Pierced Rose - Episode 16


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Brad's house was near  Nyali beautiful white sand beach. There was a beautiful pool with a cascading waterfall and the ocean view was amazing.

"This house is amazing," Reginah's said, jaw down.
"You will swallow a fly honey bear," Mary teased shutting her mouth.
"What do you expect??? She has never seen such a house all her life.." Isabelle murmured.

"Isabelle, why do you love hurting people's feelings??? And then you are always crying you have no friends..." Mary hissed, letting out a pained breath..
"Atleast I have parents, mine didn't run away when I was six months old and left me at the doorstep of my grandmother..."

Mary wanted to pounce on her, anger painted on her face but Maggie and Reginah held her back while Isabelle hid behind Brad..

"Okay girls, calm down. We are all tired so I think Ben, Malcolm each in their own bedroom.
Brad in his room and Me and Jayson  will share . How will you girls sleep?? two rooms remaining." Mark tried to control the situation.

"Isabelle alone then the three of us together.." Maggie suggested and the three of them did a group hug.
"It's gonna be like a girls night," Mary jumped excitedly as they did their happy dance. 

"I will be sleep with Brad like always," Isabelle stated clinging on Brad.
"No buts Brad, you know even if you refuse I will sneak in..." Isabelle reminded him, stroking his cheek.
"Riri, is that okay???" Brad asked sending Reginah a sympathetic look.

"Who cares???" Reginah replied rudely with a smile," Girls let's get our things to our room."
Maggie and Mary nodded in agreement.

"That's a great idea, let's freshen up then we will have dinner..." Mike bossed, walking away.

There were two bedrooms in the first floor and the second floor had four. They all had luxurious queen sized bed surrounded by beautiful crafted wood floor, ceiling and walls surrounded with  windows giving you views on the pool and beach..

Breezes off the ocean and ceiling fan circulating the fabulous marine air keeping it comfortable day and night..

"I think Brad likes Riri???" Mary giggled throwing herself on the bed, "Or what do you think Maggie???"
"Yeah, he even asked if Riri was comfortable with Belle sleeping with him."

Reginah ignored them and continued placing their clothes in the closet.
"Riri,we are asking you something, " Mary said standing behind her but Reginah only shrugged...

"Stop ignoring the question Riri," Mary turned Reginah to face her and all she did was stare her with a blank look.

"Do you think Brad likes you???" Mary twinkled.
"I think you should ask Brad, I have no idea..." Reginah replied hastily getting back to what she was doing but was interrupted with sobs behind her..

"Maggie what's wrong??" Reginah dropped the short she was holding and ran to her.

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. Her and Mary sitting beside her..

"I called Greg and he hung up when I tried again he switched off his phone.." Maggie explained between sobs..
"Don't worry, he is probably busy you know how the club is like during weekends.." Reginah tried consoling her..
"But he would have texted me.." 
"You know what we are here to have fun, we will deal with Greg when we get back to Nairobi..

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. Wipe your tears away." Reginah wiped her tears  with her thumbs and Her and Mary squished  her..."When we get to Nairobi, you guys should remind me to whip Greg's ass for hurting sweet Maggie.." Mary added and the room was filled with laughter..

"Brad likes likes Riri.."Maggie teased her, poking  her ribs.
"I will kill the both of you.." Reginah begun hitting them with  a pillow and the pillow fight begun..

Brad was madden by the situation, Isabelle was like a pimple on his face..
He wished it was Reginah in that room with him not that irritating spoilt brat.

He even wondered how they even dated.
"Brad, I am happy that I get to sleep beside you. I promise we will have fun.."
Brad couldn't control feeling disgusted by her words..

"Brad did you hear me???"
Brad nodded forcing a smile.
If only mother nature would make her disappear.

"I will go downstairs..."
"But I wanted us to shower," Isabelle said blocking his way..
"I don't feel like taking a shower."
"You have to Brad Muigai.."
"Is it by force??" Brad yelled, "Move.." He pushed her aside that she staggered and slammed the door on his way out.

Everyone was seated at the dining table waiting for food to be served by the chef.

The aroma from the Biryani and Swahili coconut chicken curry was amazing making the mouth watery that saliva threatened to drool out of Reginah's mouth.

"This food smells amazing, I bet you are an amazing chef.." Reginah told  the chef.
"Thank you Ma, just doing my job..."
"Call me Riri and you should teach me to make this," Reginah beamed pointed at the bowl of Swahili coconut chicken curry, "It looks amazing."
"Okay Riri." The chef smiled and walked away..

"Reginah you wanna learn the recipe and use it where???" Isabelle begun laughing irritating everyone.
"Isabelle not now.." Brad whispered to her and she nodded rolling her eyes on Reginah who just shook her head..

"Reginah, do you love the place??" Mike asked trying to cheer her up.
"Yah, it's amazing. The living room is even bigger than our house. I could get lost you know, you should give me a map..." Reginah murmured and the whole table writhed with laughter.
"Reginah, you are so funny. Can you be my best friend???" Ben smiled wiggling his eyebrows.
"Why not Bff."
"You know I am also funny..." Ben retorted and the guys disapproved.
"Who lied to you that you are funny??? My grandmother's jokes are way funnier than yours.." Malcolm poked,slapping the back of his neck.
"Bff, do you see how they treat me???" Ben faked a sob, his hand on his chest.
"Don't worry we will conquer. If you are this weak who will be the girl between us???" Reginah joked and the table was doubled with laughter...

"Reginah will never miss any of our getaways, we need her kind of humour. Unlike some people I know..." Malcolm said looking at Ben and all of them nodded in agreement apart from Isabelle.

She could feel jealousy choking her up, how could a slum girl steal her limelight..
"Reginah you should probably pack some food and take them home. Who knows when you will get to see food like this again???" Isabelle smiled wickedly but Reginah ignored her and continued eating her food..

When Isabelle saw that Reginah seemed unoffended, she continued.
"The only way you can afford this food is when you sleep with the men from the club you work in. Club Ace right??"

Reginah held the spoon in the air before getting it to her mouth after hearing those words..
She dropped her spoon in her plate in anger and walked out of the table, "Excuse me."
"Riri wait??" Brad called out going after her.

"Why did you do that to my Bff???" Ben scoffed sending Isabelle a deadly glare.
"That was uncalled for Isabelle, leave Riri alone.." Mary thundered while Maggie held her back, "I can't stand you.." 
Mary stood up from the table and Maggie followed her.

"Isabelle shame on you. Shame on you.." Mike shook his head and also walked out of the table.

Malcolm, Ben and their girlfriends also went to their rooms leaving Isabelle all alone. She had ruined the dinner...

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  • Maame Arko picture
    Maame Arko
    This witch Issa needs to hear from me ooo
  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    I think Issabela should lock some sugar and honey so that her words could be sweet.. She is such a spoilt brat
  • Popoola Elizabeth picture
  • Joy Aribo picture
    Joy Aribo
  • carmen picture
    I cud kill dis girl 4rm here
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Bella de mood killer... Annoying
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    Guys calm down
  • Elizabeth Ajayi picture
    Elizabeth Ajayi
    Nice one. Riri is such a nice girl, but I would have advised her to give in to Brad jare
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Very spoilt brat indeed! She need to be taught a lesson. Riri pls give Brad a chance he truly loves u
  • Ann Njuguna picture
    Ann Njuguna
    I truly love Bella's character....girl keep it up fight for wat is urs.... Fideh mwass big up bro good story u have there bro.....kudos... Endelea vivo hivo
  • Ruth Karanja picture
    Ruth Karanja
    Isabel is such a spoilt brat.....c just disgust me surely.....Riri I like her spirit gal....
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    Ann Njuguna I am girl honey
  • Philip Ametsi picture
    Philip Ametsi
    It's not easy watching your man being snatched by some village girl. Issa don't mind them.
  • Philip Ametsi picture
    Philip Ametsi
    It's not easy watching your man being snatched by some village girl. Issa don't mind them.
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Idiot! Isabell your really need a pouch from me." its brad i blame shaa
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