a man, I needed love." He murmured, his tears balancing on his eyelids.

Reginah pulled her hand slowly and he didn't hesitate to let it go. All this while, Isabella was busy on her phone while Patricia were stuck on this father-daughter worst played reunion.

"What about me??? why didn't  you think about me??? why did you not call???Why didn't you ever check on me??? I didn't matter Anthony?" Reginah yelled.

All the other tables were now looking at them. Reginah  was shouting with a voice clipped and filled with anger. His eyes staring dead into hers as he shook his head back and forth in disapproval.

Before he could talk, she continued," I thought today it was just between me and you. You would apologize, take me shopping, go to the park and play like father and daughter, have dinner, talk about everything but all you did was add fire to the oil. The pain I tried so much to succumb when I learnt you left, it feels so raw and fresh right now. My heart is bleeding for you.

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. I though you gonna come back, you were sorry," Reginah  cried out loudly without a pause expecting him  to hug her and  get her out of there.
He did none of those, he was just silent his eyes stuck on the table, "You had to introduce me to your new family with no remorse at all. Why  come back only to leave again???? And here I am once again all lost and broken." 
Reginah  lied her head on the table and covered it with her arms, crying profusely. The pain was so much , she had to let it out before it would start ripping her insides apart.

"You have an older half brother called Carlos, he would love to meet you.." Anthony said and Reginah didn't care.
The only words in her mind was that she was a mistake.

"Stop being a drama queen Reginah, cut out the crying baby performance. If your dad chose my sister get over it and I bet you mother is an old hag." Isabelle thundered.

Try telling Reginah to illustrate how her shoe got on Isabelle's face, she is clueless.
All she knew was that she had one shoe on and Isabelle was nose bleeding and no one talks Ill about her mother.

"Next time you call my mother a old hag, God forgive me cause I will kill you." Reginah's mouth turned up a fraction of an inch. When it came to Isabella sympathy was not on her to-do list.

She wanted to throw her other shoe too but her dad held her," Baby that's enough, I will take you home."
She tried so hard to get out of his grip but this guy is hulk, men!!!
"Mistakes are not taken home, they are left to walk under the scorching sun.." Reginah lamented.
"You are not a mistake baby.."
"But my mother is and I was the product so I am a mistake.." Reginah emphasized.

"Dear, your dad is right. That's a lot for today." Patricia seconded dad sending a half-smile in place to Reginah's direction. She later stood up and followed Isabelle to the bathroom.

"Don't do anything stupid, Riri." Reginah repeatedly said to herself. Silence was the best weapon.

"You need to leave, you are distracting the other customers sir, its our policy to maintain peace and order," The waiter requested in a low polite tone.
"Okay," Anthony adhered standing Reginah up from her seat but  she shook his hands off her.

"Reginah, I am gonna get you." Isabelle threatened when she came back from the washroom. 
"That's enough Bella, let's go." Patricia belted.
"No," Isabelle slammed the table hard," they deserve all its happening to them. All of it. Reginah I love it when you cry."

Reginah clapped her hands in sarcasm," You are just a who-e who wants Brad but he wants me and your sister is a whore who loves snatching married men from their families. F-cking cheap who-es."

"She is an expensive who-e, who only snatches wealthy married men." Isabelle  barked out, her fists balled tightly.

The next thing Anthony slaps Reginah, the room was moving in circular motions forcing Reginah to seek support from the table.

The slaps seemed rehearsed and choreographed.

"Did you just slap me?" Reginah confirmed in shock rubbing her cheek.
"Yes, I would do it again if you don't stop this madness," Anthony barked out, clenched jaws with profanities pointing at her .

Isabelle sat there crying silently, Patricia tried to place her arm around her to comfort her but she threw it away.

"I hate you!!" Those were the last words she said before running out of there.

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  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Waoh too much drama and mystery. When Regina grow up and defend herself instead of crying all d time gosh
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Adeoti I will tell her that.
  • Chekwube picture
    Bt y will Anthony slap Reginah........!!!! I hope he is nt taking sides with Isabella
  • Magzilyn picture
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