Pierced Rose - Episode 43

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The atmosphere seemed calm. For the first time Jayson and Reginah sat down and talked like old times.

"So how have you been ???"Jayson asked sipping his coffee.
"I won't lie it hasn't been easy.."
"I am sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you..."
"It's okay, I understand.."

There was a few moments of silence as they both focused on their coffee.

"How was it??? Like how did you know???" Reginah whispered placing her hand on his.

"You remember I used to get tired easily, I rarely worked out or ate... I begun losing weight drastically and I had a discomfort under my left lower rib. . I thought it was normal until I went to hospital and I was diagnosed with acute luykemia second stage...And the reason for my discomfort from my lower rib was because I had a swollen spleen..." Jayson could feel sob choking him up.

"I was scared of dying. I was afraid of losing you. I didn't want anything else but to fight it. I didn't wanna tell you about it because I was scared. I couldn't bear seeing you hurt and that's why I left for Italy with no goodbye.."

The pain to Jayson was still an open wound.

"My life was hell and I always wished everytime I opened my eyes you would be there. The chemotherapy once a week in a month made me weak and so tired.

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. But remembering my Renah gave me the strength I needed.."

Reginah held him in silence as tears dripped from her eyes. 
His every word and sentence narrowed to one thing, he missed her..

"It's okay Jay, it's well now. It's over.."

Jayson took her hands in his, "You are  beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted. Brad is so lucky to have you..You are every man's kind of woman..."

Reginah blushed from his words the same way she did back then but realized her nerves weren't dancing with excitement...

He had lost that right over them and it was now Brad's turn.
She loved Brad but still cared for Jayson and she didn't want him to feed his body with pain.

"I hope that Brad always keeps you happy, you deserve all of it.." Jayson beamed wiping the tears off her face.
"And I hope you get a better girl than me. You deserve all the love Jay..."

Jayson enclosed her in his arms.. He could feel sadness weighing him down but chose to smile. All that mattered was that he had his Renah back even if it was only as friends.

He couldn't tell her what he felt, her heart belonged to another. Although he felt like his heart was never lacking, who was he to stand in her way????

He couldn't blame her for not waiting for him even thou he wasn't over her. 
Brad made her feel perfect, who was he to stand on the way??? For the sake of her happiness he had to suppress the love he had for her...

Their moment was disrupted when Patience, Maggie and Mary came inside the house.

"Hello honeys??? This place smells tears.."Patience teased sipping Reginah's coffee, "This is good..." She said giving a thumbs up.

"She always makes the best coffee, Why are you not ready Riri?? Maggie scolded staring at her shaggy hair.

"Was I  supposed to get ready???" Reginah looked confused.
"Jayson???" Maggie called out giving him a questionable look.

"I forgot to tell you that Carlos is throwing a party tonight.."Jayson stated embarrassingly rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's okay but I don't wanna go???" Reginah whined.

"Brad will be there..." Patience smiled, "It's time to fight for your man.." She winked.

"I will get ready..." Reginah ran to his room while they were left talking about the party.

They all looked pretty. They are agreed to wear black leather shorts with white crop tops matched with a pair of sneakers. They didn't bother telling Reginah to wear like that since they knew she would be reluctant.

Jayson felt a little jealous of how Reginah was willing to fight for Brad. He wished she had done the same for him but all he had to do is accept the situation. He had lost him..

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