Pierced Rose - Episode 42

Joined Forces

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"What do you want Mrs Kara???"
"I just wanna talk to you," Kara spoke carefully without drama.

"Please, I don't want my kids to find out about their dad.."
"Don't worry as long as you leave my relationship with Brad alone, no one is going to know anything." Reginah looked unbothered.

"I thought you said you loved him.."
"Yes, I love him and that's why I will do anything to get him back.." Reginah replied with emphasis.

"I also love him too..."
"Do you Mrs Kara???  because of you he had to get heartbroken because I was scared enough not to tell him the truth..He has lived through since I left but not anymore..Your threats don't scare me."

"I love my kids and family Reginah, what do you know about motherly love???" Kara yelled.

"Is that why your husband has another family??" Reginah didn't realize the words has slipped.

Sadness suddenly sat on her skin, the depth of pain was sitting below her skin.

She silently walked the sofa in her office and held her head with her hands.
"I don't know why he left, I was a good wife.." Kara murmured.

"I always thought he was out to business trips little did I know that he had a second family with a girl old enough to be my small sister... For years I have had to be strong for my family

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. I may not be a good wife but I am a good mother.." Kara sobered letting the tears flow. She felt free to express her pain infront of Reginah.

Reginah was now guilty of talking to much. She understood her pain even though she wasn't her mother. She always felt crazy seeing Brad and Isabelle. She could just imagine what she would have to do if they had had  a secret family?? Apparently maybe burn them alive.

She had messed big time with Mrs Kara emotions.

"I am sorry for saying that," Reginah said passing her the box of tissues.
Kara only nodded wiping her tears which didn't wanna stop flowing..

"I loved him so much but he chose to betray me... It really hurts. He is an idol infront of our kids and I never wanna break their hearts.." Kara cried out and Reginah found herself hugging her..

"It's okay Mrs Kara, let it all out..." Reginah rubbed her back," I love Brad so much and I was desperate that's why I blackmailed you.. I didn't have ill intentions.."

"I am sorry too I didn't understand your past, I was just scared. I never saw how much you two loved each other.... We should never be the prisoners of our past and that's why I am letting you date him.."

"What now???" Reginah was perplexed pulling her back..
"I want you to date my son... When we are both ready we will let him know the truth. Do we have a deal???"

Reginah tapped her chin trying to think so hard about what Mrs Kara's plan was. It is said when the deal is too good think twice..

"This is unbelievable but I don't have another choice. We have a deal.." Reginah beamed.
"Good, that's why I called you here to make peace with you.." Mrs Kara retorted.

Mrs Kara knew she had to be smart. Reginah was as dangerous as she was so it was a smart move to have her on her team.

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. In her she could see her mini version apart from the Strippers' drama which she had to help clean up.

"I will get going Mrs Kara and don't worry Brad is a strong kiddo.." Reginah stated and Mrs Kara nodded walking her out..
"Bye dear," She hugged Reginah and Reginah hugged her back awkwardly. She still couldn't comprehend why she had a change of heart..

Finally after thirty two messages Brad agreed to meet up with her at Java coffee shop. People may think she was desperate but she didn't care...

"Hey Brad??" Reginah expected a hug but he replied his eyes stuck on the cafe latte he was having, "Hey."

"Brad, I want us to talk about us.."
"There is no us Reginah.." He replied rotating his finger around the top of the cup.
"I know I am stupid, a fool, a heartless bafoon but I regret all of what I did and said.." Reginah lamented swallowing the sob up her throat.

"You know you ain't any of those names but you hurt me big time. You broke my heart.."

"And that's why I am sorry Brad," Reginah took his hand and this time he gave in, "I love you so much and I don't care for how long I have to wait..."

Brad could feel shivers all over his body like it was the first time they meant. Her touch made him whole again but he had to be cautious..

"Jayson told me about everything.." On hearing that Brad pulls his hand back and he could feel anger clogging his heart "I know it wasn't his fault he left..."

"Why are you telling me this???" Brad snapped slamming the table that Reginah's heart skipped a beat.. The tables around them were now staring...

Brad stood up to walk away but Reginah held his hand, "even though it ain't his fault Brad, I choose you because I love you. If i didn't love  you I wouldn't be here even have sent you thirty two messages. I want my baby back. I miss him.."

Brad didn't reply but walked away. No matter how many times Reginah called him, he didn't look back..

He was happy she chose him but he needed time to be sure this time everything was a reality and not a scam to break his heart once more.. He was smiling like a fool but who wouldn't after the love of their life goes an extra mile to prove their love for them..

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  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    Brad Brad! this ur Sakara ehn is becoming unbearable for me o. Pls accept dis girl n let peace reign and u too Rena if I were u I ll tell Brad abt my past. Tnks Fidel for dis update, xpecting next soon.
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Be fast in accepting her back Brad
  • cecilia louis picture
    cecilia louis
    I really wonder what Mrs kara is scheming I just hope Regina gets to speak out before she is held at a corner again by that lady
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Hmm Renah sud b careful Brad na ur time enjoy it
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    This time both should tread with caution
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