Pierced Rose - Episode 46

Go get your girl

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The kissing scenario, ask Brad  to explain it in ten words. He wouldn't even know how to describe it. Blank. 

Sweet and amazing, if you had  asked him  that an year ago, he would have agreed.

What about now??? Disgusting, tasteless. Maybe, no idea. Tell him to describe the kissing scenes he had had with his chocolate  baby, he would write about them all over the walls of the world and still not get done.

He didn't want to  kiss her, they were just talking about this day when she tripped on the mud and he had to drive shirtless since he  gave her his shirt.

She cried she couldn't walk around muddy, as a gentleman with a conscience he couldn't let her either. With her tiny body, the shirt looked like a dress, she was good to go.

Brad thought  maybe after sharing the moments, she felt it was like the olden days and kissed him.

Hell broke loose when his chocolate girl found them and calming her down its always a hard job. She was like a wild animal. 

He had a rough time convincing her  and saying he wanted to kill Jayson when he drove  off with her was an understatement.

"I am done with this sh-t, I am spilling it out." Maggie confessed rubbing her forehead.
"The crazy girl is gone," Isabelle spoke out walking towards them. 

She looked okay, her hair was okay and she had changed. Brad always knew she had a crazy girl but what she did tonight made him love her more. She always knew to set boundaries with her man.

The thought of the bucket of water on Isabelle made Brad wanna laugh like a mad man but he preferred to focus on Maggie who looked stressed.

"What are you talking about Maggie?" Brad asked.
"Yes, tell us?" Carlos seconds him..

Patience and Mary were busy signalling her not to talk but she resisted their charms.

"Isabella should I tell them or will you?" Maggie pointed out rolling her eyes on Isabelle.
"I don't get you," Isabella pretended  but her looks betrayed her. She looked scared. Wait not scared but really scared.

"Maggie don't do this, Reginah was clear she doesn't want Brad to know." Mary cried out. Brad was lost, it was like being in front of the oasis but not knowing how  to use that water.

"Yes, she is right. Brad shouldn't know. Its not good." Isabelle stated. 
It was weird for Isabelle to be supporting Reginah's decision that made Brad sensed something fishy was really going on.

"Fool, stupid fool. Just say you don't want Brad to find out."  Maggie ranted at Isabelle.
"Maggie, do it. We need to get over this once and for all.  We need to help her get Brad back." Patience backed Maggie up placing her hand around her shoulder. Mary had no option but to join in.

Girl's sh-t  was so complicated, damn. Brad thought.

"Enough with the riddles girls, sh-t it out." Brad snapped.
"They are crazy Brad, don't mind them. Let's go." Isabelle demanded trying to push him away from their view.

"Only the villains in the movie, act the way you are acting." Carlos told Isabelle pulling her from Brad," talk ladies, we listening." 

What a best friend, Brad got there.

"Reginah was forced to stop talking to you," Maggie started, "Isabella told your mum sh-t about her and your mum did the impossible." She paused letting out a hurt sigh.
"I wanna go?" Isabelle raged trembling.
"Calm down girl or I am gonna slap you." Carlos yowled making her tame.

"What did my mother do?" Brad  asked shocked beyond imagination.
"She threatened ..." Maggie stammered, trying not to cry.
"My auntie threatened the poor girl, she would terminate her scholarship if she didn't leave her precious baby boy alone." Patience snapped quoting precious baby boy, breathing out anger.

"What, I don't understand. I thought she loved Jayson nowanda  she left with him."  Brad wore confusion like a cloak he never wanted.

"Wake up fool," Maggie screamed giving him a hard slap," she only loves you and Jayson  means  nothing."

"Your mother found out something about her and used it against her... She never wanted to stay away from you. She had no choice, she was scared to death. All the things she did it was because she was being blackmailed by your mother.." Maggie yelled pointing at Brad," Stop being a coward and get in that thing you call a car and go fight for your woman.."

It finally sunk in Brad's skull, his mother and Isabelle were the reason his chocolate girl rejected him. He finally realized it was much hard on her than it was to him. His poor chocolate  baby.

"Go fight for her. She is home alone. Go get your girl cousin." Patience advised giving him a hug while she  patted his back.

"If it were for her to decide, she would have married you the first day if that is even possible." Mary stuttered giggling.

They were right, he  should go get her. He loved her, she loved him.  What was there to wait for??? He was going to driving to their street right away.

"And you what am I gonna do with you???" Brad asked Isabelle clenching his fists.
"Go, we will deal with her."  Patience proposed,  rubbing Isabelle's cheek while she was still held hostage by Carlos.

"A lot has happened since I left. My small sister has grown."Carlos retorted, pushing Isabelle aside.
"Brad go make things right," Carlos whispered wiping the fake tears from his face only for Brad to punch his arm, laughing.

"Mary, how about we write our own love story??? what do you say?" Carlos  said seductively waking  towards Mary and cupped her face.
"Next time, you come this close to me will cut your balls."  
Carlos hoped back taking few steps back.

"Bro, this one is  a hard butt to crack. Go get back your girl. She is waiting." Carlos noted patting Brad's shoulder, by now Isabelle was nowhere to be found. Did she disappear, hope so?? Cause we ain't done.

"See you bro and thanks ladies," Brad beamed. 
He gave  the ladies a hug and a light kiss in the cheek before driving off.

"Guys, lets go back inside and party.."Carlos suggested and they all agreed.
"Guys, what happened???? I could hear commotions.."Mike asked while they got back to the house... But everyone gave him a weird glance before walking away.

Chocolate girl, your chariot awaits. The prince is coming.

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