MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 2

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Campbell university!Ain't it sweet?!I smiled,stepping out of the car."Dad,do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Hennsen?"I asked nostalgically.


"I don't know baby,"came my dad's voice from behind me."Just try fit in,okay?"he smiled."I know my little Sunshine's gonna make us proud."he added,grinning with pride.


"You really think so,dad?I mean,what if I mess up?"I continued,rubbing my arms.


"Oh,I know so,baby.I know you will."he spoke with full assurance.


"Oh,thanks,daddy."I sighed,relieving myself of whatever nostalgic feelings that still lingered inside of me.


"Uh,honey,"My dad spoke again."What about these stuffs you packed in here?Need help moving them inside?Gee!They're so heavy."he laughed,taking the boxes out of the trunk.


...Ugh!Why can't he just stop worrying about me?I'm almost eighteen...


I frowned,watching him place my luggage in front of me."Dad,you worry so much."I joked,taking my gray knapsack from him.


"Why,of course I should,baby.I don't want you getting yourself all worked up,you know?"


"Yeah,right!"I scoffed.


"Whoo!That's the lot...I guess."he shrugged."You ready,princess?"


"Dad!" I feigned anger,and he burst into a loud chuckle,making me laugh alongside.


"Come on baby,you don't have to be like that."he teased.


"Seriously,dad.It ain't funny!"I frowned,taking the boxes from him.


"All right.All right.I'm sorry."he burst into laughter again."But are you really sure you're going to be okay taking all these inside?All by yourself?"he arched his brows at me."They seem pretty heavy,I must say..."


"Oh,yes daddy.You promised,remember?"I said looking back at him.


"Ahh,so true.My,you're feeling really feisty today."he said."Got something you're not spilling?"


"Oh,c'mon daddy.You know it's college causing all that.This' my first time being here,you know?"I giggled,rubbing my cheeks.


He looked at me,and before I knew it,he got me into a father-daughter embrace as I melted in his arms."Oh,I can't believe my little baby's leaving home."he sighed."I'm really going to miss you,Belinda.Your mum,not excluded."he laughed,releasing me.


Gosh!I'm starting to miss mum and dad already,I thought sniffling a bit as I brushed my layered hair aside.


"I know you'll make your mum and I proud.I trust you.We do,baby."


"Yeah,dad"I nodded,throwing a final glance at him."I love you so much."I finally uttered to him.


"Oh,I love you too,Princess."came his happy reply with a dashing smile beaming across his white-skinned face."Now be a good girl,and don't go about moving side by side with those petty losers that are up to no good."he cautioned sweetly."You never can tell what they've got in mind."


"Mm-hmm.Got it!"I smiled,giving him a thumbs up.


...Oh,how ironical...


"I'm serious.Those guys are..."


"Dangerous and not ought to be friends with,"I broke in."I know,dad.See.Told you I can handle myself."I laughed.


"Now that's,my sweet pea.Mmm,can't believe I'm leaving you so soon."


"Oh,dad.It's best you go now,so I won't make you stay."I said,acting all sober.




"No buts.daddy."I wiggled a finger,signalling a no.


"Haha!Oh,well.I trust you."he chuckled,making towards his car as he pulled it open.


I watched him get into the drivers seat,and I couldn't help but feel all emotional again as he inserted his car key into the key hole.


"You're gonna be okay,berry."he smiled,rubbing my fingers as though he knew what I had in mind.


"I hope,"I replied with a nod,pulling my fingers out of the car.


The SUV door got shut at the remote's command,and at that moment I couldn't help but let go of the tears I've been trying so hard to fight."I love you,daddy,"I managed to say.


"Oh,I love you more,baby."he responded,rolling the car window up.


Hearing my voice crack that minute,got me amazed.Was I actually crying?I thought to myself,not taking my eyes off my dad's car as it drove out of sight.And then I knew,I was alone.


...Much alone than I've ever felt...


"Ohh"I muttered under my breath,walking in the direction of my soon to be hostel.


Though I felt really exhilarated being all alone,but all the same I still missed having mum and dad around.


Could this day get any worse?I murmured,climbing the flight of stairs that stood in my way.


Marionette's hostel was a four-storey building,and it had really long stairs that could get one all worn out and fatigued.And if you weren't careful,you could get lost in the whole no-boys zone.


...Can't believe it actually is...


"Ohh."I let out a low moan,staring at the number on the red door,and looking down at the paper slip I had in my left hand,still clutching on to my bag tightly,for fear of it slipping off my grip.


"Room 328.Here,we are."I muttered tiredly,pushing the door open as my new room came in sight.


The milky painted room anything like my beauty room back at home that seemed to have wallpapers of talented artistes hanging on all sides.But I gotta say it still looked pretty cool to me.


"Hope to love it here.Whoo!"I said,tossing my bag on the bunk at the window side.


So this is what a bed looks like over here?I thought within me,staring at the creaky metal bed with mouth agape.


...I wonder what my roomies look like.Hope they ain't b*tchy though.I thought with a mischievous grin spread across my face.


I brought out my MP-3 player,and my apple phone out alongside as my mind went to James.




"Oh,jeez.He's really gonna be mad,thinking I deliberately didn't  put a call through."I sighed,dialing his number.


He answered immediately,like he's being expecting me,and I stood blushing with every response that came."Hey baby.Uh-huh.Yeah,campus.You know it!I'll text you my address in a bit.Love you.Bye-bye."


...And that's how we roll.Yeah-eh...


"Um,who are you?"a grumpy voice came from the door.


Oh,good Lord!


She must have been there all along.Bet she was listening to our conversation.I thought,eyeing her.


"Oh,sorry.You must be the new girl Chris Singer talked about."the black eyes,ponytails girl smiled,offering me her hand."I'm Joan,"she said.


"I'm Trish.Tricia Parker to be precise."I said,studying her.


Heh!Well,she seems nice.I thought,examining her closely.


Her eyes met with mine and she began laughing to my surprise.


"Hm,what's funny?"


"Ha!Forgive my manners,dear.You'll get use to it."she added.


...Oh,she is weird...


"BTW,which means 'By The Way'.Sorry,I'm the abbreviation type.Haha!"she chuckled again,giving an oops sign with her nicely clipped fingers.




"So,like I was saying;I'm a final year college student.Theater Arts to be precise.What 'bout you,love?"


"Hm,well,I'm a newb.You already know that."


"Oh,right!"she laughed."Freshers are always my favorite.Well,I hope you enjoy your stay here,Parker.You'll love it.Trust me."she said with a wink,blowing a kiss in the air.


Eww,like did she just do that?


"Oops,it's lecture time."she announced,taking her red ripped-off bag up again.


...Yeesh!So not classy...


"Lectures?Well,guess we'll talk later then."I said to her.


"So right,baby.Catch you later."she said,hurrying out the door.


And there's the silence I've been looking for.Oof!


Don't forget to give me those smashing comments,my dearies.YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU...








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