Pierced Rose - Episode 45

Turn Of Events

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Have you ever heard the saying  everything was put on earth for a reason?? On that  roof garden, the bucket of water was put there for Reginah to make them wet.

"How dare you kiss my man Isabelle?" Reginah threw the bucket of water on her.  She was like an enraged panther.

That wasn't enough, a hot slap landed on her face even before she could come in terms with the fact she was wet and her hair  tingly.

"Its not what you think baby," Brad stated taking hold of her hands.
"Don't touch me," Reginah tried  so hard to get out of his grip.
"Its not what you think. I didn't kiss her."
"You wanna mean you tripped and fell on  her lips," Reginah yelled, her face getting wet with tears.  The pain was a spider web, intricate yet strong.

Reginah wasn't ready to see Isabelle's face rest in his embrace. She didn't want Isabelle's feet standing in her place.. She wasnt ready to let Brad go.

"Brad, she is crazy. Let her go." Isabelle suggested trying to separate Brad's hands from Reginah's.
"Shut up, its all your fault. She is mad." He freed Reginah and faced Isabelle.

"Don't blame it on her!!!!You also kissed her or was a gun held at your head???? Nonsense.." Reginah thundered her five fingers leaving a print on his face, "The first time I thought you were mad because I took Peter's side but today you have proved to me you don't deserve me. I know I did wrong but I am sorry Brad. I am so sorry..." Reginah's shoulders were heaved with sob.

Reginah didn't even give Brad a chance to explain himself," Jayson is my past. I didn't tell you because I was scared. I would never chose him over you because you are my life... I rather die than not have you in my life.. But today you have broken me Brad, I am broken..." Reginah cried out, running out of there.

She loved him as much as she feared losing him.
It seemed life wasn't done taking the important male version of her life from her...

She ran down the stairs not caring who saw her tears.
"What's wrong baby?" Maggie asked running after her outside the house.
"They kissed, I go..." Reginah covered  her face., breaking down more without a pause.
"Who kissed?" She asked enfolding her into a hug.
"Brad and Isabelle," The thought of them kissing and the mention of their name made her heart break a million times more.

"What are you talking about?" Maggie pulled her back, eyebrows raised in confusion.
"I saw them kissing at the roof garden, it hurts." Reginah explained punching her  chest. The pain she felt came in waves.

"Girls, what's wrong?? you both ran out like mad women." Patience giggled walking towards them Mary beside her.
Their smile dropped when they saw the state Reginah was in.
"Did someone die??? is my cousin dead??" Patience stuttered. asked .
"She found Isabelle and your cousin kissing." Maggie told them, emphasising Brad's name with fury.
"I have had enough with that b-tch, we should tell Brad the truth." Patience hollered.

"What truth?" Brad asked approaching them.. Reginah  shook her head signalling them not to say a word.
"What happened sister, what shouldn't I know?" Brad shook Patience by her shoulders.
"Hands tied," Patience shrugged shaking his hands off her.

Brad  pushes her aside and walks towards Reginah making Maggie  take some steps back," Baby I didn't kiss her, trust me."

"You told me you love me earlier and now you kissing another woman," Reginah crowed hitting him arm severally.
"I didn't kiss her," Brad took  hold of her hands again.

"If you wanted to get back at me because of the Jayson and I shit, you won. Cause my heart is so broken right now, that I just wanna disappear." Reginah sounded more heartbroken than anything.

"But if its her you choose, I garra go my own way." Reginah could see him hurt.

He quickly wipes the tears on his eyes before someone saw them.
"I know I screwed up Brad but I had a reason. I never meant to hurt you.."

Reginah begun to walk away but Brad  pulls her hand making her spun like they were dancing.

He held her from behind, his hand around her neck," I am not letting you go, you should trust me. I didn't kiss her, she kissed me."

"Why did you not pull back or push her away?"
"It happened so fast." He defended himself.

"Okay," Reginah dropped  his hand off her neck. He quickly turned her around and wildly kissed her.

For a moment she  felt like she was  on air until it hit her, those lips were kissed by Isabelle some few minutes ago.

"Don't you dare kiss me with those poisoned lips," Reginah pushed him back and  rubbed the kiss off my lips.

"What's with the drama?" Carlos enquired, Jayson walking beside him.
"Nothing," Brad  blurted out, his eyes darkens and his hands akimbo.

"Take me home Jayson, would you?" Reginah requested.
"You gonna seriously do this on my face like seriously, is this your plan to get back at me??" Brad yelled, shaking his head in fury.
"Shall we?" Reginah repeating her question, ignoring that loser of a guy Brad.

She was not mad, they kissed or she kissed him. Is just that, she didn't  wanna fool herself that he didn't want the kiss.
She knew he loved her but men are a weakling. They sometimes can't avoid tasting or looking at everything that wears a skirt.

Reginah laughed at herself at the thought that they would make up tonight and live happy ever after. What a jerkass.
"Let's go Riri," Jayson said pulling her away from her thoughts.
"I can drive you," Maggie suggested walking towards Reginah.
"No, just take the girls home." Maggie  nodded in understanding.

Reginah  started walking with Jayson towards his car.
"Choose him or me?? let's get over this." Brad shouted making her heart stop for a second but she only  turned her head behind and gave him a look before getting into Jayson's car.
When they  turned the car to drive off, Brad  yelled," f-ck the both of you."

It is getting hotter....

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  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    seriously Rena, I don't like ur style. u want to get ur man back yet u r pushing him away. Pls choose one already. thanks for d update Fidel.
  • carmen picture
    Did she just do dat?
  • Avese Tyohemba picture
    Avese Tyohemba
    Hmmmmm Couldn't stop laughing @this two Just wonder when they will be back together finally Thanks for the update Fidel
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    But what is wrong with this girl called Riri, who is she sef? She pissed me off mehnnn! Haba
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    Too much drama sha
  • Emmyve Njoki picture
    Emmyve Njoki
    My country girl please don't kill me with anxiety.... I'm so in love with this one
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    Njoki sitakuangusha
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Riri is getting dramatic, haba
  • Mercyyhannah picture
    I'm loving this..... Riri keep it up, if u don't make him jealous he won't know ur worth.... But its too much biko.... U shud have allowed him tk u home
  • Ann Njuguna picture
    Ann Njuguna
    Huhu issa revenge time...anyway thumbs up gal for the update...am enjoying the novel
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
  • Fatu M picture
    Fatu M
    She is acting weird
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Renah is so messed up
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